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WESTV/OOD, MA 02090 


" " iir" 

3 3018 00082 0970 






CAT. NO. 23 012 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 

http ://arch i ve . o rg/detai Is/g ree nyearswestwo 1 985west 


Green Years 



Editors: Jennifer Murphy 
Mathew Shelly 

Business Editors: Tdhy Aquitina 
Mark McGow^n 

Advisor: Mr. Brian Hart 



^amL 18 

IWf 40 






^1 £^b^. 1 1 X 

Senior Activities « 

fiK 148 


^ -m 0- 


As your Senior year at WHS draws to a close, I 
would like to congratulate you and express best wishes 
for your future, not only for myself but all members of 
the staff. The members of the class have established an 
enviable academic record and have responded very 
well to increased emphasis on academic progress, 
which has characterized your four years here. Accep- 
tances at first-rate institutions of higher learning have 
come in in gratifying numbers, and the overall average 
of the class reflects much hard work and ac- 

In extra-curricular activities, our athletic and musi- 
cal groups have achieved a championship level, earn- 
ing recognition on a league, state and regional basis. 
This has brought honor to the community and has 
added to the reputation of the high school. 

It seems most fitting to hope that all of you will 
achieve in your future undertakings the same level of 
success which has marked your class in high school. I 
sincerely hope this will be the case for all of you in the 

Phillip F. Flaherty 

From your apprehensive arrival as nervous fresh- 
men in 1981, you were quick to respond to the unique 
spirit and atmosphere that is Westwood High School. 
As a class you came together to participate in the 
classroom, in atheletics, in musical programs, on 
stage, and all the activities that bring about the reali- 
ty-"weVe in high school" ... As individuals your goals 
developed and a strong sense of direction and academ- 
ic pursuits became visible. 

The Class of 1985 follows in the footsteps of many 
truly outstanding classes and you, also, have left a fine 
model for entering classes to pursue. 

Preserve the valuable friendships of your years at 
Westwood High School and remain active in the 

"Age Quod Agis." 

Mr. Charles W. Flahive 

No matter how it is said, there is no way to reduce 
the emotion captured by the simple phrase "Good- 
bye". The flood of thoughts and feelings reeling 
through our minds should be shared and experienced 
as we depart from what has been our home for the past 
four years, Westwood High School. This is a time of 
remembrance, a time to look back over our lives and 
recall with joy the many wonderful people who have 
shaped our lives here at Westwood High School. We 
are truly in their debt. While Westwood High has 
changed our lives forever, we have made a lasting 
impression in the hearts and minds of the faculty, 
family, and friends of Westwood High School. 

"Valedictorian"— the goodbye teller. It is with 
much joy in my heart that 1 say goodbye to Westwood 
High School and wish the Class of 1985 all that's good 
in the world. 

Paul Friedman 





^■^ ^ U 




Central Administration 

Asst. Superintendent Leo J. Crowe 

Superintendent C. Louis Cedrone 

Scliool Committee 

First Row: Barbara Larkin, Kathy Mulgrew, Barbara Lessard; Second Row: Arthur Baggeroer, Glenn Harkness, Joseph Quinn, 
C. Louis Cedrone, Leo J. Crowe 


School Administration 

Our special thanks 
and gratitude are ex- 
tended to the Admin- 
istrators and 
Secretaries of the 
school, from the Class 
of 85. 

Principal Phillip F. Flaherty 

Asst. Principal Charles W. Flahive 


Mrs. Ellen Kalenberg 

Mrs. Jacqueline Angelici 

Mrs. Margery Hancox 

Mrs. Marjorie Hall 




/ / 





;\ ^ il J 

i i J 

; .1 ^ «J - 

■J" I 


\ f^ u i J 


\ ^ H i / y 

Write on! 


Mrs. Mary Bishop 

Mr. Michael Milan 

The Department of English at Westwood 
High School offers courses that emphasize un- 
derstanding in the areas of grammer, literature, 
and composition. Whether experiencing Shake- 
speare for the first time, analysing a poem by E. 
E. Cummings, or putting the final touches on a 
term paper for A. P. English, students are bound 
to be doing so under the direction of a proficient 

It is fair to say that the strength of this depart- 
ment lies in the expertise of its faculty members. 
It is their keen interest in and devotion to the 
intellectual growth of the students they teach as 
well as the generocity with which they share 
their time and wealth of information that has 
helped to make the study of literature in the 
English classrooms a pleasurable experience for 
Westwood High School students. 

Mr. Brian Hart 

Mrs. Jeryl Barraza 

Mrs. Frances Pctrakos 

Parlez-Vous Espanol? 

Tapes, cultural experiences, written trans- 
lations, and oral exercises-these are the things 
that have helped foreign language students to 
improve le francais, el espanol, latina, und 
Deutsche. The foreign language department 
is also offering to students the opportunity to 
experience first hand the language by sending 
them to Spain and Paris. 


Mrs. Elaine Douccttc 
Area Coordinator 

Mr. Robert Burke 

Mr. William Duchencau 


Mrs. Barbara Gray 

Mis.s Ann Marie Ticri 

Miss Louise Chereski 

History Runs Its Course 

Mr. Thomas Brown 


Mr. Peler Case 

Mrs. Barbara Cummings 

Mr. Roberi Avakian 

Miss Priscilla Congdon 

From apes to astronauts, the Social Studies 
Department has led us through the history of 
civilization. Freshman and sophomore years 
gave us only a hint of what was yet to come- 
U. S. History. Junior year, we a// thoroughly 
enjoyed the exciting and informative com- 
mentaries by Miss Congdon and Mr. Ava- 
kian. We discovered there was more to Social 
Studies than History when we took Psycholo- 
gy, Economics, and Sociology during our Se- 
nior year. 

Mr. Donald Bcurman 

Mr. William Davis 


Scientifically Speaking 

The Science Department, under the direction of Mr. James 
Pender, provided again this year outstanding programs in the 
areas of natural and physical science. By Senior year students 
have been exposed to physical science, biology, chemistry, and 
physics. They have participated in outdoor labs with Mr. Burke, 
mated fruit flies with Mr. Sarris, and played with the "Physics is 
Phun" toys of Mr. Topalian. The Class of 1985 extends its thanks 
and best wishes to the teachers of this fine department. 

r »* **' 

Mr. Raymond Kccgan 

Mr. Calvin Topalian 

Mr. Edward Marx 

^^^ X 








Mr Chrislos Sarris 




Mr. Ivan Van dc Workccn 

Mr. Kevin Burke 

Mrs. Laurel Flyer 

Mrs. Doroih\ Salimarsh 


Take A Derivative 

The Math Department, directed by Mr. James Pender, offered 
students interesting courses ranging from Algebra 1 to A. P. Cal- 
culus. The team-teaching program, math seminar room, and com- 
puter room allowed students to progress individually while also 
permitting them to pursue special areas of interest. Teachers were 
available to students for SAT review, independent study, and 
cadet teaching. The students of the Class of 1985 thank the facul- 
ty members of the Math Department for their dedication. 


Mr. Gary Rook 

Area Coordinaior-Malhcniulics, Science Mr. James Pender 


Mr. James Flaherty 

Miss Judith Bollcs 


Miss Karen Maruca 

Mr. Raymond Kodzis 

W& ■ ■. * 

Mr. David Walsh 


Mr. Harvcv Fischlcr 

Miss Dorolh\ Tolini 

Mr. Richard Hargrcavcs 


Industrial Arts 

With guidance provided by Area Coordinator Mr. Lawrence Rettman, the 
Industrial arts department succeeded in giving experience and skill to the 
students. Our special thanks to the members of this department. 

Mr. Lawrence Rellman 

Mr. Thomas Nelson 

Miss Lisa Mackay 

Home Economics 

Our special thanks are extended to these 
members of the faculty who provide stu- 
dents with knowledge of many day to day 
activities, such as the growth and develop- 
ment of children, fashion design, and prep- 
aration of foods. Pictured are Mrs. Joanne 
Arnold and Mrs. Susan Costanza. 

i - 


Business Department 

• •4 


Led by Mr. Rettman, the Business De- 
partment this year taught such skills as 
typing, accounting, shorthand, data pro- 
cessing, and office procedures. Our thanks 
to this department for providing skills 
needed in college and a business career. 
Pictured is Mrs. Irene Dnosi. 



Mrs. Natalie Carey 

Mr. Albert Nolan 

Mrs. Jcinc Kainberidis 




Art played a major role in W.H.S.'s cur- 
riculum this year. Studies included ceram- 
ics, portfolio design, and art history with 
Mr. Milan. Our special thanks to those 
teachers who brought creativity out of the 

Mr. Thomas Del Signorc 

Mrs. Judith DesPrcs 


With the new addition of Mr. James Giurleo as Director 
of Music, the department really came out this year. Our 
special thanks and wishes for future success to Mr. Giurleo 
and his department. 

Mr. James Giurleo 


Twelve minute runs, fitness tests, and 
Mr. Tucelli's "warm-up's" are just a few of 
the things which made up the physical edu- 
cation department, led by Mr. Joseph 
Gearon. Many thanks to this department 
for all its efforts. Pictured also, Mr. Rus- 
sell Downes. 

Mr. Paul Tucclli 

Miss Elizabeth Rice 

Miss Susan Peters 



Our great thanks go to Mrs. Clement 
and Don, who tended to our injuries, both 
great and small. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Clement 

Mr. Don MacGillivray 


Helping Hands 

An important part of Westwood High School, 
the Learning Center provides with the extra help 
they need to make it through the curriculum at 
Westwood High. Our special thanks to Mrs. 
Elizabeth Rae, Mrs Anna Runci, Mrs. Martha 
Stacey, and Mrs. Carol Roseggarten. 

Get Out Of Here 

"Four to a table" and the delinquent students list are just two of the 
library's most memorable phrases we learned. 

Pictured are Mr. Eugene Sweezy, Mrs. Nanette Eckert, and Mrs. Vir- 
ginia McCoubrey 



Under the direction of Dr. William Pendell, this year's Guid- 
ance Department helped upperclassmen choose a school and un- 
derclassmen choose their courses. Our special thanks also go to 
Mrs. Susan Bornstein, GET Ghairperson, and Mrs. Lorraine 
Brinton, our School Psychologist. Thanks also go to Mrs. Donna 
Watkins, METGO coordinator at W.H.S. 


Ms. Carol Armstrong 


Mrs. Phyllis Whcclcr 


Mrs. Lorraine Brinion 

Mrs. Susan Bornstein 

Mrs. Donna Watkins 



This year's Self-Contained program 
helped those students whose needs were 
not met by the regular school curriculum. 
With this program, the students needs 
were met while the student was allowed to 
..^ enjoy a regular school atmosphere. 

Mrs. Anne Mallcson 

Mr. James Flaherty 

Special Education 

The Special Education Department this 
year helped the exceptional student learn 
the skills needed to perform in a funda- 
mental academic situation. Our special 
thanks to these teachers who helped to 
build skill and character. 

Mrs. Jeanne Connolly 

Mrs. Janet Borgman 


The V.I.P. 's Of W.H.S. 

Our great thanks to those who 
keep our school in tip-top condition. 

Ray Gurdy. Mr. John Doc. Mr. Ed Reed, Mr. John Foley, Mrs. Helen Thornton 

Special thanks go to the people who 
really keep the students going, the cafe- 
teria workers. 



'■'^'' , ^ j;^^ f- :' ^'^ ■fj^'^^^T' 

Throughout the last four years every- 
one of us has been touched in some way 
or another by the dedication shown by 
the faculty at Westwood High School. 
Whether we haver been affected by a 
teacher's intense devotion to his craft, 
his or her seemingly limitless knowl- 
edge, or perhaps more personally by an 
encouraging word, the devotion and 
concern of the faculty for the students 
of this school have been powerful influ- 
ences on our development. 

The Class of 1985 has chosen to dedi- 
cate the yearbook to a teacher who has 
shown a profound dedication to teach- 
ing and to the students. She has always 
been available to us, in and out of the 
classroom. She has counselled us, ad- 
vised our activities, directed a major 
school club and offered us loving en- 
couragement. We will be forever in- 
debted to her for her time and special 
devotion to our class. It is with deep 
gratitude that we dedicate the 1985 
Green Years to you, Mrs. Barbara 


Best Wishes 

Students of Westwood High School will 
long remember the many contributions 
made by Miss Frances Burns. A gifted 
teacher and a dedicated educator, Miss 
Burns gave the school and community thir- 
ty-eight years of devotion and service. She 
encouraged reading and demanded superi- 
or writing from many students over the 
years. She advised the first chapter af 
N.H.S., coached plays, and promoted the 
literary magazine. In all that she did, she 
was noted to her warmth and caring. She 
can truly be considered a model of the 
teaching profession. Students of the future 
will benefit from the lasting legacy of hon- 
esty, hard work and love of learning she 
leaves the high school. 




'%. h, 



V ^ 

I i 

11 n 1) 

i) ^ JJ 

43 L A ^ 


" iJ ^ i j\ ^ ^ j!iJ 

3 1 

\ J ^ iJ 




B Aaron. J. Allen. W . Allcvnc, A. Alvcs, N. Anionellis, C. Baggeroer. J. Barber. J. Barry. M. Barry. J. Bean. H. Bcallie. R. Beatly, M. Beneway, L. Berardi.S 
Blomquist. M. Blumcnuil. M. Bolser. D. Borden. N. Bradley, A. Brady, L. Brady, A. Brazier, N. Bride, J. Brown, M. Bruno, V. Bruno, R. Burr. D. Butters. R. Ca- 
haly. Jr., L. Calvagnc, S. Cappuccino. T. Carey. B. Carlson. W. Carrabis. C. Carreiro. B. Carter. R. Casey. C. Chapin. J. Chiricotti. J. Christian. E. Ciampa. L. 
Clark, J. Clinton. M. Cloncy, .1. Coen. A. Coliari. J. Collins. J. Conley. J. Conley. D. Coughlan. T. Creamer. R. Creasi. W. Cronin. J. Cummings. K. Cunningham. 
T. D'Espinosa. M. Daley. M. Davis. J. DcSimone. N. Desmond. C. DiPietro. J. Dobra. C. Draper. K. Driscoll, S. Edwards, C. Esposito, S. Fedcrico, L. Fink, H. 
Flanagan, D. Foehl, D. Foley, J. Fox, M. Foxx, J. Friedman, R. Gagliard, J. Gary, S. Gearty, T. Gentile, K. Gerraughty, S. Gerulskis, K. Gill, M. Gill, G. Gilroy, 
J. Goldfarb. D. Goldstein, N. Gonsalves, J. Gozzo, B. Grady, R. Grady, C. Green, C. Grcenhow, L. Gresham, S. Griffin, J. Grippo, L. Guglielmi, A. Gula, C. Ha- 
bib, S. Haines. C. Hall, D. Halpcrin. R. Harper. .S. Harrington, J. Harris, S. Heffron, B. Henderson, J. Hennigan. J, Hess. W. Hinkley, S. Hoban, J. Howley, M. 
Hulmc, J. Hurley. T. Imbornone. D. Jorgenscn. C. Kallenberg. K. Kane. J. Karcher. K. Keaney, M. Keefe, V. Kelley, R. Kelly, Jr., R. Kemp, C. Kennedy, K. 



^ M V J^ m\" 1^'h , rT*;'; ^- ,• '^,- "-auck. jr.. J. Layden. D. Leary. M. Lennon, M. Leonard. A. Letourneau. M. Locke. E. Lynch. A. Mahegan, 

K Maki. K. Maloney. D. Malouf. A. Malvone. L. Margeson. J. Marshall. M. Martin. D. Mason. S. Maxwell. J. Mavhew. B. McCarthy J McCoy E McCusker 
1 McDonough. R. McGuhcc. P. Mclnnis. S. Mcintyre. D. McKenna. W. McLaughlin. H. McLellan. E. McMellen. M. McMillin C Meleo L Mills n' 
o-x°"f i ^^.°r'-'^°"-„^1^ Mosca. A. Mullen. J. Mullen, A. Mulligan. C. Murphy. M. Musto. R. Nandi. M. Niles. L. Noumi. D. Oronnor C Q-Donnell E 
O Toole K. O Toole. R/aaso^ M. Papetti. L. Page. D. Pariseau. K. Parry. M. Petrucci. S. Poole. B. Poreda. N. Proman. B. Quinn, D. Quinn. S. Quinn B Rage' 
C. Reardonl Reynolds. J. Reynolds. A. Riskalla. J. Roberts. J. Robicheau. S. Romaine. M. Rosenberg, B. Rosenblad. C. Roth. M Russo J Rutan j' 
Santarpio. VI. Scarano. Q. Scott, S. Seward. L. Shahidi. A. Shamatta. T. Shamatta. R. Shea. W. Shea. J. Silbey. C. Silva. E. Spann. B. SpeUman D Steuart'c' 
Subacs. G. Sudduth. A. Sullivan. D. Sullivan, D. Sullivan, S. Sullivan, L. Susi. M. Thurmond, M. Totino, C. Towne, G. Traylor, J. Tschirch J Tunney M Va- 
jentic. W. Wallace. P. Ward, J. White, C. Williams, D. Williams, S. Yessaillian. E Yobaccio ' " ' 








^"^ '-^fm -"^jJJJT^^ ^-^^^ 

S. Adams, G. Alvino, L. Anderson, M. Antoniou, K. Arntz, D. Bain, J. Barry, C. Barry, P. Bean, K. Bender, M. Bennett, E. Bethoney, R. Blomquist, S. Bogue, M. 
Brady, M. Brathwaite, R. Brawley, C. Breen, K. Buckley, S. Buonopane, G. Carlevale, L. Carrabis, D. Carter, E. Caruso, M. Casavant, M. Castrechini, D. Chase, 
S. Child, J. Chircotii, J. Clark, P. Clarke, A. Coggins, L. Cohen, G. Collates, T. Colpitis, K. Commane, A. Corcoran, R. Corlito, M. Cox, E. Cronin, K. Cronin, 
A. Crossland, D. Curley, D. Cuntin, S. Dakin, F. Davey, S. Delaney, D. Dermarderosia, D. Dicenso, E. DiScuillo, A. Dixon, D. Doherty, M. Doherty, J. Donoian, 

C. Donovan, S. Doss, R. Dullea, K. Dwyer, L. Elliot, P. Engeian, J. Everts, E. Fadum, B. Filippone, R. Fink, R. Fitzpatrick, S. Flaherty, C. Flanagan, C. 
Foscaldo, L. Fox, L. Ganim, D. Ganz, T. Gearty, J. Gennis, M. Giambanco, D. Gibbons, S. Giurleo, H. Gogolak, W. Grube, G. Grundstrom, A. Guindon, J. Gun- 
derson, K. Hagberg, M. Hall, J. Hanley, A Hardiman, M. Harkness, D. Harper, J. Harrington, K. Harrington, L. Harris, C. Hart, G. Hart, S. Hayes, S. Heller, 

D. Henderson. E. Hennigan, M. Higgins, M. Hogan, W. Hogan, R. Hubbell, J. Hunter, C. Huskins, M. Ilfeld, H. Irvine, K. Johnson, B. Jorgensen, C. 
Jurkiewicz, K. Karcher, J. Kavanaugh, C. Kelley, M. Kelley, W Khoury, E. Kirrane, Z. Koukkos, H. Kranz, M. Krukonis, M. LaCamera, R. Lassen, E. Lawless, 

^^•» ^^ a^'O. 


^i^ •«^^' 42^7 i 




tV. Laws, J. Lehmann, D. Leon, K. Lepri, VI. Levine, N. Little, P. Loulache. T. Lowe, J. Lynch, L. Lynch, A. MacKinnon, G. MacKinnon. B. Maher, M. Mao, B. Mt^M^ 
^aranjian, D. Masiello, D. Mason, F. Mason, A. Maurici, B. McCafferty, W. McCarron, K. McCoy. M. McCusker, K. McDermott, n. McDermott, S. 

VlcDonald, D. Merrill, G. Michael, S. Molloy, R. Moore, J. Morrison, K. Mulgrew, M. Mulhane, R. Mulligan, J. Murphy, L. Murphy, E Murray. D. Najjar, M. ^^^^ 

Molte, D. O'Brien, R. O'Brien, C. O'reiily, B. O'rourke, J. Orphanos, S. Pamelas, D. Papetti, G. Peavey, N. Peters, J. Peterson. C. Pindel. J. Pinel, B. Priore, A, ■ ■ 

^roman, D. Quigley, N. Rae, E. Regan, R. Reissfelder, R. Rich, J. Riley, C. Roach, M. Robinson, K. Roche, K. Ross. F. Ruggieri, L. Ruggiero, J. Ruggiero, D. ^k^ 

■lunci, C. Runcie, A. Saari, S. Santarpio, M. Scibilia, S. Segenchuk, S. Shanning, N. Sheppard, S. Shepperson, C. Simms, E. Sinnott, L. Smith, L. Smith, T. 

>mith, G. Spencer, S. Spinale, J. Stanley, B. Stirling, L. Stivaletta, W. Stranahan, J. Sullivan, L. Sullivan, K. Sweeney, C. Tassinari, S. Theodore, H. Thomas, J. T^W 

rurner, C. Umscheid, B. Valentine, K. Weekes, K. West, H. Wilen, M. Young, M. Zingg, S. Zizza mwL 




M. Adieman, K. Allman. J. Alvcs, M. Alves.. J. Antoniou, J. Aquilina, K. Austin, K. Badessa, M. Bartow, S. Bartow, B. Bashian.T. BcatticC. Bender, J. Biggs, 
S. Blum, W. Bochl, J. Brawley, S. Breshnahan, J. Bride, L. Brown, P. Bruno, E. Burk, M. Calvagne, J. Cardinaie, S. Carrabis, K. Casey, W. Cass, S. Chen, T. Chi- 
pley, C.Ciardi, P. Cloncy, A. Coffin, W.Coggins, D. Cohen, S. Cohen, T. Connell, L. Conte,S. Coppa, N. Coppohno, M.Cosgrovc, M.Crabtrce, A. Crawford, J. 
Cronin, A, D'Angelo, C. Dalton, J. Danna, B. Davis, C. DeAngelis, R. Deeb, A. Delaney, A. Delapa, S. Desmond, C. DiGregorio, K. DiPietro, D. Donoian, M. 
Dorr, N. Downes, P. Dullea, T. Edel, R. Elliot, P. Falkson. M. Farren, R. Ferraro, S. Finncran, M. Fischler, L. Fitzhenry, S. Filzhenry, K. Fitzpalrick, B. Foster, 
S. Foster, C. Fox, R. Fryar, G. Fulciniti, G. Gary, J. Gaughan, M. Germaine, L. Gerulskis, D. Goldfarb, .1. Goldfarb, E. Goldstein, G. Gonser, M. Goodalc, L. 
Goodrich, V. Gostautas, M. Grippo, C. Gucrriero, A. Gugliemli, B. Halligan, B. Hancly, J. Hart, I. Heller, N. Hermislon, E. Hill, .1. Holdcrried, B. Holdridge, 
W. Home, A. Ihnatko, K. Ilg, L. Jacobs, S. Jacobson, T. Jeghelian, E, Johnson, E. Kane, K. Keefc, E. Kelley, K. Kcyes, T. Kilgarriff, S. King, M. Kingsbury, M. 
Laizure, L. Lane, S. Lapham, K. Lauck,C. Layden, J. Leary, N. Leonard, I. Lin, K. Lodge, R. Loughlin, K. Lund, J. Lynch, P. Lynch, T. Lynch, R. MacDonald, 



Meagher, D Mela„,on. K. Milford. C, Miller. K, Miller B Mobe,. M VMonev R MorJi ™ ?\^ Mckeage C MeKenna. M MeLellan. B. MeMillin, C. 
J Murray, M Musio, R. Nader, A. Nalba„dia„, M. Nil„, C N„™„ C o'S, en U OB,^„ CO ?'"''"■ ^A'" h^ "'■ """'"»»=■ "■ M"IS'«». P- Malle„, 





First Row: J. Wiechers, P. Nee, V. Petronis, L. Nader, E. Warrick, M. Rago, M. Morritt, S. Henderson, P. Danna, L. Lennon, J. 
Thie Second Row: P. Foehl, D. Breen, H. Narayanan Third Row: M. Barry, A. Musto, T. Hogan, M. Filippone, H. Harrington 
Fourth Row: K. Bier, L. Coppolino, M. Elderidge, G. Flahive, C. Granese, M. Cummings, S. Kruger, P. Mullen, J. Crowly Fifth 

Row: J. Murphy, B. McCarthy, D. Carey, A. Gundel, P. Dakin, N. Smith, M. Collari, B. Sweeney, L. DeAngelis, S. Cohen, K. 
Leary Sixth Row: K. Lynch, R. Totino, S. Suddith, E. Hood, J. Shepherd, M. Skelly, B. Harrington, L. Holderried, P. Byrnes, 
M. Doursounian Seventh Row: C. Rosenblad, A. Christensen 


• y -M 


^ J J b. 

J ^ J) 

'si ^ • 





^ ^ J 










The Open Door 

Here we stand 

Before the door of our futurc- 

Our hopes, our goals. 

Our fears, our doubts. 

The door is before us. 

Hiding our dcstinations- 

The opportunities, the challenges. 

The sorrows, the joys. 

Are we ready To open this door- 

To accept the responsibilities 

That lie beyond us. 

To face the challenges 

That await us. 

And to experience all 

That life has to offer? 

We gather our courage 

And reach for the doorknob. 

It is cool (o the touch 

And sends shivers up the spine. 

And now we turn the doorknob. 
With hesitation, with haste. 
Breath catches as the door cracks 
And we catch a glimpse 
Of what lies before us: 
A never ending spectrum 
Of people and places. 
Times and things. 

But only the imagination 

Can travel through this narrow opening. 

We can sec only so little 

Of all that is out there; 

fot our vision is blocked 

By the barely opened door. 

it is here that we must separate. 

For our journey together 

Ends here at the door. 

Many will stop here 

Thinking the limit has been reached. 

They will remain 

Hungry outside the door. 

Forever looking in 

At the little which can be seen. 

Others will open ihc door 

Just a little wider 

To see a bit more; 

One foot in the door. 

Receiving only a taste of the morsel 

Mistaken for a banquet. 

Yet, there are some of us 
Who will fling open the door 
As far as it will go. 
And walk to the feast beyond it. 
Exploring the infinite colored 
Horizon called Life. 


Open the door wider 

And discover 

All that lies beyond. 

For the door is not locked . . . 

By Karen Bier 

Our Leaders 

Susan Marie Coughlan 

40 Orchard Circle 

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue 
sea, joy to you and me! 
Likes: Big Chills, thought provok- 
ing words. Class '85. Found: on the 
run. wherever I lay my hat (Little 
Theater, Studio 132), 99. Thank 
you for being a friend: Karen. 
Retch, Michcic, A.&M.-L., Misty. 
Sharon. June, Hema, Cal, Liza 
Reed. Mentors: SOS. Mrs. C, Miss 
M., Mr. Del, Mr. M.. Ms. R.. Ms. 
A., HJD and Scnora. K.B., L.L. 
and the rest!! . . . Thanks Ma, Dad, 
D*. and Co. SAB 2, Pres. 3: SAC 3, 
SSAC 3: "AGYG" & "LORE- 
LEI"; Class President 4 

John Leo McDonough 

504 Canton Street 

About nine out of ten people are 
right-handed, but, hell is-other 

McD, Idiot . . . Angry, Confused . . . 
"Shut up", "Go to Hell" . . . L ikes: 
Nothing . . . Pet Peeves: This school 
and everything in it . . . Favorite 
People: the other idiot, and a few 
others . . . Where Found: lost, in the 
magic bus, on tour with Russ 
Winter Track I, 2, 3; Capt. 4; 
Spring Track 1 . 2. 3, 4; Class Trea- 
surer 4 

Susan Michelle Penza 

296 Farm Lane 

You can never win or lose if you 
don't run the race. 
Sue. Penz, Pcnsacola . . . expensive 
smile, freckles . . . "Are you seri- 

ous'" "Huh?" "What?' 


Russ, cereal, sleeping, shtewin, be- 
ing obnoxious . . . Pet Peeves: being 
late, driving, speed traps, mornings 
. . . Favorite People: Russ, Kath, 
Laura, Ellis, K, Ca, Hema, Max, 
Mr. Fish, Dude. Matt, Mom, Dad, 
Kris, Songo . . . Where Found: 
Driving, Hingham, Bavaria. FH 
Soccer I, 2; X-country 4; Winter 
track 2, 3, 4; Spring track 1 , 2, 3, 4; 
AFS;SC Representative I, 2; Trea- 
surer 3; V. Pres. 4 

Lynn Marif Thornton 

494 Hartford Street 

A total immersion in life offers the 
best classroom for learning to love. 
Lynn, Lynnec, C.T., L.T., Bird . , . 
"What! No Way!" . . . Likes: road- 
trips with M., summers. The Nub 
Squad . . . Pet Peeves: Time, Tuce 
Abuse. Kitty, small paychecks . . . 
Where Found: Anywhere but the 
right place at the right time . . . 
Nights w/Fred. God bless my 
friends-we had the best of times! 
Thanks A.M.T. and the A-l-S for 
these last four years esp. C.H., J.D, 
and H.P. Mom -t- Dad 
Soccer I, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer I, 2, 
4; Track 2, 3. 4; Musical 3; PP 4: 
N HS 4: One Acts 2: Student Coun- 
cil I, 2, 3 





Thomas Aaron 

22 Ridgewood Road 

Appreciation is something that is 
learned, and not something that is 

Tom, Tommy, T . . . tall, brown 
hair, green eyes . . . "Oh Brother", 
"No", "Hi ya doin" . . . Likes: jazz, 
interesting people, perfection, sodi- 
um pentothal. Amy C"s blue-black 
hair, Ralph Lauren, J.K., 1075- 
0624, originals . . . Pet Peeves: mon- 
day mornings, blood mobile nurses, 
scars, SAT's . . .Favorite People: 
family, Pete/Heather, L.L., J.C, 
A.C., L.F, V.D, L.T., the gang . . . 
Band I ; AFS 4; Green Years Editor 
4. Best wishes to the Class of '85. 

Christine Antonellis 

190 Pond Plain Road 

It's a chance of a lifetime and a 
lifetime of chance. 
Chris . . . short . . . "There's a con- 
cept." . . . Likes: beaches, red hair, 
English accents, LI2, 800's, Amy's 
facial expressions . . . Pet Peeves: 
labels, isolated zits, Lee Hurney, 
hypocrites . . . Favorite People: 
of her special friends . . Where 
Found: ditching autos, Wu-Wei- 
ing, Boston, not in school, at the 
beach, college. 

Field hockey I, 2, 3, 4: Debating 
team 2, 3, 4; Spring Musical 1,3,4; 
Student Advisory Board 3, 4; Stu- 
dent Council V.P. 4; Senior Class 
Play; Pep Club. 

Peter Barrington 

49 Buckmaster Road 
I be what I be. 

Nicknames: Pete, Tracker . . . 
"Hey, you!" . . . Tall, Blond, great 
fun at parties . . . Favorite Sayings: 
"Stay Cool", "Keep th' Faith." . . 
Likes: girls, food, wolves, music, 
The Moody Blues . . . Pet Peeves: 
referrals, detentions, school . . . Fa- 
vortie People: J.F.K., Gen. Patton, 
KB. . . . Where Found: Library, 
Micky D's, Bubbling Book, 
T.M.R.C, K.B.'s house, train 
shows everywhere. 
No Parenthesis 4; Drama Club 1 , 2, 

Carolyn Grace Abel 

50 Saxon Road 

The fragrance stays in the hand of 
the one who gives the rose. 
Lynnie, Buck, Table . . . Brown hair 
& eyes forgetful . . . "You're such a 
goof, "want a what?", "a . . no" . . . 
Likes: F.B. games, Fla 85, No. LT, 
The Cape, SK times, T.N w/GG's, 
... Pet Peeves: GERMS, Being 
bugged, S.W's . . . Favorite People: 
A. A, Kenny, B.F, J.B, J.G, C.G, 
The Kitchen Crew, the rest know 
who you are . . . Where Found: The 
Cape, ST. Tim's w/Ri & Gi, The 
Courtyard. Thanx Mom and Dad. 
Cheerleader 2 Co-Cap. 3&4, Co- 
Cap Powder Puff 4, soflball 2, 3, 4 
Chorus I&2. 

Antonio J. Aquilina 

50 Wagon Road 

Every man is the architect of his 
own fortune. 

Tony, T, Punk . . . "Hey . . .!!!", "I 
HATE Prince!" . . . Likes: over- 
drive, tennis, Miami, fighting with 
LG, Bill Cosby, Rush ... Pet 
Peeves: Kiss 108, music, breakers, 
the BC-Miami game, PF, HC . . . 
Favorite People: JC, MR, SS, MR, 
LT, LH, EP, MS, MM, KS, KL, 
JW . . . Where Found: Cullinet, 
driving in the blue bomber, on the 
tennis courts, the BCN fireworks. 
Student Advisory Board 3, 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3, 4; Tennis 
Team 3, 4; Green Years Staff 4; 
Senior Class Play 4 

Mary T. Barry 

25 Wessex Drive 

Don't worry about failure, worry 
about the chances you miss when 
you don't even try. 
Mary, Mare . . . Big blue eyes, chat- 
ter box . . . "Sure", "I get it", "How 
are ya?" . . . Likes: family, long 
nails, CS, Beach . . . Pet Peeves: 
cliques, was ting tiem, late people, 
Z . . . Favorite People: Mom, Dad, 
John, Joan, Friends . . . Where 
Found: RB's, BG, 25 Wes.scx Soc- 
cer 1 , 2, 3; Winter track 1 , 2; Spring 
Track I, 2, 3; A.F.S. I, 2,3,4; Key 
Club 4; Newcomers Club 4; Spring 
musical 2; Green Years Staff 4. 

Michelle Anne Barry 

49 Glen Road 

At last I've found the solutions to 
all my problems, but I forgot the 

Michelle, Dizzy, Goober-Mush . . . 
preppy . . . "Skillful manoeuvrer- 
ing" . . Likes: tennis alligators- 
Ralph Lauren, cap sizing with MR, 
Mr. T . . Pet Peeves: dry cleaners, 
dirty tretorns . . Favorite People: 
Jess, Mush, Lisa, Cindy, Cath, JS, 
SY, BH, JC, McEnroe, family . . . 
Where Found: waiting for LH, Po- 
casset, on the darkside 
Field hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; tennis 2, 3, 4; 
AFS 1 , 2, 3 officer 4; Key Club 2, 3 
officer 4; Debating team 3; Powder 
Puff; Green Years; Newcomers 
club 3, 4; Senior Play. 

Joanne R. Bent 

26 Youngs Road 

Everthing's nicer when shared with 
a friend. 

Joanne, Josie, JO, JB . . . brown 
hair, blue eyes ... "I don't know?" 
"Whatever." "What's up?" Likes: 
BERMUDA!, high heels, being 
strange. Care Bears, Getting 
buzzed . . . Pet Peeves: "Mr. J.," 
"Mr. Stonehill," waiting, accidents, 
"Ya know?" Favorite People: Jan- 
ine, Steve C, Kate, Mark, Cindy, 
Lynnie, SUe W., Kerith, Lisa D., 
Sue S., Dave L., Kitchen Girls, CA. 
Ken S. Found: working at the funny 
farm, in a complete fog, driving the 
tank, college, dietician 

Karen E. Bier 

169 Nahatan St. 

I get by with a little help from my 

"I'm so psyched!", "Well", "I'm 
going away this weekend!" . . . 
Likes: Sr. Year, Summer of '83, 
smiles, belonging, G Block study, 
weekends . . . Pet Peeves: gym, 
working, SAT addicts . . . Favorite 
People: Linda, Sue, Heather & 
Pete, Mei, JW, LT, German II 
class. Stage Door cast, Mrs. Cum- 
mings, Lisa, Helen, etc. . . . Where 
Found: WHS, going somewhere 
No Parentheses 2, 3, 4 (Sr Ed); 
Stage Door (Ditzy Duo); NHS 3, 4; 
AFS 2, 3, 4; Orch 1, 2, 3; Green 
Years; Powder Puff 

James Thomas Brooks 

115 Brook field Road 

It's a hard world to get a break in . . 
. All the good things have been tak- 
en .. . But I know there's a way . . . 
Jimmy, Brooksie . . "I'm telling 
ya!" "No Way" . . Likes: Cars, 
gook food. Hockey and Football 
games, Falmouth Heights, working 
Dislikes: Rainy days, P's, Goofs, 
Being called Bill!!, Curfews . . Fa- 
vorite People: Lump, Iga, Yun- 
Yun, Class of 85 . . Where Found: 
In 71 Olds, At the game . . . 
Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. 

Charles Bean 

711 Clapboardtree Street 

Set your goals and don't stop striv- 
ing for them until all your dreams 
and wishes come true . . . 
Charles, Chuck, Beanzo, Hog . . . 
tall . . . "Murf, hurry up!" . . . Likes: 
animals, little kids, togas, parties 
under 50, football, discus, hudas . . . 
Pet Peeves: fast driving, getting 
hurt, the pink tree, W. M, and 
N.A.P. dept. . . . Favorite People: 
Class of '85, Mr. Tuce., Steff, Cape 
friends . . . Where Found: morning 
class. Cape, farm. 
Football I, 2, 3, 4 superbowl 3, 4; 
winter track 2, 3, 4; spring track 1, 
2, 3, 4; Powder Puff coach. 

Chris Beurman 

36 Jersey St., Dedham 

Wake me when it's Friday! 
Chris, Berma . . . Brown hair. Blue 
eyes, cute . . . "Every once and 
awhile, you just have to say, what 
the FK!!" . . . Likes: Dobbies, 
moosehead, getting crazy, summer 
lime, GIRLS, Fast CARS ... Pet 
Peeves: holes, snobs . . . Favorite 
People: Spunky, Fitzy, Beanzo, and 
all the Dudes . . . Where found: 
BK's, and on the Quincy Beaches . . 

Baseball I; Indoor Track 4; Spring 
Track 2, 3, 4. 

Kevin Breen 

1 7 Booth Drive 

Someday we'll look back on this 
and it will all seem funny. 
KEY, KB, Breenzo . . . "Ain't it the 
truf "Take off, eh" . . . Likes: Jelly 
Donuts, the Electra, funny movies. 
Road trips ... Pet Peeves: flat tires, 
Hogie, falling down . . . Favorite 
People: Bill Murray . . . Where 
Found: Nova Scotia, W. Main St., 
the Ropes 

Golf I, 2, 3, 4; JV Hockey 1, Capt 
2; Winter Track 3; X-country 1; 
Soccer 4; Play 4; Set Crew 3; Year- 
book 4; Academic Decathalon 4. 

David A Brown 

108 Magnolia Drive 

The more we learn. The less we 
know. Dave, Bardo, B.K., The 
Black Knight . . . Incomparable . . . 
"Grow UP!", "Test?!? What 
Test??", "For that, you die" . . . 
Likes: Pete's Porsche, Freaking 
people out, conservatism. The mas- 
sively far Right, New and undiscov- 
ered music . . . Pet Peeves: ALL 
seven sevenths, Porsche Diesel, 
Trendies, Life as it now exists . . . 
Favorite People: Loofie, Kram 
Dorf, Lammo, Ho Chi Yen, Vari- 
ous Trackies . . . Where Found: usu- 
ally lost, on the road 
Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Chess Team 3, 
4; Winter Track Almost 


Cara Bruno 

9 Bonney St. 

Anne L. Buechler 

108 Bay Colony Dr. 

A smile increases the face value. 

Anne, Annie B tall, ready smile, 

hazel eyes . . . "Sick puppy", "Fine, 
be that way!" . . . Likes: schnoe, 
jazz, Bert the cat, saxes ... Pet 
Peeves: new reeds, auditions, Habis 
. . . Favorite People: Liz, Shar, 
Anna, Michelle, JT, Trisha, Mark 
F., Mr. M. & the Dance Band (even 
the tenors) and the rest of you guys . 
. . Where Found: Annie's, music 
room, California 

Marching Band 1 , 2; Dance Band 3, 
4; NHS 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 
secretary 3, VP 4; Tri- Valley Band 
1 , 2, 3, 4; Thespian 3, 4; School mu- 
sical I, 2, 4; Stagedoor 4 

Susan Marie Callaghan 

81 Pond Plain Road 

So we beat on, boats against the 
current, borne back ceaselessly into 
the past. 

Sue, Kendall, Fuscha . . . "Holy 
Moly", "I don't know" . . . Likes: 
french fries, the Who, U2, Ireland, 
traveling . . . Pet Peeves: Getting 
lost, diets with Pam . . . Favorite 
People: Mel, Roger, Chrissy, 
Hendy, Mandi, Pam, Deidre, and 
many others . . . Where found: In- 
credible Edibles, chuckling, eating, 
shapping with Dave 
Field Hockey 1. 2; Debating Team 
3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Senior Class 
Play 4; FS 4 

Juliet Cardinale 

Porter Drive 

"Hope is the best thing you can 
have so never give it up." 
Juliet, JJ, Cutie . . . 5'2" and eyes 
are blue, been there and back, fun- 
loving, short-tempered, under- 
standing . . . "Have an idea, huh" . . 
. Likes: Kurt, breakdancing. Twist- 
ed Sister, Ozzy, and giving advice, 
"73 Dusters (red ones) . . . Pet 
Peeves: People who never listen un- 
til it's too late . . . Fav. People: Kurt 
Shatzl, Ron, Chuck, Kristen, Unit 
21 staff, family . . . where found: 
Kurt's house, celebrations, Mos- 
ley's, cheerlcading. The Phoenix 
Future Plans: to be a dancer. 

James Bruno 

54 Burgess Ave. 

"Moving on, leaving the past; Easy 
life, don't go to fast" 
JIM, JIMBO . . . Dark hair. Green 
eyes . . . "Don't pollute, spark a 
hoot", "Dirty, smelly pig" . . . 
Likes: Funk, Parties, 30B's, lasagna 
. . . Pet Peeves: Bugsy the F-Bagger, 
Flashing blues, OFF. Murphy, 
Monday mornings, schmidts Beer 
Balls . . . Favorite People: Lori, 
Nolt. Bent, SM, RL, TK. CS. LA, 
Carter, Punksters, Miss Bolles, Mr. 
Davis. Bozo . . . Where Found: Lo- 
ri's, the brook, clover land, in bed 
Soccer I, 2, 3, 4. 

Paul Byrnes 

32 Sexton Ave. 
If little labor, little are our gains: 
Man's fortunes are according to his 

Paul, Burnsie . . . "Really?", "Eee!" 
. . . Likes: rollercoasters, Beaver 
Brown, woodshop, cold beer, trucks 
1 1 I Pet Peeves: Mr. Nelson's wood. 
Turtle, "when are you getting your 
truck painted?" . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: LC, SC, GF, JM, DM, DS, JT, 
RT, AW, others, family . . . Where 
Found: Just over Vermont border, 
Westwood Lumber, Wentworth 
Spring Field I, 2; Senior Play 4 

Paul Capobianco 

89 Willard Circle 

All men strive but few succeed. 
Coplend, Capo, Spanky . . . brown 
hair, brown eyes, sort of tall . . . 
Likes: skiing, driving fast, work, 
taking pictures. Varsity football 
winning . . . Pet Peeves: HOLES, 
Plastic Girls, Pigs, U2, no gas, Har- 
lies choke. Ice, M.S.P., B.K's. 
S.O.S., Bozo's Diner . . . Favorite 
People: Bear, Fit/, W.C, Jodi, L.J., 
Mom, Dad, Mark . . . Where 
Found: skiing, Gcppetoes Lunch, 
B.K., Vermont, N.H. . . 

Deirdre Carey 

7 Sunrise Rd. 

Just call my name . . . I'll be there. 
Deirdre, Dee . . . always talking . . . 
"I'm psyched", "Get this" . . . 
Likes: green eyes, ring 1, the Scav- 
enger Hunt, monies. Holiday, #5, 
7/4/84,8/10/84, 1 2/24/83, Cabin 
17 ... Pet Peeves: pink paint, AM, 
bad attitudes, Dcedra?, clowns, 
smiling spiders . . . Favorite People: 
Mike, Cathy, Babs, CM., J.C, 
M.M.. S.C, S.J., Wank -I- friends, 
Kelly -t- Bob, M -t- D, Bozos Babes, 
Class of 85 . . . Where Found: Clo- 
verland, on the route or the phone, 
w/friends GOODLUCK 85 
Field Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4, cpt. 4; Pow- 
der puff 4; Stage Door 4; Damn 
Yankees I; Roches 3, 4 

Wayne Eric Carlson 

745 Blue Hill Drive 

Life is something \\ke a trumpet; if 
you don't put anything into it, you 
don't get anything out of it. 
Wayne. Wano . . . Reserved, inde- 
pendent . . . Likes . . . cars, music, 
skiing, free time . . . Pet Peeves: 
loud ignorant people, homework, 
Mondays, parents who buy their 
kids nice cars . . . Favorite People: 
R.R., P.C, S.F., Band members . . . 
Where found: music room, fixing 
cars, mowing lawns, on the slopes, 
driving black Pinto 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; 
Concert Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; School Mu- 
sical 3, 4; WHS dance Band 2, 3, 4 

Julie A. Casey 

91 Hawktree Dr. 

To overlook the little things in life is 
to miss the biggest part of life itself. 
Julie, Jul . . . tall, blond, blue eyes . . 
. "A what", "7:54 We gotta go". 
"You're such a loser" . . . Likes:, gum, diet coke, Christmas, 
summer, April '85, #11 ... Pet 
Peeves: Sleeping in cars, L.L.'s 
driving, Latin I. bumps . . . Favorite 
People: Nasty girls. B-ball team. 
J.D.. B.H.. Rest of "85 . . . Where 
Found: HI PL. on the same wave- 
length, with the NG's Thanx M + D 
Basketball 1 . 2. 3, 4; Swim Team 1 ; 
Softball I, 2; Volleyball 4; Key 
Club 4; Yearbook 4; Powderpuff 

Amy B. Christensen 

138 Mill Street 

Better grades through motivation. 
Aim, ABC, aMELia, SLA, Amy- 
kins . . . impression-ing, nocturnal, 
late . . . "Fun'.'Wow!", "Geroovy", 
"You wish", "Youknowlloveyou" . 
. . Likes: orange, Robin the wonder 
boy. Dr. Pepper, Dusiin, Late Nite . 
. . Pet Peeves: numb&empty, being 
locked out. pickyness, whales, my- 
self . . . Fave People: PCQ, Vid, 
Fitz, Maura-I-GH, bizolas, JL, 
Lurch, Yess, CPJ'K'S'. Jul. DB. 
MLBP. Germans, LBM . . . Found: 
B', inschoolnotreporting, Norwood 
AFS I, 2, 3, 4; Musical 1, 2. 3. 4; 
Field Hockey 2; No Parentheses 2. 
3; One-Act 2. 3; Senior Class Play; 
Powderpuff; GREEN YEARS 

John Daniel Coakley 

9S Smith Drive 

Vou only live once. 
Coak Coke . . "Chump", "Skoal 
Brother ' . . . Likes: Bud Bar B 
Police, Clash, SUMMER "83"' 
Heads Concert, CCC, Maynard 
Gatherings, Magnum's car. beach- 
es. Cape Trips ... Pet Peeves: Not 
Morton, Cops espec-Whittey. Nau- 
set L., Blues, Stolen brews. Bed 
spins, getting caught, no sauces 
Favorite People: Guido, Fordie' 
Otis, DT, BH,JL,SM, KM, PD ' 
Where Found: Concordes, Dead 
:nds. At home, not in school 
Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Best 
-riends - Always been there' 
•ootball 3; Ski Team 2 

John J. Carter 

50 Porter Street 

The wrong way always seems the 
best way. 

Joh, C-AR-TA . . . tall, cark haired . 
. . Likes: Buds, all nighters, getting 
out of this town, 3 foot metal bar- 
rels, U-Mass, free sodas, Falmouth 
Hts., Mortan's Slabba ... Pet 
Peeves: being blamed, the V.P., 
Westwoods finest, an empty, not 
having a light when you need one, . . 
. Favorite People: Sull, Pork, Fuzz, 
Otis, Dr., Mule, the rest of 85 . . . 
Where found: different places at 
different times Thanks Mom LRC 

Patricia E. Cashin 

57 French St. 

Love your enemies, it makes them 

Trish, Trish-k-bob, CaShin, Bill . . . 
Brown hair, green eyes . . . "See 
yic", "Nice Idea", "Happy Sea- 
gulls" . . . Likes: cats, laffs. Crusad- 
ers, HjO ... Pet Peeves: House, 
Habis, Dud, Whispers, socks 'n" 
sandles . . . Favorite People: JO, 
MG, JT, AG, Tee, No, Ska, S, 
Page, CM, Jon, O, JH, DP, BP, 
Crow, JT, Nance, Duca, Jeff, Cop- 
pos, Nance, bandies. Crusaders . . . 
Where Found: RM 101, Jo's, Mc- 
Donalds, Boston, Florida, Rhode 

Musical I, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 
2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 4; Orch 1, 2, 4; 
Drama Club 4; Powderpuff 4; Se- 
nior Play 4 

Regina Lynne Ciampa 

260 Weatherbee Drive 

1 have no yesterdays, time took 
them away; tomorrow may not be 
but I have today . . . 
Gina. G. Chomps, WHOP . . . 
Green cateyes, brn hair. Italian . . . 
"Cool out", "Incredible" . . . Likes: 
nice clothes, nice cars. I4K. sopho- 
more year, KISS 108, JT, FLA 85. 
laughing, intense convos, bodies, 
TN/W girls ... Pet Peeves: fresh- 
man girls, WW gossip, AM. fakes, 
headgames . . . Friends: John, LA, 
RF, SG, AM', LS, LL, LN, BE, 
TAV, Mule, Lyn, Class of 85 . . . 
Where Found: W/John, at St. 
Tim's w/LA&RF, town, college, 
rich, successful. Than x M&D 
AFS 4; Powderpuff 4; Hockey 
cheerleading4;GREEN YEARS 4 

Sam Nissim Cohen 

16 Circuit Road 

If you stick your money in your 
shoes, people will know which bills 
are yours. 

Cone, Sam . . . "Hey, Yo", "What's 
going on tonight?", "Hey s'up 
guys?" . . . Likes: Caddie, C.D.M., 
Stoggies ... Pet Peeves: No packy, 
B.T., FeOj-mobile, Gooth, "I know 
exactly where we are.". Lops, The 
Laugh . . . Favorite People: Anyone 
who is anybody. The seven, Greg- 
gie. Ho, Paulie, Sick Pup, Thay, T' 
. . . Where Found: T.W., Weight 
Room, Anywhere that is anyplace . 
. . Future: Good party school . . . 
Good Luck "85 

Winter Track 1, 2, 4; Spring Track 
1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 4; Stage Door 4; 
Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Student 
Advisory Board 1, 2 

Kristin Elizabeth Colbert 

90 Pear Tree Drive 

The race is not always to the swift, 
but to those who keep on running. 
Kristin, Kris, CZ, PB . . . light 
brown hair, blue eyes . . . "What a 
happy child!", "Just smile and 
nod", "No way" . . . Likes: cerveza, 
GHLex, Skiing, eating, sleeping, 
riding ... Pet Peeves: DB, filas, H,0 
imagery. Death Cult, Fish . . . Fa- 
vorite People: KK, JC, EL, CD, 
JM, CH, SC, HH . . . Where 
Found: B"s, Crow's, Dcerfield, on 
the phone 

Ski Team 1 ; Spring Track 1 , 2, 3, 4; 
NHS 3, 4; SN HS 3, 4; No Parevth- 
eses I, 2, 3, 4; Green Years 4; APS 
1, 2, 3 

Joelle M. Conley 

36 Russell Avenue 

The time can change to people like 
the tide can change the sand. 
Joel, Joellen, Knuckles . . . IRISH , 
. . "Chaka", "Psych" . . . Likes: 
#23, nubba squad, winning, "A 
Knee", K108, street signs, summer 
"84, I spi with Cindy + Cathy . . . 
Pet Peeves: being broke. 8-11-84, 
backstabbers, pink spray paint, 
Cath's big feet, DINA, Getting 
bagged, "Scavenger hunt" . . . Fav 
People: Cathy, Cindy, Dee, MA- 
RIA, B.M., Class of 85 . . . Found: 
cruising, clover land . . . Thanks and 
love MOM & DAD 
Soccer 1,2,3, 4; Track 1 . 2, 3; Pow- 
der Puff; Green Years; Key Club; 
Senior Class Play 

Linda Ann Coppolino 

48 Sunrise Road 

Most things are difficult before 
they are easy. 

Copp, LC . . . Shy, curly hair, Short 
. . . "Ya right!", "No way!", . . . 
Likes: parties, guys, weekends, 
competitions, #22, The Boss . . . 
Pet Peeves: homework, mornings, 
applications, "What??", swimming 
. . . Favorite People: Tricia D., 
"Tee", Joanne, N.C., Class of '85 . . 
. Where Found: CVS, Malls, Mov- 
ies, MR 

Color Guard 1, 2, 3, 4; National 
Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Na- 
tional Honor Society VP 3, 4; AFS 

1, 3, 4; Green Years Staff 4; Spring 
Musicals I, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class 
Play 4; Powder Puff 4; Chorus 2, 4; 
Glee Club I 

John Joseph Cronin Jr. 

35 Martha Jones Rd. 

There has been no great talent 
without an element of madness. 
Cron, JC . . . Superstitious, Noisy . . 
. "That's what I'll call you", "Have 
a nice day", "Let's go now", "Yah" 
. . . Likes: WWII's water adven- 
tures, 7-4-84, The Bowl, wailing 
with Bri and O at Cape, convert- 
ible, Mag 7, Mohawks ... Pet 
Peeves: losing. Sled, The H, 
Stretching, losing weight . . . Favor- 
ite People: Stevo, Lump, Rat, Spin, 
Hog, OSB, UW, Hag, Tav, 7, 54, 
66, 44, Chuck, family, etc. . . . 
Where Found: "Home", Cape, 
Tav's with the boys 
Football I, 2, 3, Captain 4; Winter 
Track I, 2. 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; 
Class President 1; Student Council 

2, 3; Powder Puff Cheerleader 4 

Mary Margaret Collar! 

65 Beechnut Rd 

This world is but canvas to our 

Mary, Mare . . . tall, brown eyes, 
brunette . . . "Come on kids", "7:54 
we got to go" . . . Likes: "ballet", 
football games, learning to ski, v- 
ball . . . Pet Peeves: sleeping in cars, 
Sky-way bugs, bloody mary's, diets 
. . . Favorite People: Neil, Nancy, 
Smiths and Sweeneys, 10 Nasty 
Girls, Mom-HAndy, L.S., J.M., 
KSM., BMC. . . . Where Found: 
With Neil, HIPL 
Volleyball 3, Capt. 4; Swim Team 
1, 2; Spring Track 1; AFS 3; Key 
Club 4; Powderpuff 4 

James J. Conway 

58 Oriole Rd. 

Life is too short to take serious. 
Rat . . . Tall, blond, blue eyes . . . 
"Idiot", "Morton's driving" . . . 
Likes: weekend. Parties, Trip to the 
Vineyard, Hockey Games, Having 
a place to go. Road Trips . . . Dis- 
likes: Hockey Practice, Girl with- 
out any common sense. Broken up 
Parties, getting stopped by Whitty, 
Mortan, fakes. Band . . . Favorite 
People: Lump, Stevo, Sue, Coen, 
40, Ottis, Crone, Mr. Sarris, Class 
of "85" . . . Where Found: Not 
Home, Rink, Running over rocks 
on Forbes road in Lump's Volvo. 
Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 

Brenden Cox 

261 Burgess Ave 
Do things right the first time be- 
cause it's twice as hard the second 
time around. 

Brenden, Big "B", Hurk . . . Tall, 
Dark, OK looking . . . "Thank you". 
"You Humma Head", "What Hap- 
pened" . . . Likes: Girls, Houlihan's, 
McGrapha's Van, JP, Graduation 
Brawl . . . Pet Peeves: Getting 
Blown Off, Extra Sprints, Spud's 
Lectures, Mrs. S. Questions, Read- 
ing for English . . . Favorite People: 
McGrapha, Jack, AMO, Ed, MA. 
DAD .... Where Found: Fanual 
Hall. Ed's, Home. Rock Pit. 
Weight Room. 

Football 1 . 2. 4; Winter Track 1 , 2, 
3. 4; Spring Track 1. 2. 3, 4 

Cynthia Crowe 

72 Eastern Ave. Dedham 
It's better to have been loved, and 
lost, than never to have been loved 
at all. 

Cindy . . . 5'2" and Blonde 
w/ Brown eyes . . . Likes: Payday, 
Long Weekends, Fast cars, Stevie 
Nicks, high heels, snowdays . . . Pet 
Peeves: Ignorance, saying goodbye, 
spiders. Rainy Sundays, Busy lines, 
being on empty . . . Favorite People: 
Dave, Kristian, JK, JB, JL, An- 
drea, Kathy, C, JC, WJ, MH, JG, 
PP, JD, SS, GM, BC, CC, ET. CO, 
CM, GH, MC, etc. . . . Where 
Found: W/KP, Gallavanting, 
Newb's View, Com., Ave., B's. Best 

'-.. Jl* 


Jennifer A. Crowley 

471 High Street 

If you can't smile, fake it!!! 
Crowx, Jen, S.B. . . . Brown hair, 
blue eyes . . . "I'm sorry", "Can I 
burn this?", "I don't know" . . . 
Likes: Bowie, Cerbeza, skiing, good 
looking guys, Nx-N . . . Pet Peeves: 
filas!, THE MAN, Kim's Practical 
jokes, tuce abuse. Death cult . . . 
Favorite People: Digga, Kristin, 
Kim, Eiwie, Yo-Yo, Chris, Jo-Jo, 
Ca$h, MW, MS, ND . . . Where 
Found: w/ friends. B's, Waterville, 
working . . . Plans: College, 

Spanish National Honor Society 3, 
4; Spring Track 3, 4; Musical 2, 3; 
Stage Door Costume Head 4; 
Green Years 4; Powder Puff 4 

Marilyn Cummings 

120 Ellis Street 

Anything good in life is either ille- 
gal, immoral or fattening. 
Mai, Crash . . . "Goof, "I taught 
her that" . . . Likes: a good laugh, 
green lights, solid oak, pizza talks, 
the beach, Matty in the morning . , . 
Pet Peeves: poor excuses, mono- 
gramned shorts, lies, selfish people . 
. , Favorite people: Chris, Sue, Lol- 
ly, Heather, J.S., S.M., S.S., B.G., 
Di . . . Found: at Ginny's, the beach 
. . . Thanks Gene and Sheila, I love 

Soccer I, 2; Basketball I, 2: Soft- 
ball I, 2, 3, 4; AFS 3, 4 

Richard Dacey 

Patricia Anne Danna 

134 Hemlock Drive 

If you see someone without a smile, 
give them yours. 

Tricia, Trish . . . dark hair, brown 
eyes, friendly . . . "You're kid- 
ding!", "I'm freezing!" . . . Likes: 
listening to the stereo, bubble gum, 
pizza, #22, Fridays, holidays, 
sleeping late . . . Pet Peeves: snobs, 
housework, essays . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: L.C, L.D.. H.M., D.F. . . . 
Found: B.K., library, with friends . . 
. College National Honor Society 
3, 4; Spanish Honor Society 3; AFS 
Club 2, 3, 4; Green Years Staff 4; 
Powder Puff 4; Newcomer's Club 
3. 4 

Julie Ann Cummings 

126 Downey Street 

A smile is a curved line that 
straightens a lot of things out. 
Jules. JC, Noodles . . . short, curls, 
smile . . . "Well, its like this ..."... 
Likes: big sweaters, Mr T, #37, 
Boston w/Cindy, roses . . . Pel 
Peeves: muggings, waiting for LH, 
Stripe, 7AM shifts . . . Favorite 
People: Cindy, TA, JH, DIZ, BH, 
Zak, LH, Kev, Amy, LL, DS'P' et 
al . . . Where found: Friendlys, talk- 
ing to myself, "on the dark side" 
F Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; AFS 2, 3, 4; 
NHS 3, 4: SHH 3, 4 Double Quar- 
tet 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3; Powder 
Puff; Green Years; Student An- 
nouncer 3, 4; Musical 2, 3, 4 

Lawrence Curley 

37 Carroll Court 

He that hath a trade hath an estate; 
he that hath a calling hath an office 
of profit and honor. 
Larry, Curls, Demon . . . quiet, tall, 
hardworking . . . Bag this place too!. 
Yeah right. Hey you. Son, Dooms- 
day . . . Likes: girls, parties, Scusset, 
Beach bum, fast trucks, landscap- 
ing, drawing and designing things . . 
. Pet Peeves: D&Ds. W B. G'sts. 
crowds, rain, sold out . . . Favorite 
People: Hi-way, Cohn, P.B., Fitz, 
A.C, Dude, M&D . . . Where 
Found: H.S.,C.R.,Scussct-W.A.K. 
Football I, 2, 3, 4; Track I, 4 

Paul B. Dakin 

60 Birch Tree Drive 

in every moment there's a reason to 
carry on. 

Dakes. Twiggy. Maddog . . . Tall, 
thin, Mr. Nice Guy . . . "That's all- 
right", "Yeah, yeah". "Shucky 
darn" . . . Likes: weekends, comedy, 
the ZOO, YL. dancing ... Pet 
Peeves: 4 to a table, hostile people, 
smoke in my face, breakdancers, 
wise freshmen . . . People: MF, CB, 
Liz, Sean, Andy, John, Sue, Jean, 
rest of PJ Game, MM, WW, TE. 
KS, SB, LS, rest of YL, and most of 
all JC. Found: Youlden's, Club, on- 
stage, in the library, walking 

Chorus I, 2, 3; Drama Club 3; 
Spring Musical 3; Double Quartet 
4; Senior Play 

Susan Marie Darcy 

53 Strasser A venue 

A friend is one who comes to you 
when all others leave. 
Sue . . . blue eyes, constantly sing- 
ing .. . "You Guys". "What's the 
Deal?" . . . Likes: pizza-talks. 
V.F.W. chases. Highway P.R.'s, 
Spain in 84. Late night swims, sun- 
sets . . . Pet Peeves: security guards, 
false starts, fake people . . . Favorite 
People: Lau, Mai, Chris. Heather, 
family, other special friends . . . 
Where Found: Ginnys, the Station 
Wagons, Dads 

Swimming 2, 3, cap'n 4; Spanish 
National Honor Society 3, Pres. 4; 
Chorus 1 , 2, 3, 4; Musical 3, 4; Pow- 
der Puff 4; Senior Class Play 4 

Brandon 'Scott' Davis 

20 Oxford Road 

Life is not a spectator sport. 
Pugs, Scooter, Captain Brain Dam- 
age . . . Spoiled Rotten, easy going, 
generous ... "I don't have any fa- 
vorite sayings "cause nobody listens 
to me anway" . . . Likes: Coffee 
Bergies with Jimmies, girls, cars . . . 
Pet Peeves: Police . . . favorite peo- 
ple: LP., MB., CD., S.C, Where 
found: Lost in space . . . 
Activities: Skiing, canoeing, travel- 
ling, inventing hazardous materials. 

Laura De Angelis 

92 Hawthorn Street 

Silences make the real conversa- 
tions between friends. Not the say- 
ing but the never needing to say is 
what counts. 

Lau, Lolli . . . green eyes, distinctive 
laugh ... "I know huh?", "Really!" . 
. . Likes: dancing highway PR's, 
T.F. &B, Sept. "83, Chinese FD"s, 
R.B. subs . . . Pet Peeves: waiting, 
backstabbers, Prcvctt Oil trucks, go 
left on green, mono . . . Favorite 
People: Heath, Sue, Chris, Mai, the 
grease monkey . . . Where Found: at 
Gin's, b-bopping in Boston, at the 
Metro w/ W&B 

Swimming I, 2, 3, 4; A.F.S. 3, 4: 
Powderpuff 4 

John M. Dervin 

1 76 Forbes Rd. 

Never do today what you can put 
off till tomorrow. 
John, DERV . . . tall, blonde, socia- 
ble .. . "Big Joke" "What's up 
Hooter"" , . . Likes: Friday, 59 
Plyms, The Crew, parties ... Pet 
Peeves: Chris M"s driving. Jay's 
laugh . . . Favorite People: CM, 
MF, Squiddly diddly. Hooter, GF, 
JM, PB. JB, AW, and the crew . . . 
Where Found: Gregg's Parties, 
cruising in the Blue Bomber, not in 
school as much as possible. 
Band 1, 2, 3; Concert Band I, 2, 3 

Janet H. Dion 

54 Oxford Road 

You will do foolish things, but do 
them with enthusiasm. 
Dion, Little D. JD . . . brown hair, 
blue eyes . . . "Gimme a break", 
"Get outa here", "Take a beaten", 
"Loser", Likes: gorgeous guys, par- 
tying with friends, skiing, cham- 
pagne, weddings. Cape "84", 
dancing, Bermuda? . . . Pet Peeves: 
waking up early, getting caught, 
fighting with friends . . . Favorite 
People: M -t- D, family, S.S, D.T. 
G.M. P.P. K.P. Girlsroom gang, 
H.P. friends, J.S. D.G. Senior Class 
. . . Where found: H.P., Matador, 
wagon, cruising, Thanxs Mom & 

Track I, 2 Winter & Spring, Pow- 
der Puff 

Maria S. Davis 

521 Hartford Street 

We are not interested in the possi- 
bilities of defeat. 

Marl, MD . . . "Are you serious?", 
"Chalk one up for . . . " Likes: Cape 
beaches with LT, Porsches, VISA 
cards ... Pet Peeves: Gray Fords, 
cold days, 55 MPH, writing essays 
for MM&JD . . . Favorite People: 
Mei, MS, Lynn, CD, JAY, PH, the 
others know who they are . . . 
Where found: Guidance!, Tennis 
courts, shopping, WW Library, 
Baybank nights 

Tennis I, 2, 3,4; AFS 2, 3,4; Key 
Club 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society 3; 
No Parentheses I; 
Good luck of 1985! 

Chris F. DelConte 

16 Winter Terrace 

Live long and prosper. 
Chris, Chester . . . "The more obvi- 
ous, the better", "The worst she can 
say is no", "Good morning, Mr. 
Hart", "Trust mc", "Free Block", . 
. . Likes: Young girls, being with 
friends, extinguishers. Art class . . . 
Pet Peeves: The Boat, My fathers 
car. Chuck Flanagan . . . Favorite 
People: MW, Jot, JP, SC, TL, SD, 
JL, MH, KM, EM, DC, RF, Mrs. 
Depres, Mr. Rook, Maria, Mom- 
-I- Dad . . . Where Found: Roche 
Bros., The Diblasi's, The English 
Hallway, Dedham Showcase . . . 
Favorite activities: skiing, bagging 
at Roche's, going to the movies. 

Lisa C. Dickey 

182 Fieldstone Road 

I gave it my best shot. 
Lisa, Litha, LEEEsa, Crash . . . daf- 
fy, gullible, talks fast . . . "What are 
you TALKING about?!", "Nancy, 
that really irks me!", "Get outta 
here!", "You're in there!" . . . Likes: 
007 all the time, bipping, Bavaria, 
Gerri's laugh, DMSR&LPWM . . . 
Pet Peeves: I 1/7/84, Kris working, 
rugs, F. People: Kris, Mithelle, 
Nancy Pancy, Jimmy, CRD, Foxy, 
Ward, Linda, Sue, Jan, KA&KS, 
JB, MS, Vid, B&N, and the rest . . . 
Where Found: in the bomber, the 
Lodge, H.P., wherever . . . Luv ya 

John F. Doherty 

77 Sycamore Drive 

Being a good sport is tough, you 
have to lose it to prove it. 
Dot, JD, Tree . . . blond hair, blue 
eyes . . . "You big dummy!", "You 
Goof', "East B.F." . . . Likes: 
Weekends, suitcases, #10, Hockey. 
MacPhies at Tufts, Squee;re . . . Pet 
Peeves: 5:45, Sunday after Old M, 
on the line, NBIBC, SATs ... Fa- 
vorite People: Lump, Rat, IGA, 
CG, PN, JC, BW, JG, Class of 85 . 
. . Where found: rinks. Lost Brook, 
Cape, . . . college 
Soccer 2, 3, 4 Hockey I, 2, 3, 4 

David Donoian 

38 Buckmaster Road 

You only get out of life what you 
put in to it. 

Dave, the ultimate male. tall. dark, 
and handsome . . . "Gook". "Don't 
be so stupid" . . . Likes: Coke, keg- 
gers, continental, house parties . . . 
Pet Peeves: a car that don't go, 
Monday mornings, queers . . . Fa- 
vorite People: Missy Boyd 3-17-84. 
B.T.. DM.. Green Berets . . . 
Where Found: Somcrvillc. Cape 
Cod . . . Thanks Mom and Dad. I 
would have never made it without 

Kathleen Mary Dramis 

/ 7 Oxford Road 

Winter. Spring. Summer, or Fall, 
ail you've got to do is call and I'll be 
there - you've got a friend! 
Kaih, Hoois, Dram . . . short, green 
eyes . . . "What a cutie!", "I'm so 
psyched!" . . Likes: walks on the 
beach, reeses. U2. DCPC. #7. 
shtew. blondes . . . Pet Peeves: Busy 
phones, late people, backstabbers. 
injuries, "On the line!" . . . Friends: 
Nubba Squad, The Group, Track 
Crew. Sue, E", K.. Spades. Matt. 
Pistol, Boofy . . . Thanks 

Soccer 1 , 4; B-Ball I : Winter Track 
2. 3. 4; Spring Track 1 . 2. 3. 4: Stu- 
dent Council I, 2; A.F.S.: Powder 
Puff; Green Years Editor. 

Lauris Eglitis 

203 Oak Street 

Wit is the ability to sec the rcscmb- 
Icnce of things which differ, and the 
difference of things which arc alike 
Larry, Iga . . . Blond, medium 
height, indecisive . . . "Might". 
"Good life" . . . Likes: Talking 
Heads. McVie Pub. mods, suit- 
cases, moral bankruptcies . . . Pet 
Peeves: no B's in Brooksies car. No 
P's, OM's, Bud Tails, deadlines . . . 
Favorite People: Lump, J D.J B. DP 
and others . . . Found: Working, at 
Lump's house or N. 

Daniel J. Eosco III 

/ ; WHlett Pond Drive 

Some days it just isn't worth getting 
out of bed. 

Dan Eosco . . . tall, dark, curly . . . 
Likes: all nighters. older women, 
buds, no school, rich girls, fast cars. 
MONEY ... Pet Peeves: empties, 
small parties, no gas. stuck up girls, 
unsympathetic cops, fast cruisers, 
being blamed, not getting my way . . 
. Favorite People: Mase, Scurb, 
WJ. JC, JB, and all the other 85ers 
. . . Where Found: The basement, 
Cloverland, Pulled Over, Court- 
yard, working . . . Future Plans: 
College, make my own billion, live 
the good life. 

Mheir Doursounian 

48 Wniard Circle 

it doesn't matter how big the dog is 
in the fight, but how big the fight is 
in the dog. 

Mheir, "onion" . . . red hair, freck- 
les .. . Likes: snow, long weekends. 
Italian food . . . Pet Peeves: being 
early, morning practice, losing at 
the track . . . "Oh. really'.'" . . . 
Favorite People: Tom. Slicker. 
B.Q., M.S., D.L., E.H.. Nova Boys. 
. . . "Never you mind" . . . Where 
Found: Raynham. Morrison Field. 
Nantasket, NJ shore 
Track 1 . 2, 3, 4; N HS 3, 4; Student 
Advisory Board 3, 4, Treasurer 4: 
Student Council 3, 4; Key Club 3, 
4; Yearbook Staff. 

Paul E. Dresens 

287 Alder Rd. 

Let's make the best of the situation. 
Mule, Hitch . . . Lazy, sick . . . 
"Why", "Uh-oh". "Want a card" . . 
. Likes: rainy Mons. 44. confusion. 
NQNs. S. Bowls, J D -I- Biz, Hrvrd 
Sips, gambling, win args . . . Pel 
Peeves: injuries, obnx girls, 57 
bolts, glue people, Sch-(-Clifts 
w/T. bad music-l-breakin . . . 
Where Found: Daves, room. Nova. 
Mardin's taxi, woods, kangamagus 
hwy. typing and 35, corners w/no 
one . . . Favorite people: WHOTT. 
Mag 7. Choc E, Wop. 2 1 . MS. K L. 
Backs. AL. Yak Yak, Zcrda 
Football 1. 2. 3. 4: W-Track 3. 4: 
Brseball I. 2, 3, 4. 

Mary Elizabeth Eldridge 

15 Connors St. 

Keep a smile on your face and the 
world will smile with you. 
M.B., Marybeth. Mimi. Mim . . . 
brown hair, blue eyes, always smil- 
ing . . . "I'm Bored", "hi" . . . Likes: 
50's-60's music, pop music, soccer, 
stuffed animals . . . Pet Peeves: 
homework . . . Favorite People: 
L.T., M.F., M.G., Jo, J.K., R.M.. 
S.S., M.G.. C.L.. Weezy . . . Where 
Found: Office. Baybank. at home. 
Field Hockey 2. 3; Key Club 1 , 2, 3, 
4; Green Years 4; Chorus/Show 
Choir 1 . 2. 3, 4; Who's Who Among 
American High School Students 

Janet Marie Fafara 

Canton Street 

"Life has no bounds so explore all 

Janet, Dan's little sis; blonde, inno- 
cent! "Nuba Squad", "Live life to 
the fullest now as you can always 
worry about it later." Likes; Being a 
beach bum in Marshficld, 4th of 
July "The Wall", Boston-"AII 
Nighters" "Police" - "U2" . . sleep- 
ing, traveling . . Pet Peeves: Being 
the last to know I am having a par- 
ty! rumors, Mon. thru Fri. "The 
Day After" . . . Favorite People; 
K.T., C.A., Luv's everyone snobs 
soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Track I, 2 Softball 

■uture Plans college; travel & 




Rina Federico 

37 Juniper Ridge Rd. 

The fragrance slays in the hand of 
that who gives the rose. 
Re, Ree-na . . . blue eyes, almost 
blonde hair, short, Italian . . . "In- 
credible", "What is it?" . . . Likes: 
FB games, 10/13/84, intense con- 
vus, summer, soph yr . . . Pet 
Peeves: arriving at night, no $, 
fakes, losing things . . . Friends: PM 
gang. Sue, Yun-Yun, TP crews, 
Pat, Matt, Dan, class of 85 . . . 
Where Found: Party Machine, w/ 

Football Cheerleading 3, 4; Basket- 
ball Capt 3; AFS 4; powderpuff 4 
Good luck Class of 85 

Mark Gerard Filippone 

10 Putting Drive 

The only way to have a friend is to 
be one. 

Mark, Marko, Flip . . . tall, quiet, 
friendly . . . "What's new?", "No 
way!", "Mental!" . . . Likes: vaca- 
tions, spending money, friends. Ma- 
donna, BCN, imports, I.R.S., 
"Tonight", driving, sweats, "Red 
Shoes", Zayre burgers . . . Pet 
Peeves: finals, Mondays, Breakers, 
Rambo, doing nothing . . . Favorite 
people; Paul, Joanne, Cara, Jon, 
April, D.L., M.E., K.B., K.S. . . . 
Where found: Dedham, H. Inn, 
Boston, London 

Spring Track I; Spring Musical 3: 
Green Years 4; Senior Class Play 4 

Scott D. Fitzhenry 

32 Waldo Way 

Life is like a mountain climb. Some 
choose to go around it, others drop 
out during the climb, those who 
make it to the top can rest and will 

Scott, Fitz . . . tall, brown hair . . . 
"Easy killer", "Don't worry 'bout 
it" . . . Likes: #78, Cape Cod, Par- 
ties, black Vetles, loud music . . . 
Pet Peeves: slow drivers, driving 
sled for Coach Susi, Wcstwood 
roads, broken VP Parties . . . Favor- 
ite People: Class of 85, Family . . . 
Where found: F-ball Field, Over 
sleeping. Lost brook . . . Football 1, 
2, 4; Winter track 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring 
track I, 2, 3. 4; . . . College 

Peter Hastings Foehl 

152 Conant Road 

Men who make no noise are 

Peter, Peter, Pistol . . . tall, lanky . . 
. "You're messing with my mind", 
"You look marvallous" . . . Likes: 
Greece, bottle cap puzzles, parties, 
the tree, roadtrip, outdoors, travel- 
ing . . . Pet Peeves: Sat. morning 
practice, not enough sleep, SAT's, 
getting rejected . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: Dan, Skell, Mac, Bri, Kev, GS 
'84, family, class of '85 . . . Where 
found: D.C.P.C., the tree, Alaska, 

Basketball I. 2, 3, 4; Golf I, 2, 3,4; 
Green Years staff 4; Stage Door 
crew 4 

Thomas Edward Ferzoco 

109 Fearing Drive 

Whats happened in the past is usu- 
ally forgotten in the future. 
Tom, Fuzz . . . Black hair, blue eyes 
. . . "What!" . . . Likes: Vacations, 
sports, Florida . . . Pet Peeves: 
Westwood P.D., goofs. Flea . . . Fa- 
vorite People; Rhino. Dace, Mac, 
Sull, Tusm . . . Where Found; not at 
home, on the streets late night 
Football I, 2, 3, 4 Supcrbowl 3, 4; 
Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 

Linda Ann Fitzhenry 

57 Brookfield Road 

My people will call your people- 
we'll do a lunch! 

Linda, Fitz, Window . . . blonde, 
smiling . . . "Get Out!", "Keep It, I 
love It, don't EVER change!" . . . 
Likes: Sting, Christmas, GT, my 
friends g NHS, summer plays, 
IDOL, Monty Python, Robin Hood 
. . . Pet Peeves: sneezes, busy sig- 
nals, A's lateness, indecisive people, 
spiders . . . Friends; Amy, Maur- 
a-HGH. Vid, PJ'D'T&BKJMr. M . 
. . Where Found; Anywhere but 
Westwood, w/M&A, being a 3rd 
wheel, Bonn '84 

Musical 1,3: No() 2, 3; AFS 2, 3; 
NHS Treasurer 3, 4; Green Years; 
Powder Puff 

Gretchen Ann Flahive 

21 Glen Road 

We accomplish in proportion to 
what we attempt. 
Gretchen, retch . . . blue eyes, dim- 
ples . . . "What'.'", "seriously", 
"You're kidding!" . . . Likes: being 
with friends, skiing, Maine, Chinese 
food, Bruins . . . Pet Peeves: sprints, 
the hills, "Are you related?" . . . 
Pavoritc People: Sue, Michele, 
M.J., MM. Yo-Yo, Taz, BRIAN . 
. . Where found; practice, having 
fun, S.T.P.L, w/BC . . . thanks 
mom, dad. Chuck, John, teachers . . 
. college 

Field Hockey 3, 4; Ski team 3, 4; 
Softball 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; A.F.S. 
2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Powder Puff 
4; N.H.S. 4 

Gregg Fontecchio 

127 Fearing Drive 
One step ahead! 

"Free", "27", "S'up", New Year's 
Eve, Do it up . . . Likes; baseball, 
food, EJ's, Green Albumn, Cape, 
guitar. Lift . . . Dislikes: empties, 
Mon. thru Fri., crash, morning af- 
ter, cliques . . . Friends; DIANE, 
GAG, the boys, Cheryl, Steve, Bro. 
EJ crew . . . Where found; Canton- 
DIANE'S, Gag's . . . Best days; 
Jan. I. 7, 27, Oct. 7, Summer '83, 
'84 . . . You're the greatest, Diane! . 
. . Thanx Steve, Diane, Pam, Ann . . 
. Owe you one Mum. 

t \ \. I 


Mark J. Ford 

491 Everett St. 
Don't tell me I can"t. I will because 
I must. 

Mark, Tuna. Omega . . . Green- 
Brown eyes, sociable . . . Saxes rule, 
big nose, Lennie . . . Likes: weekend 
nights. Parties, Iron Maiden. 
Laughing, Pole vault . . . Pet 
Peeves: M.T., Break dancing, Ha- 
bis . . . Favorite people: Jen, J.D., 
CM., M.G.. W.C, S.S., T.A., S.C, 
A.B.. T.H., D.B., D.S.. DM, S.C. 

P.H., M.G„ A.G Where found: 

Thayer, S.V. Road, cruising 
Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Band I. 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3, 4; 
Spring track 2, 3, 4; Band President 

Gregory Foulds 

107 Sexton Ave. 
Life goes along a little easier when 
you have something to look forward 

Greg. Drunk . . . tall, shy . . . "What 
are we doing this weekend?", "E", 
"Let"s party" . . . Likes: nice cars, 
drinking, having a good time, JD, 
L H . . . Pet Peeves: slow drivers, 
"SHORT CUTS", being late, bad 
weekends, NO PACKY. puking . . . 
Favorite People: Cone. T. HO. 
Byrnsey, Dugal, goof. J-Brett, The 
Troops . . . Where Found: lost, in 
the car. getting drunk, at Joe's . . . 
Wrestling I, 2; Soccer 1 

Paul Friedman 

145 Fens view Dr. 

To err is human, to really screw 
things up takes a computer. 
Paul. Fried . . . bright, funnv. there . 
. . "Where's the beef?", "Watt's on 
second". "Anything that can go 
wrong, will go wrong" . . . Likes: 
computers (of course), good jokes, 
tough problems . . . Pet Peeves: Ms. 
B.. bad puns (unless they're mine). 
Miss B. . . . Favorite People: Joe. 
anybody with half a brain . . . 
Where Found: computer room 
(any), college (soon) 
Math team 0, 1,2. 3. 4; NHS 3, 4: 
computer team I, 4; computer com- 
mittee 4 

Michelle A. Gendreau 

331 Gay St. 


Mithelle, Darone . . . whatchama- 
callit, "oh no, I'm a messi". "It's in 
there Michelle!". "When the bus 
comes we're gonna die!" . . . Likes: 
good friends. YEEE. bip, Floyd, 
Zep . . . Pet Peeves: the rug, getting 
up early, Kim Devine. Burger King, 
nothing to do on a weekend?! . . . 
Favorite People: Kerith, Leetha. 
Nanc. Ward, Gerri. N.P.. Tammie. 
Slynkey . . . Where Found: bus stop. 
HP, w/Leetha, Nancy Pancy, and 
Kerith in Blue Bomber — what hap- 
pened?! CRUNCH!!! . . . Love ya 
M4-D . . . Check me out, I'm a 

Michael Ford 

59 Willard Circle 

It could of been worse, it could of 
happened to me. 

Fordie . . . tall. dark, black hair. 
brown eyes . . . "The hell with it!" . . 
. Likes: Bud bottles, weekends, lots 
of money, EAS'V women . . . Pet 
peeves: Officer Nitty, fronting so- 
das, wind, soap opera scenes, driv- 
ing on weekends, Mortan . . . 
Favorite people: Otis, Stevo, Gui- 
do. Rat, Coak, Tav, Kevin . . . 
Where found: with Oddie and his 
shadow Di, keeping Guido out of 
trouble, slicing baloney at Roches 
Drinking Team 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . 

Geraldine Marie Fox 

71 Oak Street 

— 'em if the_N can't take a joke! 
Gerri. Geb, Fox . . . Short, friendly, 
funny . . . "Go for it!" "I 'magine!" 
"Are ya ready?" . . . Likes: LED 
ZEP. my friends, phonecalls. being 
w/Stevie. cruising around, late 
night parties, summers, "83-1-84" . 
. . Pet Peeves: nosey people, no- 
where to go . . . Favorite People: 
Stevie, Hay-ward!, Arl-(- Eugene, 
Rita, Jimmy -I- John, Kimi + oth- 
er mainiacs, S.P., L.W., Kerith, 
Drone, Lisa D., L.S.. Pama, J.Dion, 
Mr. Case. . . . Mr. Thwing. sling- 
town gang + many others! . . . 
Where found: Maine, w/ Friends, 
Rosl., waiting for a ride 

Michelle Gattozzi 

122 Burgess Ave. 

We are the music-makers, and we 
are the dreamers of dreams. 
Chella, Shell . . . cute, petite, little 
feet . . . "Keriest!", "Anks" . . . 
Likes: yucking w/Jo, spill parties, 
Quoffee . . . Pet Peeves: sticky fin- 
gers, K.G., socks with sandels . . . 
Favorite :eople: JT, TC, JO. Tee, 
NO, CP, Skah, JM, SC, Chuck. 
Beth, GG, SOS, Papa Smurf . . . 
Where found: Club 101, little 

Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3, 
Pres 4; Senior Class Play; Musical 
1. 2. 3, 4; One Acts 1, 2, 3: Youth 

Mark William Giambanco 

1 16 Pine Lane 

Accept me as I am, so I may learn 
what I can become. 
Mark . . . brown hair and eyes, quiet 
. . . Likes: Chinese food. Pizza, cars, 
weekends . . . Pet Peeves: working 
Sunday mornings, Monday morn- 
ings, night practices . . . Favorite 
People: M.F., P.F., W.C, R.T.. 
T.H.. Charles . . . Where Found: 
Thayer, on the field, room 101 ... 

Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3. 4; 
NESBA 2, 3. 4; Band Treasurer 4; 
Tennis 2, 3, 4. 

Jeffrey Goebel 

402 Dover Road 

If I look confused it"s because Tm 

Jeff, Ffej . . . stylish, unique tongue 
. . . "Whats up Dude", "Goof, 
"Buft a Mitch" . . . Likes: parties, 
cars, movies, mini-skirts . . . Pet 
Peeves: SAT"s, people who arc late. 
Boy George . . . Favorite People: 
Ken, Dave, Al, Mark, Mike, Rob , . 
. Where Found: watching TV, DL's, 
Maine, Blue Hills 
Skiing I, 2, 3, 4; Skimeister 2, 3, 4; 
Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. 

Scott D. Grey 

34 High view St. 

No point in being grown-up if you 
can't be childish. 

Greg . . . Quiet, Curly hair, glasses . 
. . "No", "Uh-Huh" . . . Likes: 
Computers, Romulans. TV, 
Games, Lotus . . . Pet Peeves: Car- 
tel, Breaking, Radar, Work . . . Fa- 
vorite People: F.M., M.G.. R.M.. 

J.A.. E.S., B.S.D., P.D Where 



AV Club I, 2. 3, 4; AV Leader 4 

Stephanie A. Grokulsky 

335 Westherbee Drive 

Everyone is a moon and has a dark 
side which he never shows anybody. 
Steph, StcphG, Grotto . . . Blue 
eyes, brown hair (not blonde), long 
legs . . . "Incredible!". "Whata we 
gonna do 2-niic'.'", "Ya right", 
"wannawhat". "Fine Ride" . . . 
Likes: #2, anythingswect, PD's 
botm, Supremcs, 7/4/84, 
I2/17/83TTT, I2/I/84SB, Fla. 
85, TN at LA, jet black hair and 
blue eyes, JB . . . Pet Peeves: losing 
jewelry, acct. no's, busy TP. snobs, 
o'clock at 44, WW . . . Friends: DG, 
TK', the Gang, NG's, TAV. KEV, 
CR, CB. JC . . . Where Found: 
BB083. ThePM. TAFAP . . . GOD 
BLESS JOHN' 85" . . . Good luck 

Anna Marie Gundal 

136 Ellis Street 

Love makes the world go around. 
Anna. Gundie . . . bubbly, spaz . . . 
S'up.'. "No beef. "Mitch". 
"Thanks". "Oh. SAD" . . . Likes: 
Soccer, rifles, first place, parties. 
SPD. weekends . . . Pet Peeves: Ha- 
bis, JMC. Monday mornings. 
Math, Dirt . . . Favorite People: De- 
boo, No, Trish, Mai, "T", "S", Ka- 
zoKrcw, "O", Annie B, Mrs. C. 
Page, Skah. Jon . . . Where Found: 
School, on the field. Club 101. on 
stage. Math Seminar, al Deb's . . . 
Thanks Mom 

Marching Band I. 2, 3, Capt 4; 
Drama Club 4; Musical I, 2, 3; 
Chorus 1, 2, 4; Senior Class Play 4; 
Powderpuff 4. 




m^^.f^; m 




f ^ 

Caroline Granese 

186 Pleasant Valley Road 

Live everyday as if it were your last. 
Caroline, Line, Ca ... "A what?", 
"754 we gotta go . . .", "like", 
"losa!" . . . Likes: #14, parlies, F- 
Ball -t- Hockey games, babies, 
summer . . . Pel Peeves: sleeping in 
cars, SK's fogs,, LL's driv- 
ing, fake people, Twisly's knee, 
DB's . . . Favorite people: Nasty 
Girls, Nubba Squad, B-Ball learn, 
PN, SK, JuP, Dot, Lump, CJ -I- JR, 
RR, SP, KD, LE, Mr. Walsh -I- 
case. Class of 85, M -I- D + Dave . . . 
Where Found: w/NG's, on the 
same wave-length. HI PL 
Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1,2,3, 
4; Softball I, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff; 
Key Club 4. 

James Michael Griffin 

14 Gay Street Extension 

If you're willing to take the risks, 
you're entitled to the benefits. 
Jim, Griff .. . loud laugh, deceiving, 
last minule . . . "Plenty of lime", 
"To a point", "Thanks Bozo" . . . 
Likes: blondes, parlies, the Cape, 
bowl, distilled beverages . . . Pet 
Peeves: no keys, making the rounds, 
slop signs, flats, permission . . . Fa- 
vorite People: Bill. Seus, Tom, 
Mule, Mac, Laurita, rest of 85 . . . 
Where Found: highway, LB, Ho- 
nolulu, UMASS, the Cape, at the 
b. . . . 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 
3, 4. 

James Paul Guindon 

83 Smith Drive 

What time is it'.' 

James, Guido . . . Blonde, Blue eyes 
. . . "Leave me alone", "What" . . . 
Likes: Bud bar bottles, sports, 
apartment. While family, indepen- 
dence, being with friends, Duster, 
weekends ... Pet Peeves: Mr. D. 
Westwood Police, "Keep them low, 
very low", referrals, lack of luck!, 
wind, driving around with nothing 
to do. Nosey teachers. Sprints, idi- 
ots .. . Favorite People: Family, Ju- 
lie White, Coak, Odie, Fordie, 
Coaches, rest of friends . . . Where 
Found: Football field, J.W. house, 
Football I, 2, 3, 4; Skiing 1, 2, 4 

Robert Gundersen 

1319 High Street 

You only live once, but if you live 
life right, once is enough. 
Bob, Gundy . . . never serious . . . 
"you drive", "Kill Bibbit", "Slaba" 
. . . Likes; most weekends, lond 
weekends, vacations, sleeping all 
day, buds on ice, ski trips, . . . Pet 
Peeves: Morton, men in blue, the 
V.P. having no place to go . . . Fa- 
vorite People: Kevin, Mule, Hag, 
Ted, Ken, Tav, Rat, and the rest of 
85 . . . Where Found: in Morton's 
Skr Team 2, 3, 4 

Brian John Hagberg 

81 Nahatan Street 

I ma> not al«a\s be pcrfaci. but 
Tm always mc. 

Heg. "Oh well Hello". MARDINS 
DRIVING!, "Whcres Mcthucn" . . 
. Likes: Suitcases w/Ted. NQN. 
Joes Lake, NH, Xmas parties. To- 
gas, Mag7, THE BOW LS, Globes 
w/R.R., watcrskiing, Falmouth . . 
Dislikes: Losing Richards, Sea- 
walls, Gell # I , Pushing Sled, Gape- 
Gops, K9dogs . . Favorite People: 
Ted, Mule, Dave, Kc\in, Mort, Ju- 
lie, Tom, Spin, Gron. Rat, Gokc, 40, 
Stevo, Big Z Garter, Rest of 85, 
Mrs. R. . Found at: Daves, with 
friends . . 

Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Football 1 , 2. 3, 4 
Track 3, 4 BOWL 3. 4 Gheerlcad- 
ing 4. 

Patricia Claire Haley 

1284 High Street 

So dawn goes down toda\, nothing 
gold can sta\. 

Patty, "Tec" . . . Blue eyes, Irish, 
funny . . . "Hi guys!" "Wc"ll see 
ya!" . . . Likes: N.E. Ghamps. 
phones, tennis w/T Maria, parties, 
movies, JL"s laugh, Ghuck's humor, 
S . . . Pet Peeves: late people, bolted 
doors. The Magnets, messy rooms . 
. . Fav. People: Family. JT, JL, LG. 
MD. AG. MG's. "5". Jon. Skah. 
DP. MF, "NO". TG. GP. SOS. 
Shelly. Kakic . . . Where found: 
Glub'lOI. Ghowing. field 
COLORguard 1 . 2. 3: Gapi. 4: Mu- 
sicals 2. 3. 4; Ghorus 2. 4; Treasurer 
of S.A.D.D.. Powder Puff Football 

Paul F. Hardiman Jr. 

67 Magnolia Drive 

There are some defeats more trium- 
phant than Victories. 
Paul. Lump, Skit, Squid . . . medi- 
um light, brown hair, freckles . . . 
"Might", "Kiiiiit", "Ha", "Shuiup 
Cron" . . . Likes: hockey games. 
parties. Falmouth. Bruce Spring- 
steen and E Street Band. Gaddys. 
sailing. Lake Placid . . . dislikes: 
nothing going on. Forbes Road 
rocks, no B's in J.B.'s car. Rat's 
mind games. Montrcals. injuries . . . 
Favorite People: Rat. Gron. Iga. 
Dot. Stcvo. Caroline, Brooksce, 
Pec, Sue, Family. Rest of H5 . . . 
Where found: rink, with friends 
Hockey I, 2. 3, 4; Baseball 2; Year- 
book 4 

Christine Harrington 

16 Brook field Rd. 

I wish I could carry \our smile in 
my heart at times when my life 
seems so low. it would make me be- 
lieve what tomorrow could bring 
when toda> doesn't really know. 
Ghris, TAZ . . . brown hair, blue 
eyes . . . "Oh Right!", "Ghill out!", 
"Awesome!" . . . Likes: vacation. 
piz7a. smow days. 9/24/84. cats. 
386-dgf. Porsche ... Pet Peeves: 
rainy days, homework, busy 
phones, school nurse . . . Favorite 
People: Yo-\o, Mo Jo. M-t-M. 
Retch, mm'. K.K.. KG.. J.G.. 
G.D.. ND Team. Mark . . . Where 
Found: hockev rink, the Gape, with 
friends, with Mark 
Softball 3. 4; Powder Puff 4 

James Erik Haines 

228 Weatherbee Drive 

We can't all be heroes because 
someone has to sit on the curb as 
ihev go bv. 

"Take off you hoscr. ch'". "\\ e're 
there", "Ain't it the truf!" . . . 
Likes: girls. Molson Golden. U2, 
Eagles, 22, Bruins, weekends. 10. 
POLO ... Pet Peeves: mall rats, 
breakers, cans, speedtraps. WVL . . 
. Favorite people: MAG. Renz, 
Breenzo. Bri. Gumb>. Gordi. Skcl, 
Scoot. Dano. Jen B.. the lunch 
bunch . . . Where Found: W. Main 
St. Nickerson Field. The Garden 
Football I; Hockex 1. 2; Stage 

Jessica Catherine Hall 

1695 High Street 

Tomorrow is the greatest labor sav- 
ing device ever invented. 
Jess, tch Rock . . . blue eyes, gray, 
freckles . . . Likes: R&G in Bermu- 
da. Oct. 22&24. Snoops. Gheers. 
Pet Peeves: D&D. feci . . . Favorite 
People: Brian. Michelle. Michele, 
Lisa. Kath. Julc. Kevin. Dan. Ke- 
vin. LT. T.'\. SS . . . W here Found: 
On the Dark Side, waiting for LH. 
Quechee. Pocassci 
Fieldhockcy I. 2. 3. captain 4: Ski 
Team 2; Spring Track I. 2. 3; 
A.F.S. 2. 3. officer 4; Key Club 3. 
officer 4; National Honor Society 
3. 4: Musical 3; Powder Puff 4; 
Green Years Staff 4; Senior Glass 

Brian Christopher 

119 Fearing Dr. 

The onl\ people who never make 
mistakes arc those who never do 

Harr. Bri . . . Blond ... "I don't 
know". "What do \;i say neigh- 
bor'" . . Likes: for. Now. Twinkle 
Dives. Bleachers . . . Pet Peeves: 
Intellectuals. Clones . . . Favorite 
People: Jess. KB. Dan-O. Sally. 
George. M&M. LT. Pistol, EH. SS 
. . Where Found: Fenway. Alumni. 
Ropes, 'casset, 169.'^ High 
Ski Team 1; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; 
Cross Country 2. 3: \fS Club 1, 2, 
3, 4; Key Club 3, 4: NHS 3, 4; 
Spanish N HS 3, Vice Pres. 4; Stud. 
Council 4; Musical 3: Senior Play. 
4; Yearbook 4: Stud. Announ. 4 

Heather Ann Harrington 

60 Perry Drive 

Life is worth living when one has 
the gift of laughter and a sense that 
the world is mad. 
Heather. "H" . . . strawberry- 
blonde, freckles . . . "What's up'.'". 
"W hat a goof" . . Likes: being with 
PJ. weekends, cookies. T.G.. 19, 
roses. O.O.O.. rb. 3-.S ... Pet 
Peeves: mad dogs, plastic people. 
Mondavs. BS. o. and i. people . . . 
Favorite People: Peter. Sue. Dan. 
Linda. Karen, family, etc. . . . 
Thanks Mom and Dad! 
AFS 2, 3, 4; SN HS 3. 4: NHS 3. 4; 
Key Club 4; GREEN YEARS; 
Powder Puff Football: The Stage 
Door-"Dit7v Duo." 

^ > 

Daniel Stuart Hart 

126 Westfield Street 

We all have a face that we hide 
away forever — these are the faces 
of the Stranger 

Dan, Danny, Dan-o ... a tall blue- 
eyed blond . . . "Sweetness", "Nev- 
er mind" . . . Likes: honesty, cute 
blonds, #24, and a good laugh! . . . 
Dislikes: the Boonies, "What, I 
don't have enough gas!", being late 
and cheated on . . . Friends: Scott, 
Lis, PF, KL, P&H, Kev, B&J, CR, 
LT, J, E, M, JT, KL, CA, SD, EW, 
A&L, SH, THE 4, N H and You! . . 
. Found: Who cares? Pilsbury! 
Soccer I, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Basketball 
I, 2, 3, 4; Tennis I, 2, Capt. 3. 4; 
Stud. Council I, 2, 3, Pres. 4; NHS 
3, 4; Boys" State, AFS & Key Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Musical & SCP; Green 
Years 4 

Susan Diane Henderson 

163 School Street 

Happiness seems made to be 

Sue, Hendy . . . green eyes, long 
hair... "Like...", "He'd SUCH a 
fool!" . . . Likes: parties, the beach, 
chocolate, catching rays w/kl . . . 
Pet Peeves: working weekends, 
cliques, crutches, fights w/ M -f D . 
. . Favorite People: Elise, Katie, 
Lis, H-l-P, S-l-C, PAVM, DH', 
etc. . . . Where Found: Thayer, Li- 
sa's on phone, DC PC w/ S-)-C 
Softball I, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2; 
National Honor Society 3, 4; Span- 
ish N.H.S. 3, 4; Student Counceil 
4; A.F.S. 2, 3, 4; Newcomer's Club 
3, 4; Senior Class Play 4; Green 
Years 4; Powder Puff Football 4 

Elizabeth Anne 

139 Church Street 

Life is a song, the only hard part is 
tuning it. 

Liz, No, V . . . gabby gullible . . . 
"S'up", "Anx", "See yez", "Hye", . 
. . Likes: NY, Fri. practs, bad reeds, 
JMC, Smurf ret, GG . . . Favorite 
People: Anna, Papa Smurf, SOS, 
Annie B, Ron, WSPCrew, T, Mo, 
SOSUS, pi&DD&Gar, TC . . . 
Found: Club 101, backstage. 
Drama Club 1 , 4, sec 2, V P 3; Thes- 
pian 2, 3, 4; Student Advisory 
Board 2, sec 3; Orch 1, 2, 3, 4; DQ 
3, 4; musical 2, 3, 4; Jazz Choir 2; 
NHS 3, 4; Band I, 2, 3, 4; PPuff; 
Green Years Editor 4; SDC 4. 

Jeffrey Cray Howley 

50 Brook field Rd. 

Life is short no matter how long it is 
- so live 

Jeff, Howls . . . Cars, boats, week- 
ends, summers, beaches, A Block, 
cooking . . . getting up early. The 
Pit . . . Sue, Ken, Mike, TAV, d.h. 
P.C. . . . Sue's work, the Strip, the 
Nook, the Secret . . . Thanx Mom 
and Dad 

Wendy Lynn Hayward 

56 Pine Lane 

We live, we die and death not ends 
it . . . 

Wendy, Wen, Ward, Wendell . . . 
brown hair, big blue eyes, leather 
jacket . . . "Seriously", "No way, 
really?", "Gooof!", "That's weak" 
Likes: Maine, Bruce Springsteen, 
the Doors, 8-6-84, long weekends, 
partying w/Chases, kittens Pel 
Peeves: jumping fences, working all 
weekend, partying w/Chases, kit- 
tens Pet Peeves: jumping fences, 
working all weekend, sick birds, 
WHS Favorite People: Danny, Ar- 
lene & Eugene, Gerri, Linda, Ker- 
ith. Drone, CRD, Sue, Lisa, 
Kristin, Deb -I- Ed, D.M., J.C 
Where found: w/Whales and Fox- 
es, in the bird, w/Danny, at Papa's, 
In town, picking up the Maine-iac 
Luv ya Ma -I- Don 

Thomas Murphy Hogan 

210 Farm Lane 

Never lose faith. In a just cause 
faith can move mountains. Faith 
without strength is futile, but 
strength without faith is sterile. 
Tom, Hogie, Hogan . . . Average 
height, blue eyes, brown hair, usu- 
ally seen wearing camouflage cloth- 
ing . . . "Dinnsdalc, Dinnsdale!", "I 
want to be an airborne Ranger!" . . . 
Likes: The U.S. Military, running, 
U2, God's weather . . . intense dis- 
like for liberals, break dancing, and 
speedwork . . . Favorite People: 
CM., M.F., DM., H.N., S.S., 

Track Crew. Winter Track 4; Track 
2, 3; C.C. 4; Tennis 4 

Elisabeth Kathryn Hood 

108 Sexton Avenue 

Reality is what you make of 

Lisa, Ford, Lizzy B, Spaz, Junior 
w/ a IG . . . brown hair, big brown 
eyes ... "I suppose", "OK", "I'm 
not a drum" . . Likes: leather in 
lockers, Zack notes, Bermuda, talks 
w/kl, red hair. Prom 84, beating 
Holliston, "oranges", lOth, D', 
Eng. accents, MJ/MAXm GST, 
VLM, Squeeze, class of 84 . . . Pet 
Peeves: poking, "silly", frustration 
scream, refs . . . Friends: Ted, Zack, 
Diz, Jess, PB, Scottic, Pillsbury. 
Kev, JC, TA, KL, K 
Field Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Track 1 , 2, 
3, 4; AFS 3, 4; Key club 3, 4; Musi- 
cal 2, 3, 4; Green Years 4 

Theodore Edson Hunt 

57 Pine Lane 

"When you are good to others, you 
are best to yourself." 
Ted . . . cheerful, good-natured . . . 
Likes: The Academy, D&D, week- 
ends at WPI, eating . . . Pet Peeves: 
getting up each morning . . . Favor- 
ite People: Ron, Duncdave, Bernic. 
Lunch Ladies, GT . . . Where 
Found: WPI The Academy, South 

"5^ 'W* 


Michael H. Hurley 

104 Margery Ln. 

As >ou rumble on ihru life whatever 
ma> be \our goal, keep \our eye 
upon the donul and not upon the 

Mick, Zuga. House, WTF. Tclp on 
Al. C block 2. 3 MV-Tukcn to the 
ice cream shop-sorry Lester. 
Thanks RobinI N.H. lake Love 2-1- 
Mac-Notall Birds can Fly!!! Dingle 
Berry Poing. Sully Hair was meant 
to be grown. Bones hinding behind 
that proper mask. Steve once you 
had Black sou o\er go buck. Dana, 
Jeff. Ken.'sSSKDBS. KS. Mar. 
Tracy Kent. Mom and Dad Thanks 
for everything. 

Lori A. Jacobs 

169 Col burn Street 

Smile! It's contugious. 

Larry. Jakes . . . brown hair, brown 
eyes, cute . . . "Ya, right!". "So 
what!" . . . Likes: food, partying, 
calligraphy, lost roads, having a 
good time . . . Pet Peeves: dull peo- 
ple, liver, onions, homework, or- 
ders, rain . . . Favorite people: Rick, 
my family, K.S., Coco. Deb . . . 
found: With Rick. Norwood, cruis- 
ing .. . Blue . . . FA: soccer eating, 
laughing, spending money, buying 
clothes . . . Future plans: going to 
Bartending school, caligraphy 
school . . . Thanks to everyone 
who's helped mc through rough 
times! Especially Rick! 

Susan Mary Kallenberg 

69 Gloucester Road 

Huppmess IS not ha\ing every you 
«.int. but wanting everything you 


Su/. Susan . . . Brown hair, brown 
eyes . . . "You (iuys". "A what'.'", 
"Nooo . . . ", "l.>4 we gotta go" . . . 
Likes: puppies. dancin. 
parties, anything pink . . . Pel 
Peeves: cracking knuckles, history, 
spiders. SAT's . . . Favorite People: 
The Nasty Girls. Jininiy. P.H.. 
KM.. K.L.. Family. Mr. Case, rest 
of 'X5 . . . Where Found: Same 
wavelength, with N.Ci.'s. anywhere 
Basketball 1.2: Swim Team'l. 2. 4: 
Key Club 4; A.F.S. 4; Powderpuff, 
Yearbook 4 

Lee Hurney 

64 Cushing Road 

Life is like a jigsaw, you get the 
straight bits, but theres plenty miss- 
ing in the middle. 

Lee . . . "No more than the next 
guy" likes . . . sidewalk surfing, 
bass, idiot feasts. Hanging, skin- 
heads. Clash. Husker DL. the Res 
Pet Peeves . . . Fustfood. smoking, 
WPD. Fut B. Bagger. Fuvorit Peo- 
ple. The Idiots, tolpel. Russ, The 
Crabbers, Slingtown Skate Crew 
Where Found: In the land Sharr. 
At Shaws. In the town. Around 
Hockey 2, Adventures 3. 4 

Wayne Jankeweicz 

100 Lorraine Road 

God helps those who help 

Wayne. Hunkewic/ . . . curious, 
considerate, debonair . . . 
"What??!" . . . Likes: Bruin.s, Zep- 
pelin, Ferrari, parties, women . . . 
Pet Peeves: ruking leaves, working 
Fri. nights, the Eggbeater . . . Fa- 
vorite People: Lisa F.. Laurie N.. 
Mary B.. Nancy L.. Steph G.. R.. 
Champa. Cata: Bo/o. Mase. Porks , 
Old Man. Sull. Tav. Fu7. Top. Bri- 
an. Kevin. Jim . . . U here Found: 
cruisin'. in the bubble, at Cala's. 
home watching the Bruins 

Kimberly A. Kiely 

53 Phillips Brooks Road 

Surviving in the sea of love is sud- 
den death in paradise on the dark 
side of the moon 

Kim. Cranial Neptune, DB . . . 
"DEFINITFLY". •[ike Hey man 
Like No way". "Lh". . . . Likes: 
Bavaria, French fries w/kelchupn- 
musiard, babbling, to lease . . . Pet 
Peeves: Cold Hands, Mrs. Clement, 
Harvev, CJvmw/AL! . . . favorite 
People: KC. JC, CD. CH, Yo-Yo, 
Churlie. DM. J P. Mrs. B's friends . 
. . Where found: trees behind Brad- 
ices. JC's. Jungle fiym, Montana, 
da zed 

Spanish I lonor .Society .^. 4 \l .S 1. 
3. 4; Cireen Years 4; NP I. 2. 3. 4; 
Spring Track 3. 4: Powder Puff 4 
Thanks guys, see \ou in the 



Richard Matthew 

]43 Willard Circle 

You can't always gel what you 
want, but if you try sometimes you 
just might find you get what you 

Rich . . . Tall, Dark, Handsome . . . 
Awesome, Smokin', Don't worry 
about it. Likes: Girs, Parties, Cruis- 
ing, fast Chevy's, Basting out of 
WHS ... Pet Peeves: Backstabbers, 
Snobs, Broken down cars, small 
back seats . . . Favorite People: 
Nick, Bill, Dave, Perry, Armand, 
Joanne, Donna, Jay, Jr., and Fam- 
ily .. . Where Found: Mike's auto, 
at Trink's, Kristie Electric with 
Copley Group, over J -I- R's . . . 
Thanks Mom and Dad 

Sharon H. Kruger 

250 Alder Road 

True happiness is not in the multi- 
tude of friends, but in the worth and 

Shar, Ronnie . . . Optimistic, blunt . 
. . "Thai's life in the big city!"", 
"No biggie" . . . Likes: a good sense 
of humor, sleeping late, $$$ . . . Pet 
Peeves: loud People, compaints, 
busy signals, 15 minute breaks, 
grills. Agent Thorp, long distances . 
. . Favorite People: AB, LH, ML, 
Trish, MG, JT, JB, & co., FL. 
KGB, and you . . . Where Found: 
McD's, on the boards . . . Thanks 
Mom and Dad 

AFS 3, 4; No Parentheses Typist 3, 
4: Math Team 2, 3: Co Capt 4: SAB 
3; SADD 2; N HS 3, 4; Powder Puff 

John Joseph Laham 

70 Bay Colony Drive 

I believe that every night implies a 
responsibility; every opportunity an 
obligation; every possesion a duty. 
Hubach, Hubic. Doobic . . . Dark 
hair, brown eyes . . . "I'm hungry" 
"Society" "Profit" . . . Likes: 
MOMEY. food. Elvis, fast cars. 
Hitler, Playboy ... Pet Peeves: Be- 
ing broke, snobs. Breakers, CL, CB, 
Wcslwood BC's BN, jealous peo- 
ple, TDs driving, Mooehs; . . . Fa- 
vorite People: Murph, Beanso. Tav, 
Bozo, and others of 85 . . . where 
found: Eating, working, BK, LB, . 
. Future Plans: Be a millionaire, 
build a town 
Football I, 2, 4; Track 4 

David Lane 

65 Hemlock Drive 

Conceit is God's gift to little men. 
Dave Lano . . . tall, brown eyes, 
brown hair . . . "NO WAY", "Shut 
up John" . . . LIKES: Basketball, 
T.V., Italian food . . . PET 
PEEVES: writing essays, waiting 
for Mheir . . . FAVORITE PEO- 

Tom, J.M Where Found: with 

Mary Ellen, Mheir's house 
National Honor Society 3, 4; Span- 
ish National Honor Society 3. 4; 
A.F.S. 4: Yearbook Staff 4 

Mary Jo Kremer 

58 Locust Drive 

If you love something, let it go. If ii 
comes back it's yours. If it doesn't it 
was never meant to be. 
Mary Jo, Mo Jo . . . Blond hair, 
blue eyes . . . "I'm so psyched!", 
"yuz", "No way", "Oh my gosh" . . 
. Likes: Mustangs, beach, pigging 
out. Bruins . . . Pet Peeves: liars, 
ostentatious people . . . Favorite 
people: M -I- M, Yo-Yo, Taz, Retch, 
M'Dave, J.K. c.K., K.K., ED., 
C.D.c BE, J. D, J.M. , DM., DP., 
. . . Where Found: shopping with 
friends, beach, driving around. 
Volleyball 1 , 2, 3 4; Softball 1,2,3, 
4; Powderpuff 4; AFS 3; Glee Club 

Carolynne LaCamera 

99 Porter Street 

Today is the tomorrow you worried 
about yesterday. 

Carolynne, Carol, Lynne . . . dis- 
tinct laugh . . . "Y'know what I 
mean?", "7:54 we gotta go", 
"Lynne not Line", "PC" . . . Likes-, Squcc/e, vacations, stealing 
signs, balloons, parties . . . Pet 
Peeves: Sleeping in cars, 5-19-84, 
mono, waiting around . . . Favorite 
people: the nasty girls. Class of '85, 
family, others . . . Where found: on 
the road, HI PL, same wavelength, 
Babybank, Dancing in the Streets . . 
. Thanks Mon + Dad P. T. M. 
Basketball I, 2; Soccer 1, 2; Key 
Club 3. 4: Powderpuff 4. 

Jonathan A. Landon 

443 Canton Street 

You only live life once, live it to the 

Jon, Jonathan . . . friendly, optimis- 
tic, patient . . . "Jhou look marvel- 
ous!" . . . Likes: girls, B.A.'s, DMC, 
food, driving, dances, summer, ly- 
ing on the beach, smiles . . . Pel 
Peeves: snobs, Kids who act tough, 
people who worry, "Rambo" . . . 
Favorite People: Mark, Chris, 
A.N., K.R., KM., JB. . . . Where 
Found: Roche Bros., Nantaskcl, 
my room 

Lisa M. Lane 

312 High Street 

Good friends are like diamonds, 
they're rare and hard to find; fake 
friends arc like autumn leaves; you 
find them everywhere. 
Lisa, Lis . . . Brown hair, dark eyes, 
distinct laugh "A-Lyn, Homo, 
HoJo-to-go, Mitchcl, fun" Likes: 
In w/GG's, feasting, parties, f- 
blocks, fun clothes, orange, FB 
games Pet Peeves: Joanie, busy sig- 
nals, alarm clocks at early hrs.. Fa- 
vorite People: PM Girls, LL, J&B. 
JO, AM found" PM with crew, the 
truck w/ Laura & Andrea, home 
Thanx Mom & Dad, Luck lo '85 
Boys & Girls 
Cheerleading 3, Co-Caplam 4 

Joanne S. Lavita 

793 High Street 

Walk beside me and be my friend. 
Joanne. Velvecia, Quaker . . . 
Short, Funn> . . . "No Beef 
"Heyl" "Moo-Vloo"' . . . Likes: 
friends, competilions. Parlies, Mrs. 
C ... Pel Peeves: ALEX, son, 
breakers, tests . . . Favorite People: 
Jen. Tec. Linda. Ciclla. Cashin. 
Gundie, No, Stevic. Barbwa. "O". 
Skah. Jon. Page. Chuck. Tart. 
Sharon. Dudley. Flash. Nance . . . 
Where Found: Club 101. on the 
field, laughing, at Cashin's. Bub- 
bling Brook. 

Colorguard 2. 3. 4; Chorus 1. 2. 3: 
Musical I, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play 4; 
Green Years Staff 4; Powder Puff 
4; Thespian 3, 4. 

Kristin Anne Leary 

217 Washington Street 

Heaven's waiting on down the 

Kristin . . . blond, green eyes, re- 
lentless . . . "Goof!" . . . Likes: 
Rainy nights, Chinese food. The 
Boss, parties, convertibles on spring 
days, irises, dancing to good music . 
. . Pet Peeves: People in right lane 
at Clpbrd.. 10:30 on 8/13/84. 
Ricky's remarks, speeding tickets, 
curfews . . . Favorite People: Fam- 
ily, my ISS, TR, Sue. Locker 
friends, RL . . . Where found: w/T, 
practicing, out "gallivanting." 
Swim team 1. 2. 3; Winter track 1. 
3; Spring track 1. 2; RSAB 4; Se- 
nior play 4; PP 4; Green Years 
Staff . . . Thanks M -I- D 

Linda Marie Lennon 

68 Locust Lane 

Go confidently in the direction of 
your dreams. Live the life you have 

Linda. Lin . . . Blue eyed blonde . . . 
"Really?!". "No more". "Peachy!" 
. . . Likes: TBD. Manny, beach 
days, the section, l-mcn. & sincerity 
. . . Pet peeves: FA.. Wisdom 
Teeth. "S". Slewdom. & Shleps . . . 
Favorite People: KB. LT. NH. 
H&P. KA. JC. etc. . . . Where 
found: BP. the Caddy. Cocoa 
Beach. Hcrma's. over bridge, the 

AFS 2. 3. 4; Field Hockey 2. 3, 4; 
Green Years 4; Key Club 4; Musi- 
cal 1,3,4; National Honor Societ> 
4: Winter Track 3, 4. Thanks Mom. 
Dad, Mike & Chris. 

I-Mei Lin 

40 Lyons Drive 

What you seek is within yourself. 
Mci, Meilin . . . Likes: summer 84 
in the Yard, writing letters, run- 
ning, concertos, the great outdoors, 
class WS 6 Co. smiles, the Kid. 
Dad's threads . . . Miffs: essays. 
"How's life'.'" stuck pkeys. num- 
mics, A's remarks, notimc . . . 
Friends: MSD. SK. JW. LAF. SC 7 
Bow. summer crew, special friends. 
A + J -I- M -(- D . . . Found: busy, at 
key board. NFC. somewhere in 

No() 2. 3.ed m chief 4; NHS 3. VP 
4; SNAS 3, 4; tennis 2; AFS 2. 3: 
math team 2, 3, 4; science project 3: 
musical ace. 3; Dance band 3. 4; SF 
Dis. 4; GBYSO 4. 

Christina Marie Lawless 

190 Downey Street 

The memories that arc left behind 
never fade in one's own mind. 
Christina . . . blond hair, blue eyes . 
. . "Hi, Guys" . . . Likes: Janet's all 
nighters. Boston. Pi/za talks, 
V.F.W. chases. Highway P.R.'s, 
cruising in "Bessy", late night 
swims, small parties . . . Pet Peeves: 
security guards, red lights . . . 
Where found: Ginny's, Janet's. The 
stationwagon's. Dec. -Apr. Cannon 
Mtn. . . . Favorite people: Mai. Su- 
san, Laura, Heather. Janet Kalhy. 
family, and others . . . 
Swim team 1 , 2. 3. 4: Co-Captain 4; 
A.F.S. 2, 3. 4: Powder Puff 4, 

David W. LeBlanc 

10 Poplar Street 

Things can only get better from 

Dave. Heman . . . Blonde Hair. 
Blue eyes . . . "Don't worry about 
it", "See you later" . . . Likes: Mat- 
adors. Hardcore, reclining seals, 
loud amps, mice action, deserted 
beaches . . . Pet Peeves: Providence, 
Rl.. Lechmeres, The Change. Top 
40 B.S. . . . Favorite People: Sue. 
Mark. Ken. Mike. Shaggy Booger. 
Mark Staples. Chuck. Jeff. Mance . 
. Where Found: Jamming with the 
Peasants. Buckmaster. Elsie's, Go- 
ing sideways, Slappys, Ken's base- 
ment, Mobil, the Regal, the 
Danccband 3, 4. 

Eleanor Rose Levine 

59 Spruce Drive 

If you will it. it is no dream. 
Ellie, "L", Elwie, VV . . . "I'm seri- 
ous!", "Like", "No problem", "I 
can deal with it", "Definitely" . . . 
Likes: Chuckles, sleeping. Journey, 
Cerveza. GHLcx . . . Pet Peeves: 
filas. parked cars. Marine Fungus, 
H,0 imagerv. speling . . . Favorite 
People: KC, KKK\ JC. CD. A 
Block, rest of 85 . . . Where found: 
B's. locker room. Crow's. Jerusa- 
lem. Dr. P's, on the phone. 
V-Ball 1,2, 3, 4: Spring Track 1, 2, 
3. 4; Winter 3: Powder Puff 4; 
Green Years 4; No Parenthesis 2. 3. 
4; AFS 1.2, 3. 4; NHS 3.4; SHH 3. 
4; AGYG 3; Girls' Slate 3. 

Robert A. Locke Jr. 

396 Dover Road 

Mr. Shark you live in the ocean. 
Porky . . . Brown hair, hazel eyes . . . 
"Don't be so stupid". "Smelly, dirty 
dog" . . . Pet peeves: quarter kegs. 
Monday morning in court and 
WPD . . . Where found: some place 
with someone . . . Favorite people: 
anyone whose not stupid. 

Michael E. Lookner 

62 Smith Drive 

One docs not have lo be successful 
to be a success in life. 
Mike, Loobaje, . . . Brown hair, 
grey eyes . . . "How are ya", "Listen 
to this" . . . Likes: Baseball, MX 
Racing, going sideways on the 
KXT, Beating Nccdham ... Pel 
Peeves: Pigs YZ, Tunncy Days, 
anything to do with Morlan, No 
green . . . Favorite People: M.O., 
J.G., G.M., Class of '85 . . . Where 
found: Driving around New En- 
gland and are a, in ihc "A" van, 
R.L Dc7, on the field, at the track: 
Joes Getty 
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 4. 

Michael A. Luke 

122 Edge wood Rond 
Let the music do the talking. 
Shaggy, Lukie . . . Blue eyes, quiet . 
. . "Cash or charge'", "Hey!" . . . 
Likes: Chcvellc SS, JPP, Aeros- 
mith, Ibanc7 Strats, Technics . . . 
Pet Peeves: Eschew obsfuscation, 
Mobil, Wham, WHS Cheerleaders, 
Jocks, Volvos, Saabs . . . Favorite 
people: Janinc (3/14/84), Ycntl, 
Popsicle man, Heman, Billy Idol, 
Sue, Phil, Jan, & Soot . . . Where 
found: In the SS Blowfish, Buggin", 
Mobil, Janine"s, Tardy, DTE's 
Salbsw Course, Jammin" with the 
,^ Peasants. 

John J. MacDonald 

176 Conant Road 

Only a fool eats crackers in bed. 
Mac, Puddle, Jack , . . "YEAH 
MY GOD" . . . Likes: 9/4/84, U2, 
bottle cap pu/zles, being chased at 
DCPC, #10, #3, parties, road trips 
. . . Pet Peeves: Boston Common, 
Gold Medals, BEING ZOOED 
ON BY SKELL, Headaches, 
MONTREALS, Fakers . . . Favor- 
ite People: SKELL, GUMBY, the 
Jaks, Pistol Pete, BOB & DOUG, 
DOT . . . Where found: rink Pro 
Shop the tree, DCPC, gym, bank 
Hockey I, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 
4; Key Club 4; Green Year's Staff 

Johanna Madge 

122 Country Lane 

The worst from of failure is the fail- 
ure to try. 

Johanna, Yo-Yo . . . Dirty Blond 
hair. Blue eyes . . . "Oh Right!", 
"You Tcrd" . . . Likes: playing soft- 
ball and hockey, going to concerts. 
Bruins, being with friends, Trans- 
Ams . . . Pet Peeves: working on 
weekends, sprints, homework, 
KISS 108, liars . . . Favorite People: 
KC, CD, JC, ND team "84-85". . . 
Where Found: Hockey rink, Soft- 
ball field, CH's, beach. Shopping. 
Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff 4; 
Glee Club 1, 2; Chorus 1. 

Laurie Ann Losardo 

10 Nancy Drive 

Laurie, Lau, Sard, Lay-Lo . . . ugly 
. . . "7:54 we gotta go," "really", 
"dw/mb", "Know what I mean?", 
"You have a -7", "Thanx Bill PC." . 
. . Likes: PARTIES, GW, Hitting 
houses. Driving st., something go- 
ing on, TPing, F-ball & hockey 
games. Squeeze, balloons & flowers 
. . . Pet Peeves: hassles, get beat on, 
birds, no keys . . . Favorite people: 
Nasty Girls, class of "85, others, . . . 
Where found: Saniewave length, on 
the road, CL's. 

Soccer I, 2, 3, 4; Captain 2, 3; Ski 
Team 2, 3, 4; Vice Pres. I, 2; PP 4: 
Student Council I, 3; Yearbook; 
Key Club; Checrlcading 4; Love ya 
Ma/ Thanks M-J-D-T. 

Katherine Rose Lynch 

38 Pine Lane 

Friendships multiply joy & divide 

Katie, Kate, Cleaning Lady, 
KKKKatic . . . dark eyes, plenty of 
hair . . . "Oh Geez", "7:54 we gotta 
go . . ", "Are you serious?", "A 
What'", "You're a LOSER'', 
"DANDY" . . . Likes: tans. Funk, 
TPing, parties, DCokc. serious 
talks, green apples. Fun . . . Pet 
Peeves: moods, haircuts, onions, 
hangnails, worrying, mumbling & 
screeching . . . Favorite People: 
MNBL, Nasty Girls, Dave, Col- 
leen, Suds, Dewby, Sue, Bern, The 
Guindons, P, Many others . . . 
Found: the roof, w/CJ & 
JSCJLPMEC, being silly, 
Softball 2, 3, 4; SNHS 3, 4; trcs; 
NHS 4; Student Council Tres. 4; 
Field Hockey 2, 3; ETC. 

Donna MacWhinnie 

1510 High Street 

What lies behind us and what lies 
before us is nothing compared to 
what lies within us. 
Brown hair, Ha/cl eyes, short . , . 
It's cool. Don't worry about it. 
Awesome . . . Likes: Parties, acci- 
dents, Mike's automotive, towing . . 
. Pet Peeves: The Beeper, Kieran, 
CWF, Snobs, mornings . . . Favorite 
People: Billy, Cindy. R.K., D.D., 
NT., M.T., J.M, Anne, Mrs. Born- 
stein, Tuxedo, T.J., MM. . . . 
Where Found: Mike's Automotive, 
Michael and Maria's, Courtyard, 
tow truck . . . Thanks Mom and 

Hisako Maki 

1 7 Redwood Road 

Keep your face always towards the 
sunshine, and the shadows will fall 
behind you. 

SAK . . . dark hair, dark eyes . . . 
"Really?", "No way!" . . . Likes: 
N.Y.C., beaches, long weekends . . 
Pet Peeves: pressure, slow drivers, 
cold weather, mornings . . . Favorite 
People: P. J., D.T., the summer 
gang, A-Block. family . . . Where 
Found: at the beach, with friends, 

Soccer 1: winter track I, 2; spring 
track 1,2; AFS Club 3, 4; Key Club 
4; National Honor Society 3, 4; 
Yearbook Staff 4; Powder Puff 4. 

'tBP^ " 

Kevin Malloy 

59 Magnolia Drive 

Everyone wants to go to heaven but 
no one wants to die. 
Kevin . . . Big, Tall, Dark Hair . . . 
"There's nothing going on and l"m 
not going in the woods" . . . Likes: 
weekends, Falmouth-hovering 
shoe. Buds, heavy Metal Barrels, 
Mortans Taxi, Sleeping, Money . . . 
Pet Peeves: School, boring week- 
ends, waking up, empties . . . Favor- 
ite People: David, Hag, Mule, B.C., 
T.S., Fordy, J.C, S.M.. Weekend- 
ers .. . Where Found: David's, in 
bed, Mortan's car, at the party. 

Gina Marie Nicole 

5 Brook Street 

The moment maybe temporary but 
the memory lasts forever. 
Gina, TEed, Re-re, Couche' . . . 
very tall, big brown eyes, blonde 
hair?, airhcaded . . . "Do you know 
what I mean", "I'm out of here", 
"Get out of town" . . . Likes: I4K, 
Rick James nice buns, CP and an- 
over DT w/ JD, SS, JB, CCC w/ 
KM, SS ... Pet Peeves: Blue eye 
shadow, breakers, DRB, busy 
phones, Westwood gossip, car acci- 
dents, CWF . . . Favorite People: 
Susan, Jackie, DY, Janet, Pam, 
Bubba, Mazzy . . . Where Found: 
not in Westwood, Stapes, w/ my 
best friend Susan, GR, GNWJ, 
Thanks M&D&A . . . 
Powder Puff 4. 

Jay G. Maranjian 

6 Birch Tree Drive 

. . . when your own initials are 

Jay, Marjarian . . . tall, dark hair, 
handsome, hard-working . . . "e", 
"lets play some hoop" . . . Likes: 
skiing, boating, warm weather, bas- 
ketball, football, "Bonzai" ... Pet 
Peeves: working nights, street- 
merges, the registry . . . Favorite 
People: G.F., P.B., R.T., D.S., S.C, 
J.T., others . . . Where Found: 
Roche Brothers, "TOPS", Cape, 
driving around, someone's house 
Spring track 2; Ski Team 3. 

Michael J. Mason 

J I Winslow Roiid 
"They say castles made of sand slip 
into the sea eventually" J.H. 
Mase, Michaell . . . musically in- 
clined . . . "You scruffy!", "It's 
Dirty!" . . . Likes: music, skiing, 
Fests, NCS, road trips . . . Pet 
Peeves: mush, bagger, 6:30 AM 
L.G., "the Blockheads" . . . Favor 
ite People: S.F., Phillip, Lane gang 
Skirby, D.E., Hunkewitz, G.F. 
G.M., Felder, Gus, L.S„ Skell . . 
Where Found: C.L., the Brook 
Dummy's porch, Hunkewitz's 
Waldo Way. 

Swim Team 2, 3: Ski Team 4. 
Onward through the fog until the 

Christopher D. Malouf 

50 Booth Drive 

Question arc a burden and answers 
are a prison for oneself. 
Chris, Loofie, Christo . . . "JOKE", 
"The Best", "Mobile", "Let's 
JAM", "mesmerizing" . . . Likes; 
Maiden, guitar, track, lifting . . . 
Pet Peeves: Westwood roads. Libe- 
ra; s. Jay's laugh, breakers, paint by 
number faces . . . Favorite People: 
D.B., The Seven, Tracksters, D.G., 
M.F., T.H., Derv'n squid, M.K., . . 
Where Found: Tops, beach An- 
echoic weightroom, N.C. Music 
Track: fall 2, 3; winter I, 3, 4; 
spring I, 2, 3, 4. 

Maria Mancinelli 

56 Martha Jones Road 

Time endears but cannot fade the 
memories that friends have made. 
Maria . . . brown hair, green eyes . . . 
"I don't know", "I'm so psyched!" . 
. . Likes: KISS 108, "Holiday", 
#18, "The Scavenger hunt", being 
with friends, JC's party, weekends, 
summer of 84 . . . Pet Peeves: being 
broke, accidents, red lights, back- 
stabbers, getting bagged, losing . . . 
Favorite People: Joelle. Cindy. 
Cathy, Deirdre, Babs . . . Where 
Found: with friends, cruising, in 
Joelles Nova 

Field hockey 2. 3, 4; W track 2; S 
track 2, Key Club 4; Powder Puff 4. 

Paul Martin 

56 Gay Street 

I f you like something set it free, if it 
comes back it is yours; if it doesn't 
hunt it down and KILL it!! 
Mortan . . . "I'm not getting the 
ICE", "who's driving tonight" . . . 
Likes: Bud suitcases. Cape trips, 
the Delta 88, togas, Slaba's, large 
metal barrels . . . Pet Peeves: driv- 
ing, breakers, Westwood P.D., los- 
ing sodas . . . Favorite People: 
Beanso, David, Mule, Heg, Ted, 
Kevin, 40, Coak. Odie, Stevo, 
Sprin, Tom, the rest of 85 . . . 
Where Found: David's house. Driv- 
ing .. . 
Soccer 2, 3. 

Daniel J. Maus 

31 Parker Street 

Give the best you have and the best 
will come back to you. 
Mouse, Dan ... 5' 1 1", brown hair, 
hazel eyes . . . "What", "It doesn't 
matter", "can't change it now" . . . 
Likes: Fast cars, customized trucks, 
waterskiing. Rock, roadwork, snow 
. . . Pet Peeves: Holliston, Bad 
Knee, Hard Core . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: Track Crew, The Seven . . . 
Where Found: Teledyne Philbrick, 
on the track, on the roads 
Cross Country 2, 4; Winter Track 
I. 2, 3. 4; Spring Track I. 2. 3. 4. 

Eric Boyce Maxwell 

66 Hemlock Drive 

If it's worth doing at all, it's worth 
doing well. 

Max. Minbad . . . blue eyes, athletic 
. . . Likes: running, beaches. Green 
Death. Python . . . Pet Peeves: para- 
sites. Franklin Dark, egotists, them, 
whincrs. X-mcn. applications . . . 
Favorite People: Elisc. Skcll. Track 
Crew, R.M. & S.P., CD. & K.S.. 
other Haitian refugees . , . Where 
Found: with E.P.. out. on track, 
with Crew plus a few 
Cross-Country 2. 3. 4; Winter 
Track I. 3. 4; Spring Track 2. 3. 4; 
Basketball 2; Tennis 1; NHS 3. 4; 
Green Years 4. 

Barbara McCarthy 

78 Oriole Road 

Let love shine and we will find a 
way to come together to make 
things better. 

Barbara, Barb. Babs. . . . Blue eyes, 
brown hair . . . Likes: summer of 84, 
8-10-84. Fighting w/ Maria. Rose. 
JF"s house, night over J.C.'s. holi- 
day ... Pet Peeves: pink paint, 
cliques. 1 0- 1 3-84. people sick in my 
car. looking for seashell in M.V.. 
bad moods. Carol's big mouth . . . 
Favorite People: D.C.. Twins. S.C. 
M.M.. J.C., Girls in the booth. 
Class of 85. Mom -t- Dad . . , 
Found: Around Westwood, Clover- 
land, Roches, in the Grand Prix, 
with my friends 
Field Hockey 2: Roche Bros. 2. 3. 4. 

Stephen McCoy 

100 Locust Drive 

Enjov the day for it may be your 

Stevo. Stephen . . . Tall. Lazy. . . . 
"How's it going". "You idiot!" . . . 
Likes: sleeping, big parties, short 
Weds, sodas. Humpto weekends, 
Vinyard, Hoops . . . Pet Peeves: 
"Fuun". waking up in the A.M.. 
Morlan, Medfield, Flash Light 
Men, attempted hard guys . . . Fa- 
vorite People: O.S.B., Humptos. 
Tav. Rat. Fordie. Dcac's . . . Where 
Found: Sleeping, gym . . . College. 
Basketball I. 2, 3. 4; Baseball 1. 2. 
3. 4 

Margaret McDermott 

81 Alder Road 

Ain't nobody really sure just who 
they wanna be . . . 
Margaret. M -(- M . . . dark hair. 
dark eyes . . . "Oh my God-lhere's 
the charger!". "Get outta here". 
"Stop it!". "Nice Car" . . . Likes: 
Xaverian soccer games, beaches, 
concerts, last summer . . . Pet 
Peeves: crutches, casts, hospitals, 
M.J.I.F.S. M.J.S.T.R., questions 
about knees, snobby people, sold- 
out concerts . . . Favorite People: 
MJ. M'Dav. Retch. Yo-Yo. Taz. 
Shasta. Anthony, B.M. . . . Where 
Found: With Anthony, with 
friends, on beach, chasing after 

Heather Jo Maynard 

90 Wildwood Dr. 

The finest kind of friendship is be- 
tween people who expect a great 
deal of each other but never ask it. 
Heath. Li'l Nerd . . . short, hazel 
eyes . . . "Hey ya big baby", "You 
guys!" . . . Likes: Teddy Bears, 
Frosting, TF&B, dancing on the 
roof. Tango . . . Pet Peeves: waiting, 
RATS, getting lost, drive thru's. 
VFW & no gas. cockroaches. 
TANK . . . Favorite People: Lau. 
Sue. Hal. Wecna. Spud, "my bud- 
dy" . . . Where Found: Gin's apt. 
dancin' harassing. 40 Kids 
Swim Team I. 2. 3, 4; Powder Puff 
4; Spring Track 1. 2; AFS 4 

Edward McCarthy 

58 Cherry St. 

Never waste a day. if you can't 
make a friend, make an enemy . . . 
Ed. Big Mac . . . brown hair, blue 
eyes, and very big . . . "Break 22" 
"What's up?" . . . Likes: Sci-Fi. 
Cartel, the boat, pool, and C.B. ra- 
dios . . . Pet Peeves: Freshmen, Blue 
lights, break dancing, radar, no 
studies . . . Favorite People: The 
Monos, M.G., S.G., C.E.S., M, 
T.K.. and R.M. . . Where Found: 
The A.V, Room, the arcology, 
home, mono's. in the boat . . . 
Audio-Visual Team 1. 2, 3, 4 A-V 

Andrea Noreen McCusker 

50 Windsor Road 

This Too Shall Pass 
Andrea, ann . . . Blonde hair, blue 
eyes, fair skin. . . Likes: FB games, 
cheering, PM gang. T.N. w/ the 
G.G.'s. nice clothes, KISS 108. 
SSAJ. Fla. 8.S, the beach. 14K, par- 
ties, sleeping . , . Pet Peeves: wait- 
ing, being rushed. BS. boring nites . 
. Favorite People: Lisa. Laura. 
Lynnie. Rina. AM. Gina. Steph. 
Lori. JG. Class of '85 . . . Where 
Found: w/ Lisa, working, out w/the 

Varsity f ootball Cheerleader 3. 4; 
Basketball Cheerleading 3; Powder 
Puff 4; Hockey Cheerleading 4. 

Michael McDonald 

166 Forbes Road 

When the world is running down, 
let's make the best of what's still 

Mike, Mac . . . Brown hair, blue 
eyes . . . Likes: parties, football, 
hockey. The Clash ... Pet Peeves: 
losng to Hopkington, broken-up 
parties, . . . Where Found: Sling- 
town, Cape . . . Favorite People: 
Fuzz. Beeb. Spin. Tim. Kav. Pec, 
Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Hockey 2. 3. 4 

Mark McGowan 

25 Clearwater Drive 

It doesn't mutter how you play the 
game as long as you win! 
Mark, Cord . . . blue eyes, brown 
hair . . . "BMH". "Go for it", 
"Bring out your best" . . . Likes: 
hockey, gumby swims, puzzling 
bottle caps. Green Death ... Pet 
Peeves: 1984 Prom, The Twins, 
Monireals, 5 a.m. practices, speed- 
traps, vegetables, ejection from Li- 
brary . . . Favorite People: Skcll, 
Puddle, Gumby, hockey team. Sue 
C, Sol Babe, Family . . . Where 
Found: DCPC, The Tree, Hockey 
Rinks, etc. 

Hockey 3, Capi. 4; Green Years 
Staff 4; Key Club 3, 4 

Cynthia C. McGrath 

1519 High Street 

We can turn this world around and 
bring back all of those happy days 
Cindy . . . Brown hair, blue eyes . . . 
Likes: vacations, 4ih of July, sleep- 
ing late, Nausctt beach 84, KISS 
108, holiday, the Redwing, eye spy 
w/Joelle, late night brk/ots . . . Pel 
Peeves: no money, wakin' up early, 
workin", broken cars, Dina . . . Fa- 
vorite People: Joelle, Wonk'd, 
Babs, MM. MB. JF . . . Where 
Found: cru/in in Nova, around 
WW, BLARINGw/friends, over 
JCs, Boston 

Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2: 
Track I, 2; Powder Puff 4. 

Kristen Elizabeth 

94 Lakeshore Drive 

I'd rather laugh with the sinners 
than cry with the saints 
Kris . . . blue eyes, laughing . . . 
"NO WAY!" . . . "What A CLT- 
lE!" . . . yak, yak, yak . . . Likes: 
XKS, Boston, real city boys, pink, 
sloman, TDH, summer 84, Gucci's 
rhinestones, clothes, clothes and 
more clothes, horns, Bloomies Pet 
Peeves: JR, Hoodsies, curfews, 
hicks, Newton, Ardvarks . . . Favor- 
ites: Sue (PIC), J. O'C, JA, JD, 
Mike, Tom, Bridge & BC Boys, the 
rest know who they R Found: vaca- 
tion wagon, BIkmafia car, cruising 
ctr, BC, Canon, Bridge 
Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; AFSI, 2. 3; 
Class Play I, 2 

Sharon Louise Morrison 

163 Briar Lane 

Our memories of yesterday will last 
a lifetime; we'll lake the best, forget 
the rest, and someday we'll find 
these are the best of limes. 
Sha, Shaz, Shasta . . . brown hair, 
brown eyes . . . "ya know?", "Real- 
ly?", "No way!" . . . Likes: week- 
ends, summer '83, P.A.V.S., 
sleeping, W.A.N.U., 12/1/84 . . . 
Pel Peeves: filas, Sunday's, 
L.T.A.T.S., busy signals, M.T. . . 
Favorite People: N.S., J.M., M.C., 
M.M, J&A, M&D, P.I. friends . . . 
Where Found: P. I., on the beach, 
the Cape. 
Girl's basketball manager 2, 3, 4 

Cathy McGrath 

1519 High St. 

Put your troubles down, it's time to 

Cathy, Calh . . . brown hair, blue 
eyes . . . "No Way!", "Psyched!", 
"Bagged!" Likes: JCs parly, 
KISS 108, anonymous flowers, late 
nite convo's, Monte, 7/4/84, 
HOLIDAY! eye spy w/Joelle and 
Cindy!, #5. Pet Peeves: pink spray 
paint, AM, snobs, Jocllc's big feet!, 
being called Cindy! Favorite Peo- 
ple: Dee(bud), Babs, Joelle, Maria, 
Cindy, Goober mush! Where 
Found: w/friends in Nova, Dee's 
house, laughing w/friends, phone, 
cruisin' the route!, where everybody 
else is! 
Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 

Russell Mclnnis 

75 Stanford Drive 

You can be true, you can be false, 
you'll be given the same rewards. 
Russ, Guss, Idiot2 . . . obnoxious, 
loud . . . "But Seriously", "Dofe" . . 
. Likes: Adventures, Tours with the 
Idiot Pel Peeves: broken down L.S. 
adventures, no place to hang out, 
LM . . . Favorite People: Sue, Lee, 
McD, EM.. E.P., D&K . . . Where 
Found: lost in Franklin, in the wag- 
on. Flipper's room 
Football 2; Cross Country 3, Capi. 
4: Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice Presi- 
dent 3; Student Council 4 

Mike Montella 

41 Pond Plain Rd. 

The only way out is from the inside. 
Mike, Monty yent . . . Likes: The 
Loyal Peasants, Elsie's basement, 
the dent mobile, signpost, jamming 
... Pet Peeves: yent DTE. SAT. 
class . . . Favorite People: Elsie, 
Mark. Shag, Dave, Ken, . . . Where 
Found: Jamming, work. The Rcagal 
Ski Team 1, 2 

Manderlee Elizabeth 

315 Oak Street 

Asmilc is worth nothing until it is 
shared with others. 
Mandi, MAAHNdalee, butterfly, 
ma'am, famala . . . big browns, al- 
ways laughing . . . "Oh my good- 
ness!", "Really gcorgeous", 
"expectant blueberry" . . . Likes: 
beaches, dancing, parties, art, ski- 
ing, champagne . . . Pet Peeves: 
BBsoxw/pumps, KL . . . Favorite 
People: Anto, bunny, SU, KO, Jul, 
Hend, Elaine-, Ivan, Del, MrC, 
ALVPKM', etc . . . Where Found: 
Everywhere but Westwood, out to 

Varsity Ski Team 2; Spring Musi- 
cal 3, 4; Senior Class Play; Green 
Years; No () 4; Powder Puff 

Michele Renee Mosca 

203 Highrock Street 

Only time will heal the pain, but the 
memories will last forever 
Michele, M^-Dav . . . Italian, Dim- 
ples, Jealous! . . . "You clown", 
"Shake a leg", "Don't worry", "It 
takes two" . . . Likes: spying, D- 
nights, beach, 4-boy weekends . . . 
Pet Peeves: Mike, 131-DFI, grow- 
ing up, being aggravated . . . Favor- 
ite People: Family, Hoobarbs, Sue, 
MW, Tommy . . . Where Found: 
w/friends, beach, w/guys. Cape, 
anywhere, NY ... I love you Mom 
& Dad 

Softball 2, 3, 4; Ski Team 3, 4; Win- 
ter Track 2; Powder Puff 4; A FS I, 
2,3; Key Club 3, 4; Glee Club 1,2; 
work 2, 3, 4; OUI 

Stephen W. Mullen 

60 Walker Rd. 

Take it easy, moving too fast will 
get you nowhere. 

Steve, Mull, MoonDog, . . . Nice, 
dark, helpful . . . "Dcr yup, my 
name is Bucky Orca Drano." "Get 
outta here" . . . Likes: scuba, foot- 
ball, GA, TAP, F250 ... Pet 
Peeves: Drano, Sugar, keags, NO, 
FAH, Brendon . . . Favorite People: 
Kath, Ricky, Stevey, Val, A.T. 
Where Found: Kathy's house, on 
the rock field. Blue Hill Ave., sand 
pits, workin 
Football 2, 3, 4; Hockey 2, 3 

Jennifer Anne Murphy 

188 May fair Drive 

If you're living up to your ideals 
then they're not high enough. 
Jen, Jcnna . . . blonde hair, green 
eyes, dependable . . . "You're sooo 
sweet!" "That's disgusting!" "Is it 
lunch block?" . . . Likes: John, 
blondes, spaghetti, hard work, 
spring days, Boston. Smed, Eng. w/ 
Mr. H, F-block, J.W., ML., KB., 
H.N., J.C., and the rest of the gang 

Pet Peeves: Sheep, cold hands, 
physics exams, YB, playing flat . . . 
Where found: Green Years office. 
Harvard Yard . . . Thanks WHS, 
Mom and Dad! 

Track I, 2, 3; NHS 3, 4; Stage 
Door; No Parentheses 2, 3; Green 
Years Co- Editor 

Lori Lynn Nader 

92 Magnolia Drive 

If you can imagine it, you can 
achieve it. If you can dream it, you 
can become it. 

Lori ... big green eyes, petite, hair 
spray head . . . Likes: Corvettes, 
Michelob, LJ2, all-nighters. Pet 
Peeves: working on weekend nights, 
fights with Jim, leavin my car run- 
nin all night, falling down, getting 
lost. "Spark it!" Favorite People: 
Jimbo, Bobbi, Lynn, Mary, Gi, Ri, 
Steph, Andrea, Toni, Laura, Lisa, 
Carter. Found: Ground Round, 
with Jim, with Bobbi and Mary, 
LOST! . . . college, wealth, fame, 
and happiness. 

Basketball cheerleading 1, 2, 3; 
Football cheerleading 1, 2; Class 
treasurer 2; Powder puff 4. 

Peter J. Mullen 

16 Lynn Terr. 

This world is a comedy to those that 
think, a tragedy to those that feel. 
Pete, P. J., Peley . . . blonde, always 
smiling . . . "What's up?", "Don't 
worry", "Some limes ya just gotta 
say what the hey." . . . Likes: 
Heather, weekends, cars . . . Pet 
Peeves: lough guys & girls, Mon- 
days, essays . . . Favorite People: 
Heath, J, D, S, C, V, HF, A, E, S, 
P, L, W, A . . . Where Found: H's 
house, Texaco, under the hood 
NHS3,4;SNHS3,4; AFS2, 3,4; 
Key Club 4; Football 1, 2; Winter 
Track 1; Spring Track 1, 2; Green 
Years; Stage Door 

Elizabeth Murphy 

147 Lake Shore Drive 

A faithful friend is a strong de- 
fence; and he that has found one 
has found a treasure. 
Beth, Murph, Smurf . . . light 
brown hair, blue eyes . . . "Coffee", 
"Hanks", "Whah", "See Ya", 
"I +5-(-Go" . . . Likes: RTH, Vic- 
tory diners, ice cream with the guys, 
DBF . . . Pet Peeves: being called 
Liz, FF's, Dan and JG . . . Favorite 
People: Shrub, Mouse, JB, JP, DP, 
Chella, JH, Gwasses. MG, SKAH, 
O, JON, Chuck, RR, S, CP, KP, 
DD, LC . . . Where found: SSI, 
Club 101, OTP, ITH . . . 
Marching Band 1,2,3, 4; Pep Band 
3; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 
Librian 3; Band Secretary 4 

Antoniette Musto 

28 Crouse Avenue 

Things are always at their best in 
their beginning. 

Tinctte, Toni, Musky . . . Ital. 
brown hair & eyes . . . "Get me outa 
here!", "I'm so psyched!", "How y 
ya?" . . . Likes: meeting people, 
parting, 7/4/84, Fla. '84/85, NA 
w/LL, 1 1 /17/84MFE, 32, 
tnw/GG woodas, intense PC w/LS, 
Nub Squad-you to Rcnec, FB 
games . . . Pet Peeves; early morn- 
ings, too many quest. BS\ fakes, 
slurping . . . Fav People: LS , LA, 
AM. LL\ LN, G, SG, BF, DPM, 
CB, TB, All others know . . . Found: 
Convenient, w/G-Gals 
Soccer 1, 2. 3, 4; Track 2; Student 
Council 3; Powder Puff 4 

Hema K. Narayanan 

10 Endicott Street 

Success is a ladder that can't be 
climbed with your hands in your 
pockets . . . 

Haim. Hemudu . . . big brown eyes, 
long black hair . . . "Oh my God!", 
"Well,", "OK" . . . Likes: class'l 
Indian dance, parties, funny people, 
tennis, clothes . . . Pet Peeves: 
homework, boring people, ciga- 
rettes, coffee . . . Favorite people: 
SN, AV, CD, CR, LF, SP, LT . . . 
Where Found: Cullinet, Child's 
Hospital, near food, with pals, . . . 
Track 1; Tennis 2; Green Years 
Publ. Staff 4; Senior class play 4; 
NHS 4 



Pamela Frances Nee 

91 Strasser Avenue 

Time heals all wounds. 
Pam, Pammy. Dal . . . "You Guys, 
who cares?, we're seniors!" "Like" 
"Thats soo good!" . . . Likes: laugh- 
ing, B.L., ice cream, B-ball, gum. 
D.C., summer, "7:54 We gotta 
go!", KISS 108 .. . Pet Peeves: di- 
ets, sprints, waiting, Stanley Ka- 
plan D.B. . . . Favorite People: 
"Nasty Girls" NB. JC, CG, SC, 
RS, B-ball Team, Family . . . Where 
Found: Laughing, w/griends, 

Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Swim Team 1 : 
Softball 1 , 2; AFS 4; Key Club 3, 4; 
Powder Puff 4; Senior Class Play, 

Kenneth Nolte 

16 Chamberlain Avenue 

Wake me up when its over. 
Nolt , . . tall, dark, lean . . . "Stop 
being stupid" "I never said that" . . 
. Likes: gambling, winning, parties 
down stairs, "Bowl Bond", Cape, 
on the Highway, Jack D. over 
Bents, dirty when he is clean, shiny 
red Ferraries, stupid people . . . Pet 
Peeves: Fat, smelly pigs, snobs. Of- 
ficer Murphy, sleeping on wet 
beaches, losing a bet, over melting . 
. . Favorite People: Jim, Lynn, 
BNT, T.K. Ball Club Cohn . . . 
Found: The brook, betting with Tav 
. . . college 
Football 2, 4; "SUPER BOWL" 

Janine E. O'Malley 

182 Birch tree Drive 

Pray for what you want, but work 
for the things you need. 
Janine, J-9, Nene . . . short, brown 
hair, brown eyes. Hi Hun", "Can I 
use your car", . . . Likes: Purple, 
merits, sleeping over Maryanne's, 
Chico, going out with Bob ... Pet 
Peeves: Dad's half sentences. Bob 
when he's tired, staying in . . . Fa- 
vorite People: Bob, Carol, Joanne, 
the fam., the ncfs., S.S., G.M., 
M.W.. J.K., J.Y., M-l-D NAWN, 
the kitchen girls . . . Where found: 
In the Buick, with Bob, the Lodge, 
at home 
Powder Puff 4 

John Joseph O'Toole III 

46 Briarwood Drive 

You cannot live on other people's 
promises, but if you promise others 
enough, you can live on your own. 
Jay, J. J., Jason . . . Thoughtful, shy, 
fun . . . "Don't worry about it", 
"Homo!". "What a winner!" . . . 
Likes: Led Zep, skiing, O.J. & the 
Cutlass . . . Pet Peeves: movie pa- 
trol, burger-runs . . , Favorite Peo- 
ple: Dianne, Mrs. Fitz, R.F., E.M., 
KM, CD., M.W.. T.L.. S.C, 
M.H., Toad . . . Where found: Dcd. 
Showcase, Filz's. w/D.C, on the 
Marquee, where I don't belong. 
Skiing 3, 4; Soccer 2; Track 1, 3: 
N.H.S. 4 

Kristian Page 

556 Everett Street 

No one is blinder than he who will 
not see. No one is blinder than me. 
Kristian, Green, . . . tail, blonde, 
blue eyes . . . "Fred!" "Like you 
read about", "MAD" . . . Likes: 
LI2, makeup on guys. Vintage, 
Rhinestones, Boston, The Beat, 
Drug QUEEN2, (both kinds) . . . 
Pet Peeves: Straight people. Nar- 
row minds. Madonna, Pre-fabricat- 
ed middle-class values . . . Favorite 
People: Michcle, Vic, PH, Cindy, 
Reagan, Sue, PP, GM, Papa, 
Mum. Ma, Dad, Whip, Nan, JD, 
DT, Mike . . . Where found: New- 
bury, Back Bay 

Drama Club I; Glee Club 1, Music 
appreciation; Powder Puff 

Kristin Marie O'Rourke 

267 Fox Hill Street 

There arc only diamonds in the 
whole world, diamonds and perhaps 
the shabby gift of disillusion. 
Kris, Red . . . red hair, freckles . . . 
"This is just .so riDlculous!" . . . 
"Tha-roe up!" . . . Likes: art, cham- 
pagne, J.D., jewlcls, old movies, li- 
lacs, hats ... pet peeves: CCIW, 
JP84. tackles, TC, suburban men- 
tality, irrationality, being late, ego- 
tists . . . favorite people: JKAL.MH 
Del MM . . . where found: w/Jul, 
artroom, down the Cape 
Ski Team 1; Spring Track 1, 2; 
Winter Track 2, 3; CC 2; Musical 1 , 
2. 3. 4; No Parentheses I, 2, 3, 4; 
Green Years, Powder Puff, NHS 

Robert J. O'Toole 

405 Oak Street 

Will someone please tell me why 
I'm here? 

Otis, Odie . . . tall, brown hair and 
eyes . . . "Keep em low, very low" 
"Somebody's going to have to calm 
Jay down" . . . Likes: weekends, 
parties, Di's smile, roadtrips, drink- 
ing, not having to worry . . . Pet 
Peeves: Saturday morning hoop, 
fake people, getting axed, complete 
idiots, getting busted by Whitty 
Mortan . . . Favorite People: 
Dianne, Fordie, Guido, Coke, Rat, 
Stevo, Foxy, the rest know who they 
are . . . Where Found: In the Gre- 
nade with Dianne, playing Quar- 
ters, anywhere but home, working, 
hitting poles with Fordie 
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Capt 2 

Elise Marie Papetti 

104 Pine Lane 

Whenever I see your smiling face, I 
have to smile myself. 
Elise, Ellisy, EP . . . small, green 
eyes, blond hair . . . "But, why?". 
"Joke!". "Big Time" . . . Likes: 
smiles, weekends, parties, fun, A's, 
running . . . Pet Peeves: SAT's, 
pressure, injuries, ego's, snobs . . . 
Favorite People: Eric, Sue, K.S.-I- 
C.D., S.P. + R.M., K.D., Fish. 
Family . . . Where Found: track, 
with Eric, on the beach, with Track 
Crew, on phone 

Cross Country 1. 2. 3. 4; Indoor 
Track 1 . 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1 . 2. 
3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; 
AFS 4; Student Council 4; Green 
Years Staff 4 

Annmarie Peavey 

46 Arcadia Road 

All I need is just a little more lime 
to be sure what I feel isn't all in my 

Re . . . Tall, blond, blue eyes . . . 
"You're in trouble", "Oh, ICK" . . . 
Likes: April 6, Parties, friends, 
guys, weekends . . . Pet Peeves: 
working on weekends, rainy Mon- 
days, taking tests . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: Paul, April, S.W., S.C. L.C., 

M.K., M.S.S.L Where found: 

with Paul, on the phone, working at 
Shoes and Bags, with friends, 
watching G.H. 
Drama Club 1: Powder Puff 4 

Vida Petronis 

865 Gay Street 

Why should I be influenced by the 
times? Instead, let them be influ- 
enced by me. 

Vid, Vidut, Vida . . . Crying when 
laughing, joking w/A&T . . . Likes: 
BG days, lictuviai, naps, Kerouac, 
reality, WBCN, summer . . . Dis- 
likes: pantyhose, Nov. diseases, 
holding on, staying home . . . Pet 
Peeves: "I'm sorry, but I think . . . ", 
red lights, last words, bio's . . . 
Where found: Southie on Sats, any- 
where at 5:15 . . . Favorite People: 
they know who they are . . . Much 
love and thanks to the family, espe- 
cially A, T, Mom and Dad. 
AFS 1, 2, 3,4; NSHS 3, 4; Senior 
Class Play, Yearbook Bio's Editor 

Andrew Power 

30 Palomino Lane 

Laziness may appear attractive, but 
work gives satisfaction. 
Gumby, Horse . . . blue eyes . . . 
"Why?", "I don't believe it." . . . 
Likes; the Dead, windsurfing, sleep- 
ing, beach fires, F.H. . . . Pel 
Peeves: time limits, Montrcals, bro- 
ken hand, curfews. Oh Andy!, 
SAT's . . . Favorite People: Puddle, 
Skell. MB, DP. Goldy. Renz, BW, 
Lump, Dick, Gord, not Chris .Ann, 
B" . . . Where Found: rinks. Fal- 
mouth, beaches, sailing 
Hockey 1, 2, 3; Captain 4; Green 
Years Staff 4 

Brian Quigley 

Popularity'.' It is Glory's small 

Brian, Quigs, Quiga . . . Tall, blonde 
. . . Later, What's up Hooter? . . . 
likes: Saturdays, parties, Furys . . . 
pet peeves: NTCKNames, WHS li- 
brarians, my shoes, boring parties, 
hitting trees, .... favorite people: 
Derv, Hoots, Mhcir, G.F., CM., 
P.E. T.S. D.S, R.R, Dunham Crew, 
Forbes . . . where found: John's, 
Chris's, parties, in the Fury, Dun- 
ham footwear. 
Soccer 2, 3. 



H V '^ vCJ 





■HtK ' ^H 


David M. Pecararo 

37 Webster Street 

I'm the all night, drug-prowling 
wolf who looks so sick in the sun. 
I'm the white man in the palace just 
looking for fun. Only looking for 

Dave, Pec, Pcca . . . "Grrrcat" 
"Oy!Oy!" "That's awful" . . . Likes; 
Sam practice, mohawks, cold Buds, 
Falmouth, parties, Sandinista, Jam 
... Pet Peeves: "On the line!". 
Montrcals. Westwood's finest, 
waiting in lines, idiots . . , Favorite 
People: Marc, Lump, Humpdoes, 
hockey team, best of 85'/86". 
Where found: local hockey rink. 
Marc's, home. 
Hockey I. 2, 3, 4. 

Pamela M. Petrucci 

81 Cobkigh Street 
If the outlook is bad, LOOK UP! 
Pam, Pammy, Petruch, . . . Gimme 
a bile, I'll call ya. Don't forget . . . 
Likes: I4K, H.P., Bermuda "85", 
Cape "83", after hours parties, 
snow, pay day ... Pet Peeves: 
phones unplugged, G.G., fights 
with JR, busy signal, Dec. 24 . . . 
Favorite people: Kristen, Gina, 
Sue, Cris, Dyana, Linda, Kim, Mr. 
D, "Joel" . . . Where found: any- 
where besides Westwood!!! 
Powder Puff "84" 

Debra Marie Priore 

32 Tamarack Road 

I am not afraid to face tomorrow, 
for I have seen yesterday, and I love 

Debby, Deb . . . tall, blue eyes, quiet 
. . . "Yay", "Thanx" . . . Likes: Sun- 
days with the BAC's. Parties, Yor- 
kies, weekends . . . Favorite People: 
Shyron, M.J.K., C.R.. AG.. B.P.. 
J.T.. S.M., S.D., J.W., Kids in the 
Band . . . Where Found: with the 
BAC's, Band Parlies, mopcding 
with MaryJo 

Marching Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Band 2. 3. 4; Orchestra 3. President 
4; Glee Club 1; Show Choir 3; Mu- 
sical 3 

Peter C. Quinn 

362 Oak Street 

No one wants advice — only 

Peter. PQ . . . spastic, picky, neutral 
. . . "I'm babbling" "2, 3" "Stud has 
arrived" . . . Likes: 8/13/84- 
9/5/84, scents, Prince, donut.s 
w/AVCM, Kolsch, the whip, Rm. 
103, Bonn . . . Pet Peeves: obses- 
sion, BRD withdrawl, deep roots, 
being locked out, neck-curls-ditch, 
WAPping . . . Fav. People: AC MG 
Where found: taking a detour, pad- 
ded cell, performing in P. jacket, 

NHS3,4;AFS I, 2, 3, 4; SHH 3, 4; 
Drama Club 1 , 2; Senior Class Play 
4; Green Years 4 

Michele Ann Rago 

10 Olde Carriage Road 

A smile is the whisper of a laugh 
Michele, Zack . . . short, big brown 
eyes . . . "Pizza Man", "You'll nev- 
er guess ..."... Likes: swizzles, 
notes from Ford, oranges, Richie C. 
Bermuda '84, The Boss, self-serve. 
Levis, capsizing w/M.B. . . . Pet 
Peeves: WPF, D.C., waiting for 
L.H., being an S^ . . . Favorite peo- 
ple: Sue-Sue, Ford, Diz, Rock, J.C.. 
C.A., K.B.T.A, B.H.,D.H.,etc. . 
. Where found: Cape, On the 

Field Hockey I, 2, 4; Spring Track 
1.2: A.F.S, 3,4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; 
Musical 3; Powder Puff 4; Green 
Years Staff 4 

Paul Reissfelder 

151 Fieldstone Rd. 

If you think things are going well, 
you don't know what the hell is go- 
ing on. 

Ricey, Spike . . . 6'0", 155 lbs., 
black hair . . . "it's played", "Dirty" 
. . . Likes: Good Times, Sensie, mu- 
sic, JAM . . . Pet Peeves: Bugsy, 
FB, Authority, obnoxiousness . . . 
Favorite People: MACE, Dirty, 
Yent, KR, PF, etc . . . Where found: 
out, work, away 
Hockey 2, 3 

Helen Reynolds 

24 Eastman Avenue 

With every wish you are given the 
power to make it come true. 
Katie . . . tall, dark hair, blue eyes . . 
. "Definitely" . . . Likes: vacations, 
holidays, money, shopping . . . Pet 
Peeves: work, school, rain . . . Fa- 
vorite People: K.F., K.M., S.S., 
S.M., family . . . Where Found: 
home working 
Cross Country 2, 3; Powder Puff 4 

Richard Reardon 

426 East Street 

When you have nothing to say, say 

Rich, Rear, Dicky . . . Tall humor- 
ous . . . "Gumby" "Butweat" . . . 
Likes: sleep, concerts, skiing, Ver- 
mont . . . Pet Peeves: Prince, cops, 
long lift lines . . . Favorite People: 
Paul, Wayne, Fitz, Brian, Chris . . . 
Where found; Dunhams, skiing, 
Normandy, Sebago Lake, Vermont 

Stephen Renzi 

31 Sterling Rd. 

if you can't help yourself, take a 
look around you when others need 
your time. 

Renz, Rez, Ramrod . . . "Hi 
Andy!", "Get out!", "Hot!" . . . 
Likes: Mich, Boston Whalers, Flu- 
tie, L12 concerts. The Clash . . . Pet 
Peeves: Breakers, Laurie's horse 
stories. Boy George . . . Favorite 
People: Erik, Mac, Kev, Andy, 
Skell, Bri, and the rest . . . Where 
Found: the Cape, Monomoy, 
Weatherbee Dr. 

Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Senior class 
play; set construction 

Scott Rines 

84 Hillview Rd. 

Help me find the magic potion. 
Mr. Rhino . . . "go get stupid" . . . 
Likes: spending the night in jail 
with the boys . . . Pet Peeves: mon- 
day morning in court, 8lh game of 
the Celtics series with Philly in 84, 
double butch bus on the pool table 
at McElveys, blaring with Top, par- 
ty downstairs, seeing Top at Flana- 
gans in the afternoon, choosing 
between the Cutlas and football, 
it's mine, Budwciser at the dry 
dock, getting off in five min. on red 
mesc at Marthatones path, being 
called sophomores, people who 
puke in Dace's sneakers and on 
Sull's table. 

Kristine Marie Russell 

21 Ellis St. 

Liebe ist das grobte geschenk im 

Kris, Kerith . . . Happy, wild, smil- 
ing . . . "Are you serious?", "i swear 
to God.", "He's hoi!" . . . Likes: 
YEEE!, Bippin, Max Pru, LPWM, 
1/1/84, elephant pub, red . . . Pet 
Peeves: reality, rugs, WHS Barbie 
Dolls, work, my hair, persistant 
men with spray paint, getting out of 
Lisa's car . . . Favorite People: Lisa, 
Prune. CRD, Thu, Pancy. Ward. 
Whale. Tami, John. Tom. ViDA!. 
Germ Crew, Gcri. JO. and the rest . 
. . Where found: Drune's sink, 
where else-work!. Lisa's Bomber. 
Boston 86 Luv ya Lis and Lyn! I 
love you Mom! 

Douglas Sanford 

69 Churchill Road 

Conceit is God's gift to little men. 
Doug, Doogic . . . tall, shy . . . 
"What?" . . . Likes: cars, sports, 
sleep, weekends . . . Pet Peeves: 
mondays, fables . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: the Seven, Larry, CM., D.M., 

S.F., Squiddly, J.D., R.K 

Where Found: BK, Ertone's, The 
M.P., The Mall, on road trips 
Spring Track 2; Hockey 2, 3 

Laura Ann Savary 

50 Sexton A venue 

To overlook the little things in life is 
to miss the biggest part of life itself. 
Laura, Laurie, Slave . . . Brown 
hair, brown eyes . . . "You guys, this 
is it" "Y'know" . . . Likes: parties, 
intense convos, cheerin, TN 
w/girls, Florida 84, 85, the PM, 
6/24/83, summer . . . Pet Peeves: 
WW Gossip, BS\ boring weekends 
. . . Favorite People: AM', LL\ LA, 
RF, GC, SG, LN, JG, LS, MH, 
PE, CS, TP Crew, Class of 85 . . . 
Where Found: with the girls, in the 
PM, Convenient Football Cheer- 
leading 4; Hockey Cheerleading 4; 
Powder Puff 4 

Edward James Shea 

122 Smith Drive 

Reality is for people who lack 

Ted . . . tall, kinda skinny . . . "Gee, 
hey, I don't know", "Mardin's driv- 
ing" . . . Likes, trips, suitcases 
w/Heg, Falmouth, hovering athlet- 
ic shoe, bad weather, sled, the 
woods, C-Thru . . . Dislikes: Hopk 
ington. Fakes, arrogance, obnox 
iousness, losing Richards, no gas . . 
Favorite People: Heg, Paul, Dave 
Kevin, PSM, Joey, Clare, Bozo 
Cron, Elaine, Julie, i+S, Rose . . 
Where Found: Dave's, a field 
Heg's, sled 

Football 1, 2, 3,4; Baseball I, 2, 3 
4; Superbowl 3, 4; Powderpuff 
Cheerleading 4. 

Kevin Robert Sareault 

404 Oak Street 

I wish for you my friend this happi- 
ness I have found. 
Kev, Shaker, Sally . . . Tall, easygo- 
ing . . . "Hey Kid, how are ya?" . . . 
Likes: brown eyes, solo runs, YC, 
"Forever Now", 5/ /84, Spring- 
steen, 1/84 & the Good News . . . 
Pet Peeves: "maybe". Intellectuals, 
working Sundays, no funds, Hollis- 
ton . . . Friends: Lynn, Bri, Dano, 
B'-Lisa, JH, Jules, M&M, KD, 
Tony, SS, Jen R, other misfits, 
Tracksters, Clubbers far and wide, 
JC . . . Found: running, 494 H -I- Fd, 
w/B, YC, with friends 
Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Winter 
Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 4; 
NHS 3, 4; AFS 2, 3, 4; Stage Door 
84, Green Years Ass Bus Ed. 

Kathryn H. Seward 

20 Loring Street 

Don't judge people from the out- 
side, judge them from the inside. 
Kathy, Kat, Katta!, Kath, SPAZ!, 
Kath, Kid! . . . Later in life, look, 
bud. Gees! Oh, my gosh! . . . Likes: 
boys, parties, VH, U2, Police, 
BCN, vacations, "Fun" weekends, 
beaches, fun clothes and jewelry . . . 
Pet Peeves: night without plans, 
boring weekends, curfews, Blondie, 
4 to a table, and "The Breakers" . . . 
Favorite People: Sue, D.C., "Bob", 
Wendy, Linda, P.D., Clubers, and 
J.C.! . . . Where found: anywhere 
but home, Norwood, Dedham, and 
anywhere in between . . . 
Swim Team 1, 2, 3, cap't 4; W. 
Track 2; YL 2. 3, 4 

Julie Pierson Shepherd 

955 High Street 

If you cry when we leave Paris, I'll 
buy you a teddy bear all soft and 

Julie, Shep . . . petite, green eyes . . . 
"aMAYzing!", "Well, FINE!" . . . 
Likes: Mickey Mouse, long walks, 
#41, N.J., Greek Gods, "Breath- 
less", Owaissans . . . Pet Peeves: 
blushing, CT, dances, PTGMIT, 
wintertime, "OFJ" . . . Favorite 
People: Kristin, KL, LF, AC, 
MARUS, Frank, MMM, Lou . . . 
Where Found: Chez Kris, walking 
to school, doing "not much" 
Field Hockey 2, 3,4; No () 1,2, 3, 
4; Musical I, 3; Girls' State, Pow- 
der puff. Green Years 

Kenneth Eric Silva 

9 Birch Street 

I'm lost, so don't follow me. 
Ken . . . Brown hair . . . "Humpto",] 
"Super", "This is horrendous" . 
Likes: parties, weekends down the^ 
Cape, girls, all fests, Gook Food 
Pet Peeves: boring nights, blueness,' 
waking up, manual labor, most aca- 
demics . . . Favorite People: Heg, 
Jeff, J.H., E.A., G.B., D.M., Tav 
and Boy's, Dondi . . . Where Found: 
Lost Brook, the Cape 
Ski Team 1; Golf 4 

V>>: ,; i>^ 

Matthew Moore Skelly 

54 Magnolia Drive 

Tonight I'll be on that hill, cause I 
can't stop. 

Skell . . . quadrophenic, sensitive . . . 
"Halacious!", "Broooce!" . . . 
Likes: The Boss, bottlecap puzzles, 
Hucha . . . Pet Peeves: Who Break- 
ups, yearbook . . . Fav. People: The 
Kitchen crowd, Max, Laurie May, 
Cathy . . . Found: Pub, KHmobile, 
DCPC, Brecn's kitchen . . . Thanks 
family, friends, Laurie, and espe- 
cially C.B, 

Swimming 1 , 2, 3 Captain 4; Soccer 
2; Student Council 2; Boy's State 3; 
N HS 3, 4; Senior Class Play; Green 
Years Co-Editor 4 

David Matthew Spinale 

23 Lyons Drive 

The best way out is always through. 
Spin . . . "I'm fine", "Moment of 
insanity" . . . Likes: Humpdo week- 
end, Mag 7, tossing disk with Bozo, 
beating Foxboro, melting. Bowl . . . 
Pet Peeves: Pisscrs, Fox. St. Pol. 
barracks, Hopkinton, T's driving, 
the Westwood Express + 2.5, arg. 
with J.T., late people . . . Favorite 
People: Bozo, Bcanso, Cron, Stevo, 
Mule, Heg and the Clan, J.O, Yun, 
Leo, Late night crew, Julie, Chez . . 
. Where found: The Fab, Caddy on 
Sun., 128 Beach, The Cake. 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowl 3, 4 

Maxine J. Stone 

45 Stanford Drive 

Too much of a good thing is 

Max, Mad Max, Ixam Dap, Ma- 
chine . . . brown hair, blue eyes, no 
dimples . . . "No way!", "Really".'", 
"Sad", "Sugar", "Wikid" . . . Likes 
. . . Parties, weekends, PRINCE- 
DM&WB, "Halloween" ... Pet 
Peeves: waking up, apps . . . Favor- 
ite People: Andy, Sandy, Tom, 
Paul, Dan, Mitch, Liz, Kerith, Sue, 
Ward, Lisa, Maria, BB with An- 
drea, Val . . . Where Found: with A 
or S, Norwood, New Pond, Nan- 
tasket with STMLMGB, courtyard 
SNHS 3, 4; Key Club 4 
Luv Ya Family! Thanks Mom & 

Scott A. Sudduth 

38 Reservoir Road 

Work smarter, not harder. 
Scottie, Scoot . . . Blonde, blue eyes 
. . . "Hello Mate, How ya 
doin?", "Where's my shoe?" . . . 
Likes: U2, DCPC, 12, Dancing, 
parties . . . Pet Peeves: Six Section, 
"We're running late today, boys.". 
Intellectuals, Refs, MEDFIELD . . 
. Favorite People: Dan-O, Frankie, 
T, Paige, Breenzo, Hainzo, Shaker, 
Mac, Pete, JC, DM, KL, M&M, 
LH, J&B, JT, Soccer Team . . . 
Where Found: Soccer Field, 
DCPC, VW . . . 

Soccer I, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Winter 
Track I, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 
4; Stage Door 

Nancy Smith 

54 Beechnut Road 

Cherish yesterday, dream tomor- 
row, live today. 

Nance . . . blue eyes, brown hair . . . 
"Shank", "That's awful" . . . Likes: 
Cheap Hugs, Scorpion Bowls, eyes, 
Falmouth R.R., socks, Mic, skip- 
ping&shopping . . . Pet Peeves: lack 
of food, other drivers, flip-outs . . . 
Favorite People: Kath, Anne, Shaz, 
Mar-y, Jan-y, L&S, T.B.'s . . . 
Where Found: Cloverland, Shaw's 
Swim Team 1, 2; Spring Track 1; 
No Parentheses 1; Manager Girls 
Basketball 2; Senior Class Play 
Crew 4; Green Years Staff 4 

Susan Stapleton 

52 Fisher Street 

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I 
have seen yesterday, and I love to- 
day . . . 

Susan, Sue, Stapes . . . Blonde hair, 
big green eyes, Irish: "Hey", "Yea 
Right", "Hello", "you're young, 
you'll get over it" . . . Likes: Bermu- 
da '85, CC'84' w/ G.M., KM., 
Sting, Mickies, sleeping, I4K, 
Beaches w/ nice VOB, ANWG . . . 
Pet Peeves: A.M. phone wake ups, 
Bl's, feet . . . Favorite People: 
MDRJL, Gina, Kim, Patrick, DY, 
Janet, Pam, Bubba, J-9. D.T. YW, 
TRKWTA . . . Where Found: The 
M\ in the T-Bird, at CC, In R, 
Marshfield, 931, Thanks M&D . . . 
Powder Puff 

Ken Stranahan 

29 Glen Road 

if at first you don't succeed - drop 
the class. 

Ken Stranahan, Stringy, Topper, 
Keen, . . . Likes: 72' Camaros, Loy- 
al Peasants, drums, Marlboros, La- 
sagna, Clash, Kelly's neck, 
motercycles, Acrosmith, . . . Dis- 
likes: red lights, alarm clocks, O.C., 
mopeds, speed bumps, librarians, 
Trivial Pursuit, . . . Favorite People: 
Keizo, He-Man, Billy, Mont, Shag, 

J-9, Steph, Dirty Harry Where 

Found: Elsie's Basement, Cape 
Cod, Mark Regal 
Ski Team 1, 2, 3. 4 

Chris Sullivan 

53 Ellis Street 

When the going gets tough the 
tough go drinking. 
Chris, Sull . . . Tall, blue eyes . . . 
Likes: packies, sleeping . . . Pet 
Peeves: JIB, Lightweights, obese 
girls . . . Favorite People: The Boys, 
TB, LS . . . Where Found: Office, 

Richard Joseph Susi 

57 Weatherbee Drive 

Winning isn't everything, but it 

Suse, Rici<, Dick . . . hyper, blonde, 
blue eyes, #54 . . . "Why don't you 
shut up!", "That's Irrelevant", 
"Don't make me laugh!" . . . Likes: 
F.B. Parlies, winning, nice cars. 
Planet C, Vintage Walsh Driving, 
Bachelor Weekends, Superbowl, 
Joking ... Pet Peeves: Sprints, Pre- 
game. Phonies, losing, driving aim- 
lessly . . . Favorite People: BW, JG, 
PN, JC, DD, Cla.ssof85, Family. . 
. Where Found: LB, Bill's Wheels, 

Football 1 , 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Class 
President 3; Superbowl 3, 4 

Dyana M. Talty 

36 Willow Street 

"Just when I figured out all of life's 
answers they changed the ques- 
tions" . . . 

Dy, Lady Dy, Shrimp, Size One . . . 
Brown eyes, brown hair ... "I knew 
that", "Take a beating", "Cut it 
out", "Ya, right". "I doubt it" . . . 
friends, parties, VW-Bugs, 2:15, 
Mickies, snow, Nova-SB, Madon- 
na, CP's-n-all N's with JD-n-GM, 
The Cado, 1985-n-DG's . . . HR, 
JD's 7:30's on IVIondays, 1:45 tow- 
ings, weekends with Drew, being 
late . . . Janet Dion, Gina Malvone, 
Susan Stapes, Pammv P, Drew 
Gallagher. JS. HT. Thanks Mrs. C, 
Mom-n-Dad . . . with Dmu. 

Joseph Bernard Thie 

240 Oak Street 

Dreaming permits each and every 
one of us to be quietly and safely 
insane every night of our lives. 
Joe. Ertone, HO . . . medium 
height, light brown hair, green eyes 
. . . "E", "That failed", "It's almost 
the weekend" . . . Likes: R.E.M.. 
Hardcore, DK's, Snowboarding. bi- 
cycling, driving, motorcycles, W.L. 
. . . Pet Peeves: Doug's beatings, 
fables, leaning, D.D., MB., Pd, 
S.D.C. . . . Favorite People: The 
Seven, Dirv, Larry, Spoof, Squid- 
dly, Dan. Mark. Laura . . . Where 
Found: T's. Greg's, In the Mad P. 

Kathy Toffoloni 

210 Mill Street 

"All that is gold does not glitter, not 
all those who wander are lost." 
Kathy, Joe's little sister . . . tall, 
easy going . . . "Are you serious" . . . 
Favorite activities: skiing, swim- 
ming, jogging . . . Pet Peeves: ring- 
ing phones, snobs, the day after . . . 
Likes: Bruce Springsteen, living life 
to its fullest, 4th of July down 
Marshfield, pulling off the impossi- 
ble .. . Dislikes: rainy days, getting 
ready . . . Favorite people: JF. CA . . 
. "Let's Go" . . . Future plans in- 
clude college. 

Soccer 1 . 2: Winter Track 2; Spring 
Track 1; Softball 2; Powder Puff 

Mark B. Sweeney IX 

15 Lea Road 

You think you got the future shin- 
ing like a piece of gold, but where as 
we get closer it looks more like a 
lump of coal. 

Yoda, Billy . . . White hair, spiked, 
dippy dooed . . . "You Big Dummy" 
. . . Likes: Clash, Signpost. Guitfid- 
dles. Peasants . . . Pet Peeves: Rhi- 
no, Brinton . . . Favorite People: 
Ken. Shaggy. Monte, Dave. Sign- 
post. Eilse. Kelly. J. 9. Signpost, 
Signpost . . . Where found: In the 
Regal, Eilse's, in car accidents. 
Football 1; Ski Team I, 2, 3, 4; 
Romper Room 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . No 
Parentheses 2, 3. 4 

David J. Tavaione 

108 Wild wood Drive 

Everyone loves a gambler until he 

Tav. Cohan . . . short, dark hair . . . 
"Good God!" "WOY!" "Esplain!" . 
. . Likes: girls, parties, hoop, gam- 
bling ... Pet Peeves: Mortan. snob- 
by girls, blueness. disco, fat smelly 
people . . . Favorite People: The 
Wop. Kevin. Mule. Hag, Ted. TB. 
SG. JC, SM. LA, SS, Dirty, 40, 
BG, Sometimes Rcma, Anne R., 
Class of 85 . . . Where found: in bed, 
melting on the couch, Mortan's 
taxi, woods. LC. Kankamagus . . . 
Basketball 2. 3. 4 . . . 

Julie Madelene Thurmond 

62 Cobleigh Street 

"Never boast about tomorrow, you 
don't know what will happen be- 
tween now and then" 
Julie. Jul. Jules . . . "What am I 
gonna wear?" "Loser" "You Guys" 
. . . Likes: friends clothes, joking 
around . . . Pet Peeves: cliques, 
gaining weight, busy phones, punk- 
sters. Cape trips . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: Chrissy, Charlie. The Gang. 
Tom. David S.. Rcnec . . . Where 
Found: with the Gang, with CM, on 
the phone, L.B., T- "P"ing, sleeping 
Swimteam 1, Soccer 2, 3-Capt. 4; 
Sp. NHS 12: Sec. 2, 3; Stu- 
dent Council I, Sec. 12; Key Club, 
Yearbook Staff; Powderpuff; 
Hockey Cheerleader 

Gregory Thomas Topjian 

68 Alder Road 

To the victor belong the spoils. 
Greg. Top. Toppy . . . "Decent", 
"Stupid", all right . . . Likes: People 
Parties, funk, nice clothes . . . Pet 
Peeves: Monday mornings. Big 
mouths . . . Favorite People: Dippa 
OB's, Beeb, Bent, Sull, T.K., Jim, 
Fuzz, Rhino, Mac, Gue, "D" . . . 
Where Found: with friends 
Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2; 
Hockey 1 2, Diving 1 , 2, 3, 4; Track 
1, 2 

Robert L. Totino 

190 Porter Street 

Memories can be fun; memories 
can be great; but memories should 
be treasured for all the wonderful 
times they create. 
"T", Rob, Toady . . . medium 
height, dark, shy 
"WhWhWhWhendy", "Eee". 
"Really?" . . . Likes parties, rock, 
Italian food. Cape Cod ... Pet 
Peeves; Mr. B"s jokes, work, slow 
drivers . . . Favorite People: Joe T., 
Jay M., Greg F., Sam C, Doug S., 
Paul B., Chris M., Mark G., and 
everyone else . . . Where found: 
Burger King, Dedham Mall, Sam- 
my Whites 
Tennis 3, 4; Track 2 

William J. Walsh III 

43 Aran Road 

Laugh at yourself first, before any- 
one else can. 

Bill, Billy ... red curly hair, blue 
eyes . . . "It's OK, we won", 
"You're welcome Lau" . . . Likes: 
Superbowls, Mohawks, wearing 
seat belts when certain people 
drive, food, long drives, weekends . . 
. Pet Peeves: Sundays, flat tires, 
soph girls, lack of Press, Sandy Val- 
ley 12/4, Waldo . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: Class of 85, JG, RS, LL, CL, 
MC . . . Where Found: on road, at 
home, the Brook. Thanks Mom. 
Dad, sisters. 

Football I, 2, 3, 4; Superbowl 3, 4; 
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3. 4 

Sandra L. Weber 

17 Alpena Avenue 

Don't walk in front of me. I may not 
follow; don't walk behind me, I may 
not lead; just walk beside me and be 
my friend. 

Sandy . . . long brown hair, brown 
eyes . . . "What's up?" "No way!" 
"What?" "Shut up!" "I'm sorry." . . 
. Likes: Red roses, horseback riding 
with "MAD", "Halloween". 
Prince, Cape "84", sunsets, beach- 
es, parties. May 8. "The Pru", Pet 
Peeves: busy signals, fights, waking 
up, rainy days . . . Favorite People: 
Brian. Max, A. P., T.L., D.G.. P.T . 

E.J Where found: with Brian, 

Maxine, and friends, BH, on the 
phone, in the Monte Carlo 
Powder Puff 4 

Vicky White 

Jennifer D Traylor 

14 Thatcher Street 

Music, moody food of us that trade 
in love. 

Jen, Neva . . . tall, funny, talkative . 
. . "HARCH", "Stand by", "Burci- 
tis?" . . . Likes: food, lemons, #1, 
smurfs . . . Pet Peeves: The Mag- 
nets, cold toilet seats, Habis, cur- 
fews! . . . Favorite People: Mark, 
PH, MG, JL, TC. AB. AG. NO, 
The Band. Papa Smurf . . . Where 
found: Club 101. On the field. 
Mark's, with the BAC! 
Band I, 2, 3, 4; DM 4; DB 3, 4; DQ 
3, 4; Orch. I, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 
I, 2, 3, 4; Musical I, 2, 3; SED 3; 
Girls State 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Glee 
Club 1, 3, 4; Powder Puff. 

Patsy Elaine Warrick 

151 Phillips Brooks Road 

Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go. instead, where there is no 
path and leave a trail. 
Elaine, Pats, Southern Belle . . . 
blonde hair, green eyes, S. accent . . 
. hey. y'all. my word, a what?. 7:54 
we gotta go . . . likes: 3/30/84. Mrs. 
F's. t.p. ing. ftball games ... pet 
peeves: no paper towels, sleeping in 
cars, bad attitudes . . . favorite peo- 
ple: Rob. AL. M&M. Nan. 10 Nas- 
ty Girls. Shea's. *others . . . found; 
w/Rob. Shea's, w/CCJJKLMPS, 
Ft. Laud. 

Cheerleading 1, 2; AFS 3, 4; Key 
Club 4; Green Years Staff 4; Stage 
Door 4; Powder Puff 4; Home 
Coming Queen 1984. 

Linda M. Whalen (Ferry) 

185 Forbes Road 

"Our life is what our thoughts make 

Linda, Lyn, Whale, Wretch, Little 
Girl . . . "All kinds of excited" . . . 
Likes: Dave, my cat. Prince, pink 
threads, MLTD, long weekends . . . 
Pet Peeves: U/Mass Amherst, Co- 
ed dorms, R.K.'s lies, L.a., B.O. . . . 
Favorite People: Dave, Wendy, 
Kerith, Cindy Crd, Deb, Sue, The 
Ferry's, Mom, . . . Where Found: 
St. Tim's, Ferry's Wendy's, the T- 
Bird, courtyard. Strawberries, in 
the dungoen, anywhere with Dave . 
. . "I love you "Dave' " -Thanks . . . 

Joachim Wiechers 

471 High Street 

Heute Westwood, morgen die 

Joachim, Jojo, Red . . . tall, red hair 
. . . "Was soil's!". "I didn't get it." . . 
. Likes: travelling, being together 
with people, taking pictures, swim- 
ming . . . Pet Peeves: show offs, bor- 
ing days, homework . . . Favorite 
People: Weslwoodcrs . . . Where 
Found: on bike or elsewhere 
Swimteam 4; Tennis 4; in Germany; 
Swimteam. Volleyball 

Wendy Lorraine Wilen 

25 Sunrise Road 

I think man's happiest when he for- 
gets himself. 

Wendy . . . Likes: Y.L., music, sun- 
shine, milkweed, hiking, lunch 
block studies, Saranac . . . Pet 
Peeves: "4 to a table", homework . . 
. Favorite People: J.V., JR., E.M., 
L.S., S.B., K.S., P.D., M.M., K.B., 
C.W., the Edels, the breakers, 
D.M., G.T., C.C, Y.L., leaders, 
Mr. H, G&G, F&F, M&D, H&A, 
G. MacDonald, K. Green, C.S. 
Lewis . . . Where Found: walking, 
the Berkshires, Boston 
Marching Band 3; Orchestra 2, 3, 
4; Drama Club 2; Young Life I, 2, 
3, 4 

Susan A. Wilmot 

52 Smith Drive 

Met many, liked few, loved one. 
Sue, Thu, Muffy, Bonehead . . . 
dazed and confused . . . "That's 
cool", "Huh' What.'" "I don't get 
it" "Are you up?" . . . Likes: 8-17- 
84, Prince, Yee, Parties, Braintree . 
. . Pet Peeves: L.H., AG., D.K., 
Celebrations, homework . . . Favor- 
ite People: Michelle C, Linda, 
Wendy, Kcrith, Drone, Lisa, Ken, 
Dcbbi, Leonard, Kelly, Josie, Max . 
. . Where Found: Braintree, causin' 
trouble with M.C., cruisin', Nan- 
taskct . . . Love ya Mom & Dad . . . 
Thanks Mr. & Mrs. C. - my second 

June Pauline Williamson 

/ Hillside Park 

The first thing to do in life is to do 
with purpose what one proposes to 

June . . . hair over eyes . . . "No, I 
was born in March", "Jcg er sul- 
ten!" . . . Likes: creative expression, 
donuts, weird sisters, lunch boxes, 
long walks, friendship . . . Dislikes: 
month jokes. Gay St., "Prune", or- 
ange hair, arachnids . . . Where 
Found: Denmark, artroom, in a 
meeting ... A big THANK YOU 
to my friends, M, D, H, and P. 
AFS I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4; Ex- 
change to Denmark 3; Nor Paren. 
Art Ed. 3, 4' Musical I, 2. 3, 4; 
NHS 3, Pres. 4; SAB 3, 4; Math 
Tm. 3, 4; Stage Door, PPuff, Green 

Alan Richard Wonson II 

42 Woodland Road 

Vm glad to be getting out of here! 
Al, Spurt, Wanton . . . tall, dark, 
carefree . . . "Sure", "Hemi", 
"Don't worry about it Dude", 
"Merry Christmas" . . . Likes: 
Hemi, Cudas, Shut/ens . . . Pet 
Peeves: WHS, American History, 
037, getting up early . . . Favorite 
People: AWI, EJil, WW, JG, GB, 
LV, CF, BL, DY, AS, AS, DT. PB, 
. . . Where Found: Martha's Vine- 
yard, Expio, Old Colony, Welles- 
ley, NH, ME, VT 

Ceordle Robb 

56 Country Lane 

Oh. a sleeping drunkard up in Cen- 
tral Park and a lion-hunter in the 
jungle dark and a Chinese dentist 
and a British queen — all fit togeth- 
er in the same machine. Nice, nice, 
very nice; nice, nice, very nice; nice, 
nice, very nice; so many different 
people in the same device-K.V. 
What time is it? "Under the door" 
said the benevolent Jelly Man - 

Comes a time when the blind man 
takes your hand and says. "Don't 
you .see?"-G.D. 

Bryan Sweeney 

86 Beechnut Road 

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, 
It's how you play the game. 
Tall, darked hair, stop joken and 
start token . . . Likes: parties. Buds, 
long weekends. Pet Peeves: F Bag- 
ger, paying for gas, snoby girls Fa- 
vorite People: Mary. Jim Bent, 
Masc, Phil, wan, maka, old man, 
noo nan, waync, carlcr. Where 
Found: Clover land, the Brook, in 
the silver taxi cab. 

Bill Troiano 

192 Burgess Ave. 

Give me life or give me death. 
Bill, Mr. Bill . . . Tall, dark, totally 
awesome . . . piss me off, keep on 
truck'n . . . girls, cars, parties, work, 
legs . . . CWF, referrals. Flipper, 
school . . . DM., D.D., R.K., J.M., 
C.C, M.C., W.C, B.C., flaming 
red, old lady of the sea, Linga, . . . 
Mike's automotive, wrecker, 
Mike's house, DM. house, yellow 
car, Hyde Park, Braintree Mall, in 
town, bar rooms, school, courtyard. 
Thanks Mike. 

Peter White 

27 Dean Avenue 

Everyone wants a squall burger. 
Peter . . . Likes: money, girls, party- 
ing, command, 4-wheeling . . . Pet 
Peeves: girls who don't talk, 
"ROCK", people who dress bad, 
boring weekends, working nights . . 
. Favorite people: Pete, Ted, Car- 
men, 'Vic, Val, Bob, Mike, Brian, 
Jeff, Greg, Judy, Ken, Dacey . . . 
Found: the "White House", Back- 
side . . . THANKS MOM!!! . . . 
Future plans: College 



John Kavanaugh 

John Hurley 

i / 


1 f 

kii «^ 

In Loving Memory 

Like the tiny spring flower 

That first dared to push its greeness through the cool, muddy soil. 

Bravely did your petals unfold 

And stretch toward the sky. ^ 

The garden that seemed to be frozen for eternity 

Was awakened by your radiance, 

As if one thousand sunrises had warmed the air 

With a soft yellow light. 

Too soon you were taken from us by the cruel frost 
Yet the vitality you brought to it will not be forgotten. 
Whispered in every Spring breeze is the memory 
Of the Spring that you began. 

. Jl -Jennifer Murphy '85 











n ^ 


.M^.. ^^t-* 










CLASS OF 1985 

Art - June Williamson 

English - Jennifer Murphy 

Business - Susan Kallenberg 

Music - Elizabeth Holderried 

Home Economies - Elise Papetti 

Industrial Arts - Stephen Mullen 

Mathematics - Sharon Kruger 

Science - Antonio Aquilina - 

Foreign Language - Vida Petronis 

Social Studies - Antonio Aquilina 

Computer Science - Antonio Aquilina 

Mathematics Olympiad - Sharon Kruger, Paul Friedman 

Special Mathematics. Science, & Computer Award - Paul Friedman 

Superintendent's Award - Paul Friedman 

French - Antonio Aquilina 

Spanish - Susan Henderson 

Latin - Cara Bruno 

German - Paul Dakin 

John Ralton Memorial Trophy - Pamela ISee 

Stephen McCoy 
Michael Scherer Baseball Award - Michael Lookner 
Richard Riordan Memorial Trophy - Andrew Power 
Bruce Gaynor Award - Elisa Papetti 

John McDonough 
A.F.S. Scholarship Award - Amy Crawford 
Sec. Assistance - MaryBeth Eldridge 
Student Advisory Board - Mheir Doursounian 
National Honor Society - June Williamson 

l-Mei Lin 

Susan Henderson 

Linda Fitzhenry 
Senior Class Officers - Susan Coughlan 

Susan Penza 

Lynn Thornton 

John McDonough 
Student Council - Daniel Hart 

Christine Antonellis 

Julie Thurmond 

Katherine Lynch 
Concordia College Presidential Award - Karen Bier 
Jewish War Veterans Breakfast Award - Lynn Thornton 
U.S. Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Award - Charles Bean 
Joseph Mellow Award - David Lane 
Alan Hatcher Memorial - Mark Ford 

Sherman Starr Human Relations Youth Award - Eleanor Levine 
Anne pine parsons - Mark Sweeney 
Barbara Farham Award - Heather Harrington 
Virginia Burke Memorial Award - MaryBeth Elderidge 
Gold Hammer Award - Daniel Maus 
John Hancock Company Award - Anna Gundal 

Joanne La Vita 
Cadet Teacher Program - Elizabeth Holderried 

Jennifer Murphy 

Linda Coppolino 

Caroline Granese 
Co-Editors Of Green Years - Jennifer Murphy 

Matthew Skellv 

Business Managers - Thomas Aaron 

Antonio Aquilina 

Mark McGowen 
Sales - A'en'n Sareault 
Biographies Editor - Vida Petronis 
Layout & Design Staff - June Williamson 

Peter Foehl 

John McDonald 
General Assistant - Julie Shepherd 
N.H.S. Award for Service - Julie Cummings 

Anne Buechler 
N.H.S. Award for Scholarship - Sharon Kruger 

l-Mei Lin 
N.H.S. Award for Leadership - Antonio Aquilina 

June Williamson 
N.H.S. Award for Character - Karen Bier 

Kevin Sareault 
N.H.S. Phyllis Wheeler Award - Maria Davis 
"Cum Laude" Award - Paul Friedman 
"I Dare You" Award - Maria Davis 

Brien Harrington 
National Merit Scholarship Awards - Antonio Aquilino 

Cara Bruno 

Paul Friedman 

l-Mei- Lin 
Arthur Kalfopulds Trophy - Elizabeth Holderried 
Alton Long Award - Daniel Hart 
D.A.R. - Lynn Thornton 
Harvard Book Award - Michael Ward 
Wheaton College Book Award - l-Ann Lin 
Brown Bood Award - Colleen Dalton 
Holy Cross Book Award - James Aquilina 
Drama Club Award - Michelle Gattozzi 
Art History Award - June Williamson 
American Assiciation Of Physics Teachers/' 
Metrologic Physics Contest — Paul Friedman 

Antonio Aquilina 

Sharon Kruger 

l-Mei Lin 
Massachusetts Society Of Professional Engineers Award- 
Pa «/ Friedman 

June Williamson 
Bausch & Lomb Award - June Williamson 
No Parentheses Best Prose - Paul Dakin 
Isaiah Chase Award - June Williamson 
Duane D. Kocina Award - Thomas Hogan 
Robert L. Raymond Memorial Award - Lynn Thornton 

Russell Mclnnis 
Kevin Harnett Memorial Trophy - Paul Dresens 
George Bader Memorial Award - William Walsh 

Caroline Granese 
Dr. Alexander N. Fisher Award - Eric Maxwell 
James McCoy Award - John Cronin 
Julia Babineau Memorial Award - Karen Bier 
Michael J. Devlin Award - Brandon Scott Davis 
LTX' Scholarship - Paul Friedman 
Edward J. Huber Award - Daniel S. Hart 






J* J y 



J" J 



J" J ^ ^ 

\ 43 

i t> 



\ 3 i J y 




\ « 


J* J y J / J 

\ ^ t \ y J 7 J 

Student Council 

The 1985 WHS Student Council proved 
to be one of the most energetic councils in 
the school's history. It was a year of cham- 
pions and one of fantastic school spirit. As 
usual, Homecoming week kicked off with a 
bang. The pep Rally raised spirits high as 
our WHS teams prepared for their games 
the next day. The Halloween Dance con- 
cluded the week as students danced their 
legs off in a variety of "crazy" costumes. 

The Student Council provided a Blood 
Mobile as students had their blood sy- 
phened. Christmas as well as Valentine 
Carnations proved to be a big hit creating 
friendships, romances, and "brownie" 
points. The Student Body danced the night 
away in the 1985 Valentines Day Dance in 
their reds and whites. Amy Christensen 
and Eric Haines ruled the dance as king 
and queen. Thanks to the hard work by the 
Student Council in providing these activi- 
ties, the year was a fun and spirited one. 
There were alot of memories and laughs 
left behind. 

This years officers Dan Hart, Pres.; 
Chrissy Antenellis, Vice Pres.; Julie Thur- 
mond, Seer.; Katie Lynch, Tres. and the 
Student Council would lide to thank Miss 
Bolles, our advisor, for all of her hard word 
and dedication. Another special thanks 
goes to Mr. Delsignore for his dazzling 
posters, and to those students and teachers 
who donated their services. 

Good Luck to the Student Council next 

Student Advisory Board 

Front Row: R. Sigmond. M. Doursounian, C. Anlonellis, J. Williamson Second Row: M. Quinn, J. Gary, E. McCusker, T. 
Aquilina. K. Lcary 


American Field Service 

First Row: N. Roche, D. Quigaly. S. Heller Second Row:T. Aaron, K. Bier, L. Lennon, M. Barry, J. Hall, M. Fishier, J. Murphy, J. Cummings, C. Rosenblad, H. 
McLcllan, J. While, B. Rago. C. Hall, J. Cummings, K. Cunningham Third Row: k. Lund, K. Allman, N. Hermiston, C. Ladin, B. Cronin, L. Lynch, M. 
Cummings, L. DcAngclis, L. Sullivan, E. Lawless Forth Row: Yo Yo's sister, P. Danna, S. Hayes, S. Hayes, K. Lepri, W. Stranahan, D. Mason K. McDermotl, 
E. Burke, S. Chen Fifth Row: Joachim Weicher, A, Christianson, J. Aquilina. J. Leary, B. Kane, K. Martin, S. Coppa, C. Umshied, C. Umshied, K. Cronin, J. 
Brawlcy, A. Lin, C. Dalton, Murphy, A. Delany Sixth Row: H. Harrington, P. Mullen, D. Lane, L. Fitzhenry, K. Miller, R. Maki, K. llg, J. Lynch, B. 
Harrington, A. Crawford 

With Mrs. McCoubrey as our advisor, and a 
board consisting of Michelle Barry, Jessica Hall, 
June Williamson, Susan Coppa, Melissa Fischler, 
Jennifer Shea, and Stephanie Yphantes, the AFS 
club was very active. Although there was no ex- 
change student this year, Amy Crawford will travel 
abroad this summer. There were two short term 
exchanges, one to Pelham New York and one to 
Laurel Maryland. A four day trip to Quebec City 
for the Winter Carnival was also a popular event. 
Pot-luck dinners, holiday parties, and the Annual 
International Dinner were activities that all mem- 
bers of the club participated in. The board would 
like to thand Mrs. McCoubrey who helped to make 
this year a successful one. 


National Merit Scliolars 

Congratulations go to Paul Friedman, Mei 
Lin, Cara Bruno, and Sharon Kruger for their 
accomplishment of becoming National Merit 

p'llri'l ' 


Thanks go to our faithful announcers, Dan 
Hart, Brian Harrington, and Julie Cum- 
mings, for keeping the school jumping. 


National Honor Society 

Special thanks go to Miss. Dillon 
for her unselfish involvement to this 
years activities. The new tutoring 
program was a complete success, 
thanks to all members' efforts. 

Spanisli National Honor Society 

"Donde esta La casa de 
Pepe?" Spanish National 
Honor Society had another 
great year this year, thanks 
to the efforts of all mem- 
bers, and special thanks go, 
again, to Miss. Hollis Perry. 


Concert Band 

First Row: M. Ford, M. Giambanco, J. Rutan, C. Rosenblad, J. Murphy, R. Kobey, S. Carrabis 
Second Row: J. Murray, K. Madden, L. Susi, D. Priore, A. Buechler, M. Laisure, J. Brawly 
Third Row: K. Martin, M. Giambanco, J. Christen, L. Holderried, J. Pinel, A. Mahegan Forth 
Row: N. Downcs, G. Traylor, J. Traylor, C. McKenna, C. Page 



First Row: B. Kane, H. Wilen, 
S. Darcy, L. Coppolino. A. Gu 
Roth, K. Keyes, J. Conoly, D 

M. Gattozzi, W. Wllen, T. Cachin, 
ndal Second Row: M. Eldridge, C. 
Foehl, J. Traylor, T. Shamata, P. 

First Row: J. Traylor, M. Ford, M. Giambanco. Second Row: J. 
Pinel, D. Gibbons, M. Giambanco 

First Row: J. Hennigan, G. Gonsor, M. Gattozzi, L. Holderried Second Row: K. Perry, T. Maki, M. Lin, J. 

G. Gonsor 



The orchestra this year had the distingtion of being 
Mr. James Guirleo's first, here at Westwood High. 
The orchestra performed several concerts throughout 
the school year, including the Christmas Festival and 
the Pops Concert. Mr. Guirleo conducted the orches- 
tra on a wide array of pieces including "Marche 
Slave", "The Hallelujah Chorus", and "The King and 
I". Thanx for all your help Mr. Guirleo and best wish- 
es for your future orchestras. 


We'll never forget . . . Bass Repeat . . . Chris' Blurb . 
. . CAWFEE . . . The mini-bus . . . Phil Collins' twins . . 
. and Rank Friday .... The Double Quartet, under the 
direction of Mrs. Carol Abel, traveled to receptive 
audiences at the Womans' Clubs, Rotary Club, and 
the House of Reps, at the State House. The D.Q. also 
entertained at the Christmas and Pops Concerts with 
such selections as "Benediction", "Georgia On My 
Mind", and "As Time Goes By". Mrs. Abel's first 
D.Q. consisted of; sopranos-Liz Holderried and Mau- 
reen Hogan, altos-Jennifer Traylor and Julie Cum- 
mings, tenors-Greg Gonsor and Paul Dakin, 
basses-John Holderried and Chris Page, and accom- 
pianist Cindy Rosenblad. Mrs. Abel's patience, under- 
standing, and sunny disposition lead the D.Q. through 
a captivating season. Thank you for everything!!! 

First Row: S. Wilmont, K. Russell, M. Mos, W. Wilen, A. D'Angelo Second Row: T. Cashin, K. Keyes 
Third Row: N. Downes, M. Laisure, V. Bruno, L. Holderried, M. Bruno, J. Holderried Third Row: W. 
Carlson, D. Priore, J. Traylor, J. Murray, M. Giambanco Third Row: C. Page, R. Roche, D. Merrill, M. 

G. Gonsor, L. Holderried, C. Page, J. Cummings, C. Rosenblad, M. Hogan, J. Holderried, J. Traylor 
Missing: Paul Dakin 


Dance Band 

Amid cries of "Lennie is our Hero", and "Saxes 
Rule", the W.H.S. Dance Band swept it's way through 
the 84-85 season with flourish. Activities included 
playing for the Ham and Bean Supper, the Pancake 
Breakfast, the AFS dinner, plus the Big Band Night 
and the Pops Concert. The best part of the season 
culminated with the tour of New Hampshire during 
May. Overwhelmed by the Dance Band's playing abil- 
ity, especially seen in "Sun Cat" and Anne and Kev"s 
duet, the N.H. students knew talent when they heard 
it. The true motivating force behind the Dance Band, 
besides Lennie, was Mr. Craig Madge saying "Seize 
the Day!", and the whole band remembering that it 
was a festival, not a wedding. 

Left: J. Traylor. A. Brechler. M. Laisure. D. VicKenna. M. Lin. J. 
Murray. D. LcBlanc Right: G. Gonsor. L. Thorton. M. Gatiozzi, M. 
Giambanco. D. Merrill, N. Dowes. M. Ford. K. Madden 

Math Team 

Congratulations to Mr. James Pender and 
his team, consisting of John Holderreid, Scott 
Buonapane, Andrew Ward, Ann Lin, Mei 
Lin, Sharon Kruger, and Paul Friedman for a 
fantastic season. 

Drama Club 

From Rovi: Nancy Dowries, Sabina Chen, 
Anna Gundal, Trieia Cashin, Michelle Ga- 
to77i, Melissa Fischler. Greg Gonsor, 
Sharon Carrabis. Buck /?t)H ; Jodi Foster, 
Krisicn Martin, Sue Malloy, Andrew 
Ward, John Holderreid, Li7 Holderreid, 
Sean Finneran. 



Pictured are Anna Gundal, Michelle 
Gotozzi, Sharon Carrabis. Greg Gonsor, 
Liz Holderreid, Anne Buechler. John Hol- 
derreid. and Joanne LaVita (missing) 


No Parentheses 

No Parentheses, the school literary and 
art publication broke tradition this year. 
With the guidence of Mr. Milan the maga- 
zine sponsored its first poetry contest 
which encouraged many talented students 
to submit over 70 entries. The winning po- 
etry was featured in the fall issue, along 
with more artwork, prose, and poetry. Di- 
rected by senior editors Mei Lin and Karen 
Bier, the editing staff managed to produce 
a spring issue, which gave student writers 
and artists another chance to publish their 
work. A special thanks goes to typist Shar- 
on Kruger, to the dedicated reading staff, 
and of course to advisor Mr. Milan for 
making this year such a success. 

S. Chen. M. Fischlcr, A. Lin, S. Buonopane. M. Milan, S. Kruger, A. Ihnatko, D. Winklemes, J. Williamson 

Boys' And Girls' State 

The purpose was to learn more about 
our country's government through fine 
speakers, and mock town, city, and state 
governments complete with elections. The 
chosen citizens were Dan Hart, Kristen 
Leary, Ellie Levine, Jennifer Murphy, 
Vida Petronis, Kevin Sereault, Julie Shep- 
herd, Matt Skelly, Jennifer Traylor, and 
June Williamson. The verdict: Where do I 
submit my ballot for selection? 

M. Skelly, J. Williamson. D. Hart, K. Sereault, K. Leary, E. Levine missing: J. Shepherd, M. Murphy, V. Petronis, J. 


National Honor Society Induction 

Marching Band 

"See ya Sundee" . . . "Anks for comin' kids" . 
. . Sarge, Curly, and Bruteman . . . Beware of 
magets! . . . "Um-Ptee!" . . . "Oy!" . . . Melvin 
. . . The sacred miracle nose . . . Burcitis. 

The Westwood High School Wolverine 
Marching Band had a very successful season 
this year. Their winning season was highlight- 
ed by placing first overall in the captions of 
Best Drum Major, Best Drum Line, and sec- 
ond in Best Colorguard out of a field of fif- 
teen bands from all over New England. At 
their last competition they were awarded the 
title, "Best Band in New England in Division 
One." Because of their success they were in- 
vited to perform in Florida at Walt Disney 
World. The Band was very proud of their per- 
formance and is confident of success in the 




Homecoming Week — 1984 stumbled to 
its feet with Hat Day. Although the begin- 
ning of homecoming may have slipped the 
minds of many, WHS showed their pride 
and managed to dig up some "chapeaus." 
Among the most original were the hats 
worn by juniors Julie Riley and Marty 
White, who took the Hat Day honors. 

Student Council tried something new 
this year, Fifties Day. The halls were filled 
with teeny-boppers and greasers — Chubby 
Checker would have been proud. Fifties 
Day was a big success. Sophomore Hope 
Irvine and senior Kevin Sareault were cho- 
sen to represent this success. 

On Wednesday, Westwood High was a 
splash of colors, and plaids, and polka dots, 
and stripes, to say the least. You guessed 
it — Wednesday was Clash Day, a tradi- 
tional favorite. Dear Mr. Hanley would 
have fit in great with the num-nums at 
WHS that day. Junior Lois Gerulskis and 
senior "Pistol" Peter Foehl showed their 
pride by showing their true colors and were 
recognized for their originality. 


A touch of old Athens came to 
Westwood on Thursday, Toga Day. We 
Wolverines just rolled out of bed, rolled 
into our sheets, and we were set for the day. 
The Golden Urn was awarded to seniors 
Chrissy Antonellis and Larry Curley for 
going all out Greek. 

At last Friday came — Green Pride Day, 
and proud we were. Green and white filled 
the air, and the halls. The student body got 
psyched for the pep rally last block. The 
Wolverine cheerleaders led us into battle 
(and victory) against Baby Blue Medfield 
with this year's "Let's Go Crazy" theme. 
Senior Dyana Talty was a true symbol of 
our Green Pride — our own "Mean Green 
Machine". WHS chose the Queen and Her 
Court. Representing us at the Homecom- 
ing Football Game were freshman Su- 
zanna Federico, sophomore Hope Irvine, 
junior Claire DeAngelis, seniors Lynn 
Thorton, Susan Kallenberg, Julie Thur- 
mond, and our Queen Elaine Warrick. 

Thanks to the Student Council, Ms. 
Bolles, and the entire school's participa- 
tion, this year's Homecoming Week turned 
out to be a very exciting and memorable 
experience for all those involved. 




^^^^gm^llllgf,,,^gltmmmm>mm«^^ ^^m^h^^^hmh 





Mil! i» 

Green Years 

We wish to thank all of the people who helped make this yearbook 
* possible, including the Westwood High School faculty and the Green 
Years staff. Our deepest appreciation goes to Mr. Brian Hart, the year- 
book advisor, whose gracious assistance and support has made this project 
such a rewarding and memorable experience. 

Underclassmen: L. Lcnnon, C. Rosenblad, K. Bier, M. Eldridge (editor) 

Activities: S. Henderson, P. Mullen (editor), K. Dramis 



^^ -% 

._-„„.,. ^ 






Layout Staff: J. Williamson, K. O'Rourke, J. Shepherd, M. Rago, L. Hood, H. Narayanan 

Sports Ed.: E. Papctti 

Business Staff: T. Aquilina. M. McGowen, K. Sareault 

Advertisement Ed.: T. Aaron 





^^^^^^^^K'v' ^B^^H 


^^^^^^■r '^H^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^^^ * .^^^^^^^^^^^^1 



^^^^^^ ~^^^ ' 



3 iJ J" 


p D }] 





^ P !J JJ ! ^ 


1984 Westwood Wolverine Football 
Team completed the most successful 
season in\ its history by compiling the 
most impffessive 10-1 record. Led by tri- 
captains Paul Dressons, John Cronin, 
and Tom Bennett, the Wolverines won 
the Division 4 Super Bowl for the first 
time by defeating Cardinal Spellman 

The offense, led by quarterbackTed 
Shea and running backs Paul Dressons 
Matt Calvagne, and James Guindon 
amassed an incredible 287 points over a 
course of 1 1 games, an average of 28 
points per game. Ted, protected admi- 
rably by his offensive line known as the 

Magnificent Seven, led Division 4 in 
touchdouwn passes, as well as, breaking 
a Westwood record for passing yards. 
Only allowing Ted to be sacked 5 times, 
the "Mag Seven", consisting of ends, 
Brian Magberg and Joey Biggs; tackles, 
Dave Spinale and Tom Bennett; guards 
John Cronin and Rick Susi and center 
Bill Walsh were an instrumental part of 
the team's success. 

The defense continued its tenacious 
ways of past years by allowing a mere 1 1 
points per game on the average. The 
defense received tremendous play all 
year from linemen Chuck Bean and 
Tom Bennett; linebackers, John Cronin, 


. . . /\t JL^RSt 

First Row: R. Bloomquist. P. Clark. P. Bean, N. Peters, D. O'Brien.. B. 
Maher. Second Row: M. LaCanfiera. D. Curley, M. Mao, VI. Scibilia, M. 
Nolle, M. Harkness. Third Row: R, Ruggiero, D. Henderson. C. Runci, S. 
MacDonald, R. McCoy. FourthRow: Coach Susi, Coach Muccrone. 

Front Row: B.Cox. DSpinale. R. Susi, P. Dresens. T. Bennet, J. Cronin, W. Walsh. J. Biggs. J. Marani. 
Second Row: S. Mullen, M. Calvagne, S. Fiizhenry, J. Griffin, T. Ferzoco, K. Nolle. VV. Boehi. P. 
Cloney. Third Row: B. Hagberg, J. Guindon, T. Shea, A. DeAngelo, M. MacDonald, S. Rines, S. King. 
C. Miller. Fourth Row: J. Laham. L. Brown. P. Palermo. M. Quinn. A.J. MacKinnon. C. Bean, L. 
Curley. Fifth Row: Coach Calvanese, Coach Wilfinger, Muigrew, R. Sigmund, .M. Strauss. D. Sugrue, 
J. Alves. Coach .Vlucarone, Coach Susi 
Missing: B. Crablree, Coach Chisholm 

Paul Palermo, and Matt Calvagne, and 
defensive backs, Tom Ferzoco, Mike 
McDonald, Jim Griffin, and Paul Dres- 
sens. The defense as a whole was im- 
mense in stopping such offensive powers 
as Foxboro and Miilis to name just a 

The team reached the goal set early in 
the season by first-year Coach Eric Wil- 
finger of returning to the Super Bowl 
for a second consecutive year. In a game 
that will be remembered by all, the wol- 
verines fought back from a seemingly 
insurmountable 20-6 deficit with two 1 8 
yd. touchdown receptions by Brian 
Hagberg. The Wolverine defense limit- 
ed a very powerful Spellman offense to 
a scant 6 points in the second half. 
Westwood thus completed a most re- 
markable comeback by defeating Spell- 
man and winning the first Super Bowl in 
Westwood history. The 1 984 Westwood 
High School Wolverines will go down as 
the best football team in the school's 



Stick-ing With It! 


First Row: D. Carey, J. Hali: Second Row: G. Flahive, C. McGrath, M. 
McKelvey, C. McGrath. C. Kelly, M. Mancinelli, L. Lennon. J. Cum- 
mings; Third Row: M. McClellan. B. Kane, J. Shepard, M. Barry, L. Hood, 
S. Coppa. M. Rage; Fourth Row: Coach Proccacine, K. Lund. S. Bartow, 
K. Allman. N. Hermiston, S. Spinale 

"We've got the whole place to ourselves!" . . . "It was OFFFFF- 
SIDES!" . . . "Lucky Star" . . . "Gripe Sessions" . . . "S.P.A." . . . 
"H-talks" The field hockey team enjoyed their best season ever 
with a 6-6-5 record, missing the state tourney by 3 points. The 
highlightof the year was beating the 1st place Holliston team who 
had won 23 games in a row prior to playing Westwood. The team 
was led by captains Jessica Hall and Deidre Carey and we're all 
looking forward to a great season next year. 

First Row: K. OToole, J. Cummings, R. Brawley. A. Coggins. B. Rage. B. 
Sinneit, Coach Shepard Second Row: H. McClellan, B. DiSciullo, J. DeSi- 
mone. M. Pctrucci. A. Hardiman, D. Donerty Third Row: K. Kane, C. 
Hall. E. Fadham. Z. Kookis, J. Peterson, A. Cochran, S. Hayes Fourth 
Row: H. Beatty, L. Lynch, C. Tassinari. B. Cronin, V. Bruno, L. Brady, J. 

Jump! For Volleyball 

"Win Westwood!" "Block" "Free" "Mixin' Sixin"' 
'Buckwheat" "Oh, Claire!" "Calm down, Una" "What's 
the score?" "Do we have to do stats today?" "Weenie get 
the crank." "Let's go Westwood!" 

The yearly ritual of dusting off our "hacked" knee pads 
signaled the dreaded end of our summer vacation. After 
each double sessin of try-outs, we compared bruises ac- 
quired from repeated times of "hitting the floor." Practices 
ususally went well. However, Mr. West was alway pleasant- 
ly surprised at how well our Monday practices went when 
the football team was watching. "Starlight" blared on our 
first bus ride to an away game and later became the theme 
song. Mr. West never forgot our insatiable appetites after a 
trying match. On every ride home there was a mad dash for 
the Dorilos and chips. 

Aided by Julie's laugh and Mary's graceful landings, we 
struggled through our conditioning drills and practices. Tri- 
captains Mary Collari, Claire DeAngelis and Mary Jo 
Kremer led the team to a victorious 8-6 season, finishing 
third in the TVL. 


First Row: C. DcAngcli.s. M. Collari. M. Kramer; Second Ro»: Coach 

Wcst,T. Sullivan. J. Lynch. K. .Milford,S. Fiizhenry, L. O'Brien, K. lig, J. 
Murphy, J. Casey. M. Fischler, K. West. A. McCusker. 

I i 


Back Row: A. Brady, J. Marshall, C. Kramer. N. McDermoit, B. Regan, 
C. OReilly, D. Mal'ouf, S Griffin. J. McCon Front Row: E. Lawless. S. 

%^ >l^ 


Nubby Squad On 
Loose! _ 

GiV/s Soccer 

Boys Soccer Scores! 

Varsity: From Row: Mike N ilcs. Kevin Breen, And> Scarano. Captains Dan Hart and 
Scon Suddoth. \1art\ While. Greg Suddoth. Vfark Mansur. Back /JoH.Sam Cohen. 
Gino Ginclli. Walk Coggins. Kevin Fitzpairick. Mike Dorr. John Doheriy, Chris 
Thompson. Bob VlacDonald. Tom McCusker. Coach Ed Rock. 






1 3-3-4 . . . EMass quarterfinals . . . Breenzo! . . . Which ankle is it. Sam? 
Soccernastics Blow . . . Dan-OI . . . Scoot, vou mad dog! 

Born To Run 

Front /?t)iv.Co-Capiains Elisc Papclti and Susan Penza; Second /?ow.Sue Delaney, Laura 
Murphy. Ann Lin. Ann Dclancy. Beth 0"Rourke. Heather Kranlz. Coach; Harvey Fishier. 

Runnin On Empty 



First Row: Robert Burr, Gerry Hart. Tom Hogan, Paul Dullea, Kevin Sareault, Co-captain 
Russ Mclnnis, Co-captain Eric Maxwell, Dan Vlaus, Brian Halligan. Malt "Z" Zeiper, Chris 
Hart. Second >?ou; Coach Richard Hargreaves. Dan Lear>. Brian Spellman. Steve Maxwell. 
Sean Harrington. Chris Roache, Tom Gearty, Steve Segenchuk. Aaron Proman, Andy 
Coffin, Steve Buonopane. Paul Mclnnis, Rob Harper, Chairman of the Board Sir Douglas 
"Grotto" Grokulsk>. 

Wet Winners! 

Congratulations to the Girls Swim Team for an outstanding season. Team 
standouts Beth Feraro and Ann Marie Gugliemi led the team, while seniors 
Sue Darey, Heather Maynard, Christine Lawless, Laura DeAngelis, Kathy 
Seward, and Stephanie Grokulsky kept the spirit and practices going. Con- 
gratulations and good luck girls. 

I 1 


Coach Russ Clough led the W'estwood 
Swim Team, the Clams, to an 8-3 record in 
the Bay State League. Under Captains 
Tom Bennett and Matt Skelly, the Clams 
worked hard all season (except for one id- 
iot-fest Friday). Kevin Fitzpatrick broke 
the school's 200 IM record twice. Other 
standouts were Chuck Flanagan. Mike 
Niles. and Andy Winslow. 

Mv Nfother ain't no waitress at Bick- 
ford's . . . BOZO'S "SWIM::!" ... Dae 
needs goggles . . . Squat line . . . Needham 
Heroes . ^ . WE NEED SLITS!!! . . . 
Springsteen Rules . . . Can we play water- 
polo? . . . Good luck. Yo-Yo. 

Keep On Runnin 

Runnin' For Their Lives 


Varsity: Front Row: SuVic Casey, Pam Nee, Caroline Granese. Sec- 
ond Row: Coach Susan Peters, Lynn Elliot, Hope Irvine, Kelly 
Milford, Karen Miller, Clare DeAngeiis, Kim llg, Renee Rich, 
Nancy Rac, Laura Smith, Coach Kathy Stockman. 

We'll never forget . . . The "Our Father" . . . Reendoggie's 
Party . . . Lynn' chili after effects . . . "Where's Kelly?" . . . 
Famous water and cake fights . . . Treadly? . . . Lynn, shining 
"them" out of Bootie's car . . . Midseason blues . . . Mr. Eggroll, 
He's our friend . . . Lynn and Hope in the bathroom . . . T" . . . 
Tenderness to Holliston bonfire . . . Holliston down third time and 
last . . . Centrum Bound . . . "We Are Family" . . . Dream Come 
True . . . "We Are The World" 

Junior Varsity; Front Row: Cheryl Hoskins, Jennifer Murphy. Second Row: 
Coach Kathy Stockman, Joan Barry, Carolyn Kelly, Twisty Gogolak, Christine 
O'Reilly. Beth Regan, Ruthann Brawiey, Nancy McDermott, Maureen Kelly, 
Kelly West, Karen Hagberg, Kerry Roche. 

Jam It, Stevo! 

First /?oi*: David Tavalone. Bilh Walsh. Bob OTooIe. Sieve McCo>. Jim Griffin. Dan 
Hart. Back >?t)». Coach Peie Gean, Dan Cohen, Chris Fo.x, Wally Coggins, Peie Foehl, 
Tim Connell, Anihon\ DeLapa. Chris Halligan. Coach Gar> Rook. 



f5 «i f$ ' ♦ 

Li f I ^ 

^^ S F» ii ^ fS o 


Fro/7/ /?o».' Mike Nolle. .And> Scarano. Back Roh; Coach Gan. Rook. Franco 
Giavelli, Craig Foscaldo. Brian McMillan. Sieve Segenschuk. Nfichael Ward. Kevin 
McCoy. A.J. McKinnon. Dan O'Brien. Mike LaCamera, Mike Doheny. Ben Jorgen- 
son. Cathy Mulgrew. 


Hit And Run! 


Glory Daysl 





PlstoFs Pals 

13-1 . . . Tri-Valley Champs ... 41 straight . . . The 
Rearview mirror . . . DCPC . . . "I'm in Pistol's car" . . . 
Ross' 64 . . . Pistol: Man or Myth? . . . The flight home from 
Keefe . . . Pistol's a MERMAN! 

Front: Pistol Peie Hastings Foehl, Kevin Breen. Back /?oiv. Coach Ray Kodzis, Billy Cronin, Ross 
Sigmund, Rich Rcissfcldcr, Dave Sugrue, Scott Sullivan, Jeff "Mooch" Mucciarone, Craig Fos- 
caldo. Ivan "the Terrible'" Heller. 


We Are The Champions! 


First /?t)w.Mikc McDonald, Andy Power, Mark McGowan, Paul Hardiman. Dave Pecararo, Jim 
Conway. John MacDonald. John Doherty. Second Row: Coach Dick Bradley, Cory Pindel, Tom 
McCuskcr. Bob MacDonald, Scott Jacobson, Sol Cohen, Loring Brown, Coach Jim Morgan. Coach 
Paul Valentine. Third /?ow-.- Nick Peters, Brian Valentine. Ed Kirrane, John Lehmann. Mike 
McCuskcr, Bill Grube. Scott Child, Rocco Ruggerio 

Lake Placid's flash floods . . ., Rat's mysterious injury, Gumby 
jams in towel, . . . Rule #2, Dinner at Mario's, Montreals, Fragile 
Bob, Screamin' Lehman, Rudy Jr. and his mother. Scotty's Amy 
(Joke) . . . Oh Andy! . . . Harvard Law Student . . . 

Led by captains Mark McGowan, Andy Power and Paul Har- 
diman, the Wolverines won both the TVL and State Champion- 
ship by posting a record breaking 22-2-1 season. The team 
remained ranked #1 by both the Globe and f/N/fi throughout 
the year. 

The offense led by Jim Conway, Ed Kirrane, Paul Hardiman, 
Bob MacDonald, Nick Peters and John MacDonald, smashed all 
Westwood and TVL scoring records. The Wolverines posted an 
astounding three 1 1 goal games in a row. 

Much of Westwood's success was due to their outstanding de- 
fense. Goaltenders Dave Perararro and Tom McCusker were 
stallwarts between the pipes. Mark McGowan headed the defense 
as he stopped, or maimed, anyone who came near the Wolverine 
net. Sol Cohen, Rocco Rugerio and Andy Power all wreaked 
havoc throughout the league with bone crushing hits and unbe- 
lievable defensive maneuvers. 

This year's TVL allstars included Forwards Jim Conway, Paul 
Hardiman, and Ed Kirrane, Defensemen Mark McGowan, and 
Sol Cohen. Honorable mentions were given to goaltenders Dave 
Pecararo and Tom McCusker. Sophomore Nick Peters received 
the sportsmanship award. 

This year's graduating seniors wish the team good luck next 

Sprints, what a joke. 


Girls Tennis Romps 

Congratulations are in order for the Girls' 
Tennis Squad which did surprisingly well this 
season, qualifying for the playoffs and reach- 
ing the finals. Standouts included Twisty Go- 
golak, Michelle Barry and Maria Davis. 
Good job, girls. 




^. <* Ar«kwv«:^|| 






The Best In The State 

Pages 1 39, 1 42, and 1 43 are devoted to the Best, 
our Westwood High Champions. 


Track It Up 

Undeated-3 Seasons 

F,r5f «ou. Steve Maxwell, Juan Sanchez. James Dobra. Tofee Shamata. Mike Papetti 
Todd Beatt.e. Waldo Friedman. Rob Locke. Steve Lane. Bruce Banner. Frank Smith' 
Second Rox^.Co^ch Richard Hargreaves. Dave Brown, Captain Eric Maxwell Joe Bean' 
Steve Renzi, Steve Segenchuk. John McDonough. Tom Hogan. Captain Dan Maus' 
Captam Russ Mclnnis. Mike Ward, Tom Geart>, Dan Leary, Aaron Proman. Andv 
Corrin, Tom Sullivan and Chris Malouf. 

The Best 




At the start of our adventure, just four autumns ago, we were 
young, innocent, and ready to make the most of our high school 
years. Confidently leading us into the unfamiliar were our first 
class officers, John Cronin, Lynn Thornton, Janet Dion, and Lau- 
rie Losardo. Finding seniors already settled into assigned fresh- 
man lockers and wandering aimlessly down long corridors, books 
and folders in hand, was only the beginning of the traditional 
"freshman treatment." The football team endured many helmet 
pounding by upperclassmen during Homecoming Week, which 
introduced hat, pajama, clash, toga, and green pride days. Repre- 
senting the class of 1985 in the Homecoming court was Laurie 
Losardo. The winter months flew by, and as spring arrived with 
with dread of finals, we looked forward to the coming fall when we 
would enjoy the status of sophomores. 


We began our sophomore year knowing that we were entering 
yet another phase of our high school years. As sophomores we 
were faced with speech after speech in Ms. Shute's Oral English 
class. Health (along with Dr. Ringle) was another pit stop along 
the road to graduation. A select number of self-assured (or in- 
sane) students chose to discover the F generation with Mr. Sarris 
in Molecular Biology, but the majority of us chose the path of 
Cellular Biology with either Mrs. Saltmarsh or Mrs. Thwing and 
were eligible to participate in Whale Watch '83. 

Our President sophomore year was Lynn Thorton with Laurie 
Los Losardo as Vice President, Julie Thurmond as Secretary, and 
Lori Nader as Treasurer. They led us in spirit throughout the year 
starting with Homecoming Week. We paticipated in Hat Day, 
Career Day, Color Code Day, Clash Day, and Green Pride Day 
and elected Susan Kallenberg to represent our class in the Home- 
coming Court. The week ended with the Halloween Dance which 
was a success. In spite of the fact that only a handful of sopho- 
more boys bothered to show up. 

The talented athlitic teams of the Class of '85, several of whom 
were destined to one day be champions, were still in the J.V. form 
sophomore year. Unless they had made varsity, the sophomores 

were still ordered to bring in the balls, nets, and cones just like the 

Without the luxury of having a driver's license most of us we 
were faced with limited transportation. This definately affected 
the social life and we looked forward to new freedo|ps (and re- 
sponsibilities) junior year. 


We entered our junior year with mixed emotions. We were 
excited about finally becoming titled upperclassmen, but rumors^ 
about PSAT's, SAT's, and Achievements worried us. We felt 
confident with our officers, Preident Ricky Susi, vice -president 
Russ Mclnnis, secretary Julie Thurmond and treasurer Susan 

Once we were all settled in at the thought of being juniors and \ \ 
all tangled up in U.S. history. Homecoming Week was upon us. 
We all came in with various outfits to fit the traditional days of 
hats and clash. We elected Julie Thurmond as our Homecoming 
representative. At the end of the week we used our imaginatouns 
and came up with some very original costumes for the Halloween 
which marked the closing of Homeconing Week. i 

The wolverines showed their pride once again as we cheered our * 
football team to the Super Bowl. We lost that year but definately 
left our mark on what was to come. We had an excellent year for 
sports. The boys' cross-country team was undefeated that year. 
The girls' tack with Elise, the girls' basketball with Pam, Julie, 
and Caroline, the Golf team with Breen, the Hockey team and 
girls' tennis team were all Tri-Valley League Champs. 

Even though we weren't supposed to wear walk-men in school, 
we spent time listening to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," U2's 
"Sunday Bloody Sunday," Princes's "Little Red Corvet" and the 
Police's "Every Breath You Take." 

We were all happy to have Spring in the air after spending one 
afternoon locked-up in the gym snowed in. The Spring Musical 
"Annie Get Your Gun" was extremely successful with many 85ers 
putting in great performances. Prom time came closer and Lionel 
Richie's sing "Hello" started to make Memories. The King Phil- 




lip Ballroom was where our Junior court was crowned. We were 
well represented with Gretchen Flahive, Susan Stapleton, Cindy 
Rosenblad, and Rina Federico. 

Our Finals were over and we were proud to wear the well- 
deserved honor of being called seniors. We rushed out to the 
parking lot all licenced, since we had spent 30 hours in drivers ed, 
ready to drrve away from junior year and ready to go head-on into 
senior year. 


Our Senior year began as many classes before us. Excited to 
finally be at the top of the ladder, we looked forward to the great 
year ahead. 

Led by Sue, Lynn. Sue and John, we began our year with the 
Senior Class Breakfast and Powderpuff Game. We girls put in 
many hard hours of practice, but unfortunately lost the game to 
the boys by a scote of 19 to 6. The girls did have the last laugh 
though when Dave Peccararo and the other senior boys walked off 
the field with cake smeared all over their faces. 

Homecoming Week showed lots of spirit with Hat Day, Clash 
Day, Toga Day, 50"s Day and of course Green Pride Day. Our 
Homecoming queen was Elaine Warrick and her court Julie 
Thurmond, Sue Kallenberg and Lynn Thornton. 

As our Senior year progressed, our activities were many. In 
December we had an enjoyable Christmas celebration, the Christ- 
mas Cotillion. Along with having alot of successful events, we also 
had alot of successful teams. From music to acakemixs to sports, 
Westwood made its name known. Jen Traylor led the Band to the 
title of #1 in all tea of New England. The football team gallantly 
became the Super Bowl champions for the first time in Westwood 
History by beating Cardinal Spellman, With Ted Shea and Paul 
Dresens as the keys to the team's success. The hockey team was 
also successful and was awarded the Tri- Valley Division title with 
Mark McGowen chosen as MVP. Through the talent of Pam 
Nee, Caroline Granese and Julie Casey the girls basketball team 
also reigned supreme with an overall record of 24-2, successfully 
beating Oakmont inttheir suspenseful final game at the Worches- 
ter Centrum. 

The Senior Class Play "'Stage Door" as a great show with June 
and Pete doing a great job as the leads. 

Although we had no AFS student this year we did have a 
German studevt who lived and went to school with us in 
Westwood all year. Joachin Wiechers ar Yo-Yo as we know him 
added quite a bit of fun to our senior year. 

Our next activity and yet another unfortunate loss for the girls 
was the boy/girl hockey game. The game was close, but in the end 
the boys were victorious by a score of 2-1. It was worth it though 
to see Charles Bean and Elaine Warrick spend most of their time 
sitting rather than skating on the ice and Dan Hart and Pete 
FoehTs ridiculous shorts. 

With the comin of the Senior Class Banquet on April 26, we 
realized our days at WHS were numbered. The banquet was short 
but sweet with a great slide show set to the song "Don't You 
Forget About me." Entertainment was provided by the Dance 
Band, the Peasants and Michael Mason on the guitar. 

Being the unique class we are; when April and May came 
rolling around and "senioritis" set in we decided that the normal 
"1" skip day was not enough and decided to take 3. Unfortunately 
we payed the price at the end of the year. 

On May 1 7, the Junior/Senior Prom took place. The theme was 
"One More Night" and the evening was a great time for all, with 
Caroline Granese reigning as Queen and Elise Papetti, Lynnie 
Abel, Gina Malvone and Kathy Dramus on her court. Special 
entertainment was provided by the talented singer Kris Russell. 

Our last activity as a class was the Beach trip. This was a great 
success as wa all headed out to Crane's Beach on the beautiful day 
If May 28th. 

We awaeted the arrival of Sunday June 2nd with mixed feel- 
ings. When it finally arrived we all received our diplomas with the 
rea;ozatopm tjeat pi realization that our high school careers were 

Memories of our senior year will remain with us forever though. 
Having had the winningest year in Westwood history we can say 
that our senior year \ear was a year of tremendous accomplish- 
ment that mom none of us will soon forget. We now. as a class, say 
goodbye to WHS and look eagerly to the future. 

J I J 



J J iJ 
3 J J i) Jj 

l) }] 



\ ^ i \ y J 7 J i 

\ r^ t \ >l \ t \ 



Senior Class Advisors 

We, the Class of 1 985, wish to express 
our gratitude to the teacher advisors 
who helped make our senior year so suc- 
cessful. The senior advisors spent many 
hours organizing, chaperoning, and su- 
pervising our various activities. We sin- 
cerely thank them for sharing with us 
their time, experience, and knowledge. 


Firsl Row: Miss Stephanie Shule, Mrs. Linda Hanlon, Miss H. Joan Dillon. Second Row: Mr. James Flaherty. Mr. Peter 
Case, Mr. Charles Flahivc, Miss Karen Maruca, Mr. Michael Milan, Mrs. Mollis Perry 

Senior Class Flea Market 

Early in September the senior class 
held its annual flea market. The weath- 
er was terrific that Saturday and many 
cans of soda, hot dogs, and second hand 
articles were sold. Taking advantage of 
the grand opportunity to make money, 
many of the school organizations set up 
stands and waited for the crowds. Not 
only did the flea market get the year of 
to a good start financially, it was an 
enjoyable occasion for all of the seniors 
who pitched in. 

Help Support 


fj HoNORm/) 


Stage Door 

"That's all I really came to ask you." . . . "Get 
that banana out of my face!" . . . "Looks like a 
picture." . . . "And little ermine jackets up to here!" 
. . . "And a boom, Boom, boom!" . . . "One thing 
about me, I'm always prompt." . . . "And what's 
more, I'm going to marry her." . . . "The Maureta- 
nia. ". . . "Just Billy." . . . "Ah, my public!" ..."... 
And we've all become, ahh, — something!" 

Something new this year was performed by the 
talented actors of the Senior Class. After weeks of 
unpredictable rehearsels our final production was 
put on. And thanks to IVlr. James Flaherty's help, 
the two performances were a huge success and an 
enjoyment for the audiences and the actors in- 
volved. The Senior Class would like to express its 
greatest appreciation to Mr. Flaherty for his time 
and effort that helped make this a memorable expe- 
rience for all involved. 

Breakfast At Bick ford's 

Once again, the Powder Puff Football game 
was a huge success. Many spectators turned out 
to watch the girls play the boys on a sunny, Sep- 
tember morning. Despite the girls' hard work, 
enthusiasm, and their assault of David Pecaro, 
the boys managed to win by a score of 19-6. All 
in all, the game was a lot of fun for everyone. 
Special thanks go to coaches Mr. and Mrs. Cum- 
mings, Mr. Hart, the boys football team, and to 
all the faculty members who volunteered their 


Bozo's Babes 

Fun With Spaghetti 


Beauty Shot, Eh! 

2-1, Boys! 



Most Artistic: June Williamson, Mark Sweeney 

Most Athletic: Caroline Granese, Paul Dresens 

Best Actor/ Actress: Sue Darcy, Paul Dakin 

Most Sincere: Lynn Thornton, Rob Totino 

Done Most For Class: Sue Couglin, Dan Hart 

Cutest: Chrissy Antonellis, Mheir Doursounian 

Best Dressed: Julie Thurmond, Greg Topjian 

Class Flirt: Laurie LaSardo, Erick Haines 

Class Preppies: Michelle Barry, Thomas Aaron 

Most Gullible: Lisa Dickey, Peter Hastings Foehl 

Most Versatile: Lynn Thornton, Dan Hart 

Most Musical: Jen Traylor, Mark Ford 

Class Wit: Linda Fitzhenry, Vida Petronis, Ted Shea 

Best Natured: Lynn Thornton, Pete Mullen 

Most School Spirit: Pam Nee, Deidre Carey, Tom Bennet 

Perfect Seniors: Lynn Thornton, Dan Hart 

Class Radicals: Vida Petronis, Lee Hurney 

Most Likely To Succeed: Mei Lin, Antonio Aquilina 

Class Saints: Karen Bier, Paul Friedman, Paul Dakin 

Class Devils: Gina Malvone, Russ McGinnis 

Most Ambitious: Ellie Levine, Antonio Aquilina 

Unsung Heroes: Sue Penza, Matt Skelly 

Most Dependable: Caroline Granese, Brian Harrington, Pete Mullen 

Most Likely To Attract Attention: Gina Malvone, Tom Bennet 

Most Likely Not To Be Seen In School: Amy Christensen, Pete 

Most Likely To Take Home To Mom And Dad: Elaine Warwick, 

Dan Hart 

Unsung Heroes 

Sue Pcn7:i. Mutt Skelly 

Best Dressed 

Julie Thurmond, Greg Topjian 


Most \'ersatile 

L\nn Thornton. Dun Hurt 

Best Natured 

Lynn Thornton. Pete Mullen 

Most Dependable 

Caroline Gnincsc. Brum Harrington. Pete Mullen 

Most Gullible 
Lisa DIckcv. Pete FochI 

Most LikeU To Succeed 

Mci Lin. Tony Aquilina 

Class Saints 

Karen Bier. Paul Dakin. Paul Friedman 


Most School Spirit 

P:im Ncc. Dcidrc Oircv. Tom Bcnncl 

Most Ambitious 

Tony Aquillmi. Ellic Lcvinc 

Most Atheletic 

Caroline Gnincsc. Paul Drcscns 

Done Most For Class 

Sue Coughlin. Dan Harl 

Class Wits 

Linda Fi I /henry. Vida Pel ran is. Ted Shea 


Most Sincere 

Lynn Thornton. Rob Totino 

Class Devil 

Gina Malvone. Russ McGinnis 

Most Musical 

Jen Tray lor, Mark Ford 

Most Artistic 

June Williiimson. Mark Sweeney 

Perfect Seniors 

Lynn Thornton. Dun Hurt 

Class Radicals 

Vida Petronis, Lee Hurney 


Chnssy Anloncllis. Mhclr Doursouniiin 

Most Likely to Attract Attention 

Gina Malvone. Tom Bennet 

Class Preppies 

Michelle Barry. Tom Aaron 

Class Flirts 

Laurie LaSardo. Erik Haines 

Most Likely Not in School 

Amy Christensen. Pete While 


Senior Banquet 

The Seniors arrived in groups wearing 
dresses and suits, prepared to enjoy an eve- 
ning of food, entertainment and friendly 
company. Background (?) music was pro- 
vided by the class rock group. The Peas- 
ants, featuring Mark Sweeney as lead 
singer; Mike Mason played a bright rendi- 
tion of the easy-going song "Here Comes 
the Sun" on his guitar; and finally, the 
class viewed a slide presentation coordi- 
nated with the song "Don't You Forget 
About Me." The highlight of the evening 
was the announcment of this year's Super- 
lative awards made by the Green Years 
editors. Although the banquet was short it 
was certainly sweet as many people thor- 
oughly enjoyed the night's festivities. 


Senior Junior Prom 


The Junior Senior Prom was a wonderful 
lime for everyone who came to the King Phil- 
ips Ballroom on the evening of May 17. Red, 
while, pink, and blue colored gowns swirled 
across ihe floor next to elegant tu,xcs and plas- 
tic shoes. The theme for the evening was "One 
More Night" and the evening reached its cli- 
max upon the crowning of Caroline Granese as 
queen as Elise Papetli, Lynnie Abel, G. Mal- 
vone and Kalhy Dramus as court members. 
Special entertainment was provided by the tal- 
ented singer Chris Russel. 

The people who attended the prom will not 
soon forget the glitter and excitement nor the 
dancing, rorhancing and gallavanting that it 


Beach Trip? 

Although the beach trip wasn't a to- 
tal success, the students made the best 
of it. Pictured here are some of those 
students making the best of other 
situations. -i-^tL 


W ^ 1 



. . . Sorry, Rained Out! 


Class Day 1985 



Class Day, 1985, celebrated not only Seniors but 
all classes at Westwood High School. Awards were 
handed out, the Class History was read, speeches 
were presented by members of the Senior Class, 
including Jochiem Weichers, a student from Ger- 
many. The highlight of the ceremony was the dedi- 
cation of Green Years to Mrs. Barbara Cummings. 
A very exciting day, this would be, thank God, the 
second to last time we would hear "Pomp and Cir- 
cumstance". From the class of '85, our special 




Good Luck, Goodbye, Mighty Green 

•V-.' . 

Class of 1985 
























































































































































































HoUis Perry 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ducheneau, Jr. 

Judith A. Bolles 

Richard J. Stack 

Marion & Jack Power 

Ed & Helen Rasmussen (Reardon) 

Alan & Evelyn Wonson 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Kippenberger, Jr. 

Elizabeth V. Ma us 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Hardiman 

Mr. & Mrs. James A qui Una 

John & Elaine Mac Dona Id 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McDermott 

Joy & Ron Sudduth 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger t Sareault 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis Mason 

Mr. & Mrs. John La Vita 

Rosemary Tavalone 

Jim & Betsy Da kin 

The McCoy Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Skelly 

Jack & Corinne Barry 

Westwood Boosters Club 

Joyce & Doherty Family 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. McGowan 

Don & Marcia Grey 

Maureen & John Harrington 

Rev. & Mrs. Louis Bier 

George & Anne Maranjian 

Al & Isabel Granese 

Jack & Charlotte Stone 

Pat & Jerry Sutelman 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Aaron 

The Penza Family 


Brad & Mary Lou Thornton 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Haines 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Griffin, Jr. 

Lauris & Gunta Eglitis 

Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon Rosen bl ad 

Pierce Mc Car thy 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Curley 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. La Camera 

TaKaShi Maki 

The Kremer Family 

Rochelle & Mai Kruger 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stapleton 

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Danna 

Dan & Mary McDonald 

Ron & Rosalie Priore 

Mr. & Mrs. Sol Cohen & Family 

Kris tie Electric Inc., 
Westwood, MA 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. OToole 

Virginia McCoubrey 

Dorothy A. Tolini 

Gary S. Rook 

Miss Lisa Mac Kay 

Mrs. Natalie Carey 

Mr. & Mrs. B. Rosengarten 

Phillip F. Flaherty 





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Best Wishes to the Class of 


Compliments of the 

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Congratulations and Best Wishes 

to the Class of 1985 

from the 

St. Denis Parish Family 

Compliments of 

John F. Holden 

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We've got something 
fitr students ^o need 
money for school. 



Our Higher Education 
Lx)an Program (HELP) can 
keep students right where they 
belong. In school. 

If you're an undergraduate, 
you can borrow up to $2500 per 
year at South Shore Bank. Grad- 
uate students, as much as $5000 
per year. And you don't have to 
start paying us back' till you leave 
school or graduate. 

To qualify for HELP you 
must be enrolled in an accredited 
school, carry at least a half-time 
study load, and meet the school's 
definition of financial need. 

Even if you don't qualify for 
HELP, you may be eligible for up 
to $3000 per year through our 
Parent Loans for Undergraduate 
Students (PLUS) program. 
PLUS is for parents with good 
credit who can start repaying 
your loan immediately So call 
any one of our South Shore 
Bank offices. And get the HELP 
you need. 

South Shore 

1400 Hancock Street 
Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 

(617) 847-3100 


Member FDIC 



Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Bean and the Bean Brothers, Peter, 
Joseph, and Thomas, extend our congratulations and very best 
wishes to our Charles, the Class of 1985, and the Champion- 
ship Super Bowl Team. 


»^ ^a_i_< \.^ 



■^■■■•■. «(.^ W^ 

*»/»-. •». /^./^v 


If you can imagine it, 

you can achieve it. 
If you dream it, 

you can become it. 

-Mr. and Mrs. C. Allen Foehl, III 



340 Providence Hwy., Rte. 1 

Westwood, MA 02090 










- an idyllic setting in the WESTERN 

Cambrium grows HIGH, on which to climb. 
On whose stiff limbs we, nature's variations. 
Coexist by the methods of our kind. 

The pine of life's SCHOOL shoots needles 
Into variations climbing on a line. 
In a continuing search to find a niche. 
The hurt is motivation's petty fine. 

What is CLASS when all is off the ground; 
When all falls bruise our mentor, earth. 
From which we hope to blossom in bold hues. 
Indeviduals share danger, love, and mirth. 

The wood is bathed in June's green glow. 
Releasing us, the branches sigh 
And bid farewell to tender wards. 
Thus completes the growth ring OF 1985. 



It's remarkably easy 

(Well, for me, at least). 

To fantasize endlessly about what life will be like 

Five and a half months from now. 

r ^ 

Gloriously free. 

The shackles cast aside, 

Finally, finally, being granted the opportunity 

To order my life as I see fit. 

But, I must admit, 

There lingers beneath my carefully cultivated 

facade of youthful bravado, 
A trace of fear.